what bugs me

so tebow isn't that accurate. we knew this when we cried for Orton to be benched. now everyone is crying again.

he had no offseason this year, and the year previous was with mcdaniels and his crew as a back up qb. 

hes had 20 practices in his career as a starter, and yes he has alot of issues.

what i dont get is this.

people talk about him like he cant have blow out losses and play so poorly against teams like the lions or he cant be an nfl QB. 

and your right, he cant play like that, but....

we got blown out other games. like the packers. like the raiders last season, like pretty much every top end team we have played over the last two seasons. we got blown out in those games. tebow didnt play in those games. noone said Orton couldnt be an nfl qb because of those losses, even tho everyone agrees hes not a good nfl QB(Orton)

our last quarterback was a 7year vet, and he lead us to uninspired blow outs for two years. Tebow has had 1 offseason and roughly 20 practices as a starter. how much devotion do back ups get from the coaching staff anyways? not as much as a starter i would bet.

Orton also threw the ball in the dirt all the time, or have we all forgotten that. and i mean all the time. so dont act like we havent seen horrible throwing with guys other than tebow. our last quarterback was a " pocket passer" and u can talk about his accuracy on check downs and dump offs all u want. it doesnt make him an accurate passer. ive just seen too much orton dirt balls, not to mention all the interceptions hes thrown. and they call Orton a game manager? that statement is ridiculous.

is our memory that short?

tebow has has no time to gel with this offense that wasnt created for his style of passing.  hes been thru coaching changes and, like all players in their second year, have had growing pains due to the lock out. 

hes young and inexperienced.

hes getting better each game and is 3-3 as a starter . Orton got blown out again st the packers earlier this year. i liked tebows performance against the lions better than Ortons against the packers or any of the other teams that have embarrassed us the last two years. 

tebow will never be a polished passer. but if he can get his completion percent to 55 then he can really start punishing teams with his legs and making them pay  with decent passes when they crowd the box. he just needs some time, so do the coaches, to get the team all on one page. 

remember that when we lose, its never as pathetic as losing with orton.

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