Broncos Week 9 Horseshoes

As we continue the celebration of our beloved Denver Broncos victory over their archenemies the Oakland Raiders, it is time to recognize the positive efforts by the players unfortunate enough to get a Game Ball. That should be taken as a good sign though, since it means there were more than a few players having a good game. Besides, there's only so many Game Balls to go around and Horseshoes are considered good luck right? I was originally going to have three categories like the Game Ball post yesterday, but I got a little sidetracked down a rabbit trail. However, my efforts will be your gain since I generally share my findings with you. Follow the jump and see what I have in store.


Tim Tebow gets the first Horseshoe for being the second Bronco quarterback to rush for at least 100 yards in a game. The other was Norris Weese with 120 yards in 1976 against Chicago. The Broncos won that game too, 28-14, even though Weese threw four picks. This is where the rabbit trail comes into play, but first let me finish with Timmy's stat line.

Tebow rushed for 117 yards on 12 carries (9.8 avg) against Oakland on Sunday. His longest being a 32-yard run. With Willis McGahee's 163 rushing yards, it marked the first occasion in 6 years that Denver had two 100-yard rushers since Mike Anderson (126) and Tatum Bell (107) did it in Week 8 of the 2005 season. As a passer, Tebow went 10/21 for 124 yards, 2 Touchdowns, no Interceptions and a QB rating pf 98.1. The two touchdown passes were for 27 yards to Eric Decker and a 26-yarder to Eddie Royal.

Now the rabbit trail caught hold of me as I wondered about quarterbacks who have both passed and rushed for 100 yards in a game. Many names came to mind for me, so I decided to see if there were any stats handy for that measurement. Well, the closest I came was the top-ten list of quarterbacks with the most career rushing yards. I cross referenced these names using Pro-Football-Reference and while a few may have fell through the cracks, I did find enough data to interest me. I hope you find it interesting too. Please keep in mind, there could be other quarterbacks in the history of the modern NFL that have achieved this feat, but I am on a time restraint here, so this will have to do. If anyone would like to add to it or research it further, that's fine by me.

Anyway, the first name that came to mind for me, was Michael Vick. As an Atlanta Falcon, Mike became the first QB to rush for at least 1,000 yards (1,039 to be exact) in a season. He also has an NFL QB career-record ten games of rushing for at least 100 yards. Here is a chart of some of the other quarterbacks from that top-ten list with their best attempts at the 100/100 club. Note: I only listed Vick's most recent accomplishment.


Quarterback Team Pass Yds Rush Yds Opponent Year Result
Fran Tarkenton MIN 156 99 LA Rams 1961 Loss
Steve Young SFO 234 69 New England 1992 Win
Steve Young SFO 227 73 Washington 1993 Win
Steve McNair TEN 123 95 Tampa Bay 1998 Win
Randall Cunningham PHI 140 110 Detroit 1986 Loss
Randall Cunningham PHI 240 124 New England 1990 Win
Randall Cunningham PHI 164 121 Minnesota 1992 Win
Kordell Stewart PIT 77 102 Carolina 1996 Loss
Donovan McNabb PHI 137 107 NY Giants 2002 Win
Donovan McNabb PHI 230 100 Jacksonville 2002 Loss
Michael Vick PHI 242 130 NY Giants 2010 Win
Tim Tebow DEN 124 117 Raiders 2011 Win


According to the Broncos media guide this week, Tebow became just the 16th quarterback in NFL history since 1950 to rush for 100 yards (118) and just the sixth quarterback ever to rush for 100 yards and pass for at least two touchdowns in a single game. So while it is an uncommon accomplishment, the 100/100 game has existed in the modern NFL game. From the looks of it, I don't see conclusive evidence that it's a winning combination. Meaning, it would take a deeper look to see if a Running Back affected these numbers or the result of the game.

The other 3 quarterbacks that made up the top-ten list were Greg Landry, Jim Harbaugh and our own John Elway. The first two never got close to a 100-yard rushing game and since Norris Weese is listed above, I didn't search Elway's chart too hard. I did note that his longest run was 31 yards in 1989 and the best result that year was 45 yards in Week 8 against Randall Cunningham and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Back to the Horseshoes.

Eric Decker picks up the second Horseshoe this week and his second overall to go with the two Game Balls he's earned this season. He had 3 catches for 47 yards including a 27-yard touchdown in the 1st quarter on Sunday. The 3rd round pick is giving the Broncos an excellent return on their investment so far. He leads the Broncos with 33 catches for 406 yards and 6 Touchdowns. Plus his 90-yard Punt Return Touchdown in Week 1 against the Raiders.


Chris Harris also picks up his second Horseshoe of the year, mainly for intercepting Oakland quarterback Carson Palmer during the 3rd quarter of Sunday's game.The Raiders were leading 24-17 and had driven from their own 20 yard line out to the Denver 42. Palmer was running the No-Huddle with mixed results, but TJ Houshmandzadeh had just caught a pass for 28 yards. Harris had covered Jacoby Ford and assisted Brian Dawkins in bringing down Houshmandzadeh. This time he drew Denarius Moore as his assignment. Palmer threw a high pass that Moore tipped and Harris was there to pick it off and return it 15 yards to the Denver 40 yard line. And Willis McGahee took it to the house on the next play to tie the game.

Harris ended up making 11 Tackles and 1 Pass Break Up to go along with his Interception. Chris is the 5th leading Tackler on the Broncos with 30. Add to that 3 Pass Break Ups, one Interception and one Forced Fumble and you have a great find in an Undrafted Free Agent for Denver.

Von Miller gets a Horseshoe as well. The Broncos top pick in this year's draft hasn't disappointed. He had 5 Tackles, including on Tackle For Loss, he split a Sack with Doom and had 3 hits on Carson Palmer. For the season, Von is 3rd in Tackles on the Broncos with 31. He also leads the team with 6.5 Sacks. Miller also has 9 Tackles For Loss, 12 QB Hits, 2 Pass Break Ups and 2 Forced Fumbles.

Elvis Dumervil gets the final Horseshoe this week for getting off the schneid with his first Sack in nearly two years. He ended up with 3 Tackles, 1 For a Loss, 1.5 Sacks, 2 QB Hits and one Pass Break Up for the game. Elvis has 11 Tackles, 1 tackle For Loss, 1 Pass Break Up, 3 QB Hits and 1.5 Sacks this year in 6 games. He has been playing hurt and gets double-teamed often during each game. Let's hope he has finally regained his full strength and health because the Broncos will need both him and Von Miller to torment the opposing quarterbacks for the rest of the year. 

Go Broncos!

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