Elway talks Tebow and so does everyone else.

This is not a rant, but hopefully the begining of a long history in the Elway/Tebow era.

John Elway took plenty of heat for saying that Tim Tebow must improve his passing and his third-down conversions if he is to succeed in the NFL. "Am I hopeful that Tim Tebow is our guy? I am very hopeful that Tim Tebow is our guy," Elway said. "Am I absolutely positive at this point in time? No, I'm not. But I want to believe that, and that's what I want to happen." But the thing that sticks with me is how much he backs Tim Tebow, and always has.

Before Tebow started his first game this year, Adam Schein, who hosts the "Sirius Blitz" on Sirius NFL Radio. asked John Elway a few questions on Tebow.

Adam states that, "in talking to Elway on Thursday, he seemed very interested in being open-minded on Tebow's future."

Adam asked Elway point blank what he will be judging Tebow on in determining whether or not he is the answer at quarterback in Denver. "The No. 1 thing is production," Elway said. "It's about wins and losses. It's about what you can do in tough situations. There are four or five plays within a game that make a difference."

Keep in mind that this is just after the Chargers game and Tim hadn't started a game yet this year. They were liking what they saw in the second half of that game though.

Elway said, "He's competitive and a true competitor. He will do anything he can to win a football game. Tim has play making ability that you can't coach." Elway continued by talking about some things that Tim can be coached on, "(he) needs snaps under center and needs to understand the technique of 3, 5 and 7 step drops. He needs consistency with drops. It's just like a pitcher in baseball. You need that rhythm."

Adam states that, "This is a very valid point, and I think Tebow can thrive here." Adam says, " Elway agreed with my take that a multitude of reasons factored into the decision to play Tebow, including his potential, the play of Kyle Orton, the team's 7-24 record in the last 31 games (thanks for digging an impossible hole, Josh McDaniels) and 'the energy change' Tebow brings.

"I think Tebow is going to provide that energy and win games," Adam continues, " even with little talent around him (thanks again, Josh McDaniels). Elway will never see himself when he looks at Tim Tebow, but here's the educated guess he sees something he likes. I'm rooting for him, and he's going to beat Miami on Sunday." Great prediction from Adam, back then, that came true!

Later on, "When you look at our third-down numbers, those have to improve, and that's the bottom line," Elway said on his radio show. "We can't go 3 of 13 and win a world championship." Another excellent point, but it is working so far and that may be why some fans think that it can last forever.

The third-down success rate is a team effort, and offensive coordinator Mike McCoy will be the first to admit that. "I think we've got to, as a whole, all 11 guys, do a better job of executing it whether we're running the ball or throwing it. ... We've got to do a better job planning, possibly, and making some adjustments here and there as the game goes along. It's all of us, we've got to all do a better job."

Ryan Casey from first and Orange reported that John Elway said quarterback Tim Tebow showed improvement in the 38-24 win over Oakland, but added that he needs to be better throwing the football. No new news then!

"I think (Tebow’s completion percentage) has to get higher," Elway said on 102.3. "I don’t think you can win consistently throwing 50 percent. (But) Tim made some really good throws yesterday. "It really comes down to consistency," Elway added. "Bottom line is, when guys are open, you’ve got to be consistent, and you’ve got to hit them. I think Tim’s throwing the ball better." Then later Elway said "Tim made some improvement yesterday, and made some really good throws."

When Elway was asked about Tebow being the type of player who makes his teammates better. "I think he’s got that mindset," Elway said. "The bottom line is that (it) all comes from performing in tough spots. Timmy’s proven that he can do that. … That position’s so important, it kind of raises everyone. … If they have confidence in him, there’s no question it gives other guys on the team hope, or belief."

Remember what he said that he was looking for? "It's about wins and losses. It's about what you can do in tough situations. There are four or five plays within a game that make a difference." He is seeing those plays being made each week.

I'm loving the love that is being shown here! Not only does he give the "pat on the back", but like a good parent, he also provides a plan moving forward that is going to help the kid improve. That's my kind of guy right there.

When Tim was asked what he thought about John Elways simple "No" answer to whether or not the Bronco organization was ready to throw it all in on an endorsement of Tim Tebow as thier long term solution, this was his response.

"I honestly don't pay much attention," Tebow said when asked to respond to Elway's comments. "I don't try to focus on anything that doesn't affect me personally and how I go out there every single day. I'm just going to continue to work hard and focus on what I can control. I'm honored to play for him and try to win games for him and Coach Fox and Mr. Bowlen and everybody involved in this great organization. (Elway's) done so much to build it."

"I've had a blast living out my dream for the last five weeks," he continued. "I will continue to work as hard as I can to make this organization proud. Every time I step on the field I will give everything I have and I will leave everything I have on the field every Sunday."

Elway said Monday on the same show, "I was surprised in the fact that people took it to be a negative answer and it really wasn't a negative answer. That's where I was taken aback. It wasn't meant to be a strike at Timmy at all."

"It was just a reality check of where we were at the time, and it wasn't a negative because I tried to follow it up with all the positive things we were doing and tried to point out some things we needed to get better at."

Tebow also said that he appreciated Plummer calling him a winner, but in response to Plummers comment on him sharing his faith, he compared his faith with marriage.

Tim said, "If you're married and you have a wife and you really love your wife, is it good enough to only say to your wife 'I love her' the day you get married? Or should you tell her every single day when you wake up and every opportunity? That's how I feel about my relationship with Jesus Christ."So, I suppose that we can't expect that to end anytime soon.

Some may argue that this is a bad comparison because you never see a player start out answering a question in an interview by saying, "I really have to give a lot of credit to the Love I have for My Wife. She has done so much for me, but yes, that long bomb at the end of the game was a great call from Coach McCoy and it came at just the right time!"

No, we don't hear that kind of stuff at all. They all save that kind of talk for after a Super Bowl Win, or for the Hall Of Fame speach. I'm loving what Dan Daly at The Washington Times pointed out here.

"Tebow ran 22 times — for 67 yards — Sunday against San Diego. According to my research, it’s the most rushes in a game by a quarterback since at least 1960 (50). In those 52 seasons, a quarterback has had 15 or more carries in a game 10 times."

The win/loss record in those games: 10-0. Hmmm, that doesn't look bad at all to me. Looks like we may be on to something.

We are living in exciting times here in Bronco Land, and it is great to see what a fine group of personel we have here. Seeing everyone pull together for the good of this team is Great Indeed! What a time to be thankful that I love the Broncos!

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