I can hate or love, do wrong or right, and play Demon or Savior. I hold no throne of authority, posses no skills of magic; yet, my power, controlled by the force of human emotion, appears beyond measure. Rendered dormant by the darkness, after the fall of Rome, I slept for many years. My eyes remained closed until the Holy One caused a stirring of memory...Renaissance. I awoke, moved slowly at first--the affect of deep sleep--but with the Enlightenment, man once again reading the Word of GOD, I shined.

      I bathed in the glow of my affect on mankind: the advancements in science, the new social concepts, and the reduction of death from famine and disease. When Romantics felt my presence, realized my dark side, they deemed me a monster. At first I laughed... not a monster, but definitely inevitable, I am the thoughts of man and the results of his actions. Hopelessly intertwined with the reality of man’s sinful nature, I am guided by mankind's destiny. In 1815, bound to a pendulum called ‘Balance-of-Power’ and set on a course of accelerated advancement that would lead to ultimate destruction, I became the Monster of Romantic fears. My transformation occurred so quickly that I only recall beginning and end. My name--Progress--and here is my story.

                                                                                           WOW !!

     Would it ever be fun to talk about 'Ballance of Power' and how how it led not only to the start of World War One but required us to enter the war to become the 'differance.' Then, to be fair, I would have to talk about the lack of ballance that led to World War Two. What an excellent 'what as to where we're at!' Our team has no ballance yet is showing more 'old-style' ballance than I have seen in years. Is Ballance Good? In war side needs to be tougher than the other or you have unwanted death...usually of the young. In Football is war, let's just admit it, we go to war againsr KC next week and continue at war each of the remaining weeks. I am right in this thought. Even in La La Land we realize this is true.

                                        Did anyone notice the progress we seemed to make this last week?

     While many considered 1815 the end of Enlightenment, I knew it had just changed names. The Industrial Revolution, at full speed in England, was showing signs of awakening on the continent. The dark side of my influence, the de-humanization of the masses, tainted much of my positive side that year. The loss of skilled jobs to industrialization had sent thousands of people to poorly prepared cities.

                                                                  Hmmm, Sounds like today...

     What are we looking at when we go into a hornets nest, based on history, which is Kansas. If ever there is a team of fans that rival is them.  I cannot hate Chief fans because they are too much like us...really good fans.


      Maybe prodigy is what we have in Tebow. Maybe he is a sign that we can go back to 'Football' and not lose any of the glamor of what has become 'armball'   !!   Is it possible that Tim is special? That he is a throw-back to what this league really needs. The 'Progress' to an even funner game. Where the QB is tough...on a run with no way out. Cuts on the lips. Taking shots out of bound. Is it not maybe that our team is the future?  It may be. It just may be.

                                                         As Progress I watched a fall and then I hated

        I watch the assassination of Ferdinand and paid little attention--I knew what it meant. When Austria sent ultimatums to Serbia, I went to Paris--to check out the Bon Marché. What a wonderful side effect of my efforts; it must be a delight for women. And outside on the streets--automobiles and horses--what a difference, I marveled, one hundred years had made. My stay in Paris lasted one month and on July 28, 1914, on hearing news of the declaration of war, I looked up at the Eiffel Tower, and wept. What an appropriate sight, I thought, its massive structure, half steel half iron, symbolizing the transition from one age to the next.

Mary Shelly shown Progress a "Monster,"  but he is not; He is the result of man. He looked into the future and seen ‘The Battle of Verdun’--He wanted no part of it--Destiny was in charge. With war frenzied men singing "The Marseillaise" in the streets and women showering flowers on soldiers--He turned away--and left for America.

                                                                         Progress...a funny word...a funny word indeed

       Before I go into a funny word I need, as is a tradition' Zappa's word of La La Land:



1.  Anything that is not good concerning the Broncos, shall not be discussed. 

2.  All predictions of the future must be approved by Mike Clark or Zappa. 

3.  Feelings such as; despair, sadness, anger, frustration, pessimism, or any other negative feeling is forbidden while in La La Land.

4.  The Broncos rule all.

5.  Raiders, Chargers, and Chiefs have foul odor.

These rules, amendments, guidelines or whatever you want to call them are to be followed diligently at all times while visiting or residing in La La Land.  Anyone found to be in violation of these rules shall be deported immediately to the Real World of misery and despair.  Repeat offenders will be dealt with by Chuck Norris.

La La Land national motto: 13-3 Baby!

La La Land national mascot: Orange and Blue Kool Aid Man, Oh Yeaahhhh!

La La Land national anthem: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

.    There is something thatI like about this team.

     There is something that I like about Tim Tebow.   ...  and it is not that we are both Christians.

Tebow is a better man than I.....and most likely a better man than you....and if you don't believe that......

                                                                  tell me why

     This is a La La Land post...........................So keep it kind and clean !!!!!!!!!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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