Nobody in the NFL can figure out Tim Tebow but everyone is watching

I saw the greatest quote from Zane Beadles on Tim Tebow this past week, he said "Tim is like a magnet, everybody has their own reason why, but you just can't keep your eyes off him."

Whether you like Tim Tebow or hate him, he has become the NFL's most talked about story this year.  One minute he looks like a lost and confused high school player trying to play in the NFL and the next minute he is leading the Broncos to a unexpected victory.

Last week the Detroit Lions embarrassed the Broncos and made Tim Tebow look foolish.  However, after watching that game repeatedly throughout the week, it was clear that the play calling, poor O-line support, and crappy reciever routes were more to blame than the quarterback. The conservative play calling by Mike McCoy was putting Tim in the same "third and long" sceneros time after time and the Lions were having a field day on the Broncos young quarterback.

After the first half of the Raiders game on Sunday, it looked like the same old song for the Broncos as they started many series with the same predictable run right up the middle. Then, suddenly the Broncos decided to mix things up on offense. Instead of running right up the gut every time on first down, the Broncos threw some quick passes and also mixed it up with some  beautifully designed first down runs from Tim Tebow.  Next thing you  know, Eddie Royal was found wide open across the middle and the Broncos were suddenly in business.

Although the comeback against Miami was impressive, the Raiders game was even more impressive to me.   In my opinion it showed that if (and that is a mighty big IF) Mike McCoy can mix up the plays and avoid the repeated third long situations, that Tebow can be a productive QB in the NFL.    He finished the day with 124 yards passing, 2 TDs, and a QB rating of 98.1 which outperformed the Raider's Carson Palmer.

Even more impressive was Tebow on the run.  He had 117 on the ground and averaged an amazing 9.8 yards per carry. To put that into perspective, Cam Newton is averaging 5.1 yards per carry and Micheal Vick is averaging 8.1 yards per carry.  Tebow also proved (unfortunately-more than i wanted) that he can take a beating and still get back up.  It was like watching a Rocky movie.   The entire Raider stadium was chanting  "Tebow Sucks, Tebow Sucks" and he was getting hammered on almost every play yet the former Gator (with a fat lip and all) just kept getting back up.   I wanted to yell " YO Adrian"

Sure it is still way too early to judge if Tim Tebow is going to be an NFL success yet, but just like Beadles said "you can't take your eyes off him" and the local TV ratings are sky rocketing.  We suddenly went from the most predictable QB in the NFL (Kyle Orton) to  the most unpredictable and wildest QB in the NFL and win or lose the nation is tuning in!

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