Broncos vs Raiders: The No Bull Review

Congratulations, Broncos Country!  We beat the raiders in their house...just beating them is a huge deal to me.  We could tank out the rest of the season and I'll be happy for this one game to be completely honest.  

Let's talk some pounding the rock (rock = football for the Charlie Sheens out there reading this), review how you don't throw on Champ, and how a team elevates their game to get a win.



  • Let's start off with our young guys played fantastic today (Clady I'll ignore for now...knock it off with the holding penalties guy!)!  We had holes big enough to drive a truck through.  We had tough, gritty play that WORE jokeland down.  Wanna know how you get your RB two runs to the house?  Wear down the defense all game long and see how well the can cover when you open him some big lanes to run through.
  • McGahee - Dude was back in style.  I love this guy...he's 30 years old playing with a chip on his shoulder showing the NFL how this game is played...I gots a broken finger, but you just shake it off and put a buck 63 and 2 TDs on the other team.  That's just how he rolls.
  • Tim Tebow gets some big props for running a mean zone-read option and making the raiders look like fools for not setting the edge.  Mark my words though...we may get some big runs here and there from this play, but they will dwindle in the NFL...most defenses won't fail that hard at defending the play.
  • Eddie and Eric both made Tebow look very VERY good by just destroying their guys on the TD passes...thank goodness Tebow didn't overthrow them those times.
  • I liked the run game working and how we called the game for the most part.   But the big problem I see still is Tebow's difficulty making quick reads and he's fine in short plays or plays that develop simply and quickly.  This is part of why we have a poor 3rd down conversion rating by the way.  When the offense doesn't have a cake 3rd down situation, we are so unlikely to get the 1st down it isn't even funny.
  • Knowshon continues to dude.  Just wow.



  • This has to be at least the third time I've said this in my reviews over the years:  DON'T THROW ON CHAMP MFIN BAILEY!  Seriously Palmer...whiskey tango foxtrot, over?   I know you completed a couple passes on him, but when he is in a guy's hip pocket running down the sideline your guy is BEAT.  The best thing that will happen if you throw that ball is an incomplete.  I'm dead WR is going to beat Champ for that ball.  No way.  Congrats Bailey...every year some fool QB thinks you've lost it and every year you show them why your a damn pro-bowl CB.
  • Doom looked so much better this game.  He was in on run plays blowing up the edge...he got 1.5 sacks.  Good to see you getting healthy man...keep on healing and let's get that VonDoom pass rush going.
  • Speaking of Von...that kid was making the O-line look like children repeatedly.  If it wasn't a veteran QB like Palmer back there, Miller would have had 3-5 sacks easy. I will say I HATE seeing him lead with his helmet and get the easy know the rules and were playing within them before need to cost your team 15.
  • It is jokeland's strength running the ball...that said, our front 7 worried me quite a bit giving up runs to Bush.  I hope we don't see much of that against more average running teams.
  • Chris Harris is looking more and more like a piece of our secondary puzzle every week.  This kid can play and he isn't afraid of running with a WR...I'm loving it man...thank you for keeping Wilhite the hell off the field.
  • Dawkins hyperextends his knee, shakes it off like a boss and finishes the game.  Dude HAS to be doing some mad yoga to be that flexible.  My wife and I were both supremely surprised to see him back in the game.  Wolverine indeed man..."nah coach, let me sit out one play and I'll be fine...just gotsta give my healing factor a chance to kick in".
  • Did Mays even play?  If I'm asking this question, he isn't the answer at MLB.  A lot of the runs were plays that a good MLB is on top of.

Special Teams:


  • Colquitt...what is going on man?  Heads up to throw the incomplete pass, but man...catch the ball and kick it dude.
  • Prater - why u no hit 43 yard field goal!?  I think when we play away games our kicker is broke...
  • I actually love seeing Eddie Royal doing returns.  Kid has the jets and the quickness to move around people and go.  I know it gasses him for the first few plays, but I like the better chance to score on a kick return than having him in on 1st and/or 2nd down.  We have WR depth that can step in.

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