Luff Rumblings, VVVVV.

As in, the Flying V's. As in, five Dubbyas in a row. Victorious? Yep, lined up five of em', knocked em' all down.

In this edition, we're going to gag on some Goodman, dig on some Dawkins, and get all Aquarius with Demaryius (I realize that makes no sense, but what the hell else am I supposed to rhyme with Demaryius?).

Rumble with me to Luff Land, once again...

Yesssssssssssss Demaryius!

You looked like the monster I know you can be, sir, keep that goodness up!

Take a gander again at DT's second touchdown... the one where Tebows' palm gloriously proclaimed "GET OFF ME!" to a linebackers' face before the other palm threw a dart to DT, who promptly trampled the Vikings on his way to pay dirt.

Watch the part where he jukes that safety to near death. He did the splits! A guy that big should not be able to juke someone like that. It should be illegal. "If you weigh 230+ pounds and can move like that... you are illegal. It's not fair to anyone else, so... ILLEGAL!" Also notice how tacklers want no part of Mr. Thomas (big) with a full head of steam. Love it. LOVE. IT. It was easier to account for the Broncos on offense when Decker was the only one making plays. With another major receiving threat in the fold, it becomes a whole lot easier to defend these guys. Can't roll extra coverage to Decker any more because of Thomas. Can't send the coverage to Thomas, Decker will get open. Can't leave nine guys in the box to defend the run game if you've got two legitimate receiving threats operating at a high level.

I love the way this is shaping up. Every week, we add a new wrinkle to the offense; introduce a new weapon. Eventually, if things keep going this way, teams won't know what to do to defend us.

LUFF'S BOLD PREDICTION OF THE WEEK: Julius Thomas is the next guy to step it up and have a huge game. I'm thinking 80 yards and 1 touchdown on 5+ catches.

Now, I want you to hit replay on that very same play. Did you notice anything hilarious towards the end there? You missed the fat guy ballerinas? After DT crosses the goal line, Daniel Fells pushes down a defender. In perfect unison, jump-and jump-and jump... Chris Kuper, Orlando Franklin, and then Zane Beadles prance over that very same defender. That's got to be the funniest thing I've seen all year. Light on their feet, those fat guys of ours. :) I think we should make up a funny ballerina-related nickname for the O-line and just call them that from now on. I know, me and my nicknames.

Speaking of the big fat guys... They deserve some insane props right now. They are playing some great football. They're crushing people in the run game, and protecting Timmy when we're hucking it. Orlando Franklin has been catching some flak all year... his skills in the run game are recognized, but the general consensus is that he isn't good enough in pass protection to remain our long-term starter at right tackle. A move to guard to replace Zane Beadles looked to be in the cards. Now, I'm not so sure. In Bewsafs' awesome Breaking Down the O-Line Film, we can see that he posted a solid 91% grade in run blocking, and a line-best 95% in pass blocking. He seems to improve every week, he is ginormous, and a ballerina. Not so fast, boys, he might be the answer at right tackle after all!

Same goes for Zane Beadles. He is improving every game. Remember this is only his second year, he can still get better. I love him as a pulling guard in the run game, and he got it done in pass pro last week. Kuper continues to play well as the true anchor of our offensive line. Major kudos to you Chris. Clady is playing well, albeit with a strange run of penalties. The second Clady returns to form as the single best tackle in the world, big head and huge shoulders above the rest, as opposed to just really good (as he is playing now), we'll be in even better shape. I can also appreciate the work that Chris Clark has been doing. He's been moving people around out there. We might not be quite as devoid of depth on the line as we thought. On an aside, it's a miracle that we haven't had any injuries on the O-line. Miraculous!

Oh oh, I almost forgot to gloat! As far as I'm concerned, I should brag about making good calls whenever they happen, because those happy times are few and far between. Here's what I said in my piece last week before the game...

"I'd also like to see the near invisible Demaryius Thomas get some more looks. There's no reason a guy of his size and talent shouldn't be able to dominate some pretty bad corners in this one."

Whoop whoop, Luff predictions! Giving out free palm readings daily! I also said in that piece we were going to blow out the Vikings... but a wins a win, amiright?

Goodman. Make that Badman. Atrociousman. Sitandwatchman.

Frankly, and I hate to dig on Broncos, but Andre Goodman had a horrific game on Sunday. He got routinely whipped by sub-par receivers, badly. I managed to rip every limb off the rip-apart referee doll when he took an outside technique 10 yards deep on the outside receiver, effectively giving him a long inside slant completion on 3rd and 16. Good for about 20, first down. SCHWATTTTT!?!$%???

I have two bad knees, weigh 165 pounds (a very svelte, super sexy 165 lbs, I might add), only played corner for a few years, and am not in any way a professional athlete, and I could have covered that receiver better than Andre Goodman did on that play. Out of sheer effort, I could have positioned my body between that receiver and the first down line at some point during that play, slowing him down enough so the linebackers and safeties could get there and take him down before the marker. I friggin' guarantee it. I saw terrible play from him all game, a problem which was compounded upon by poor effort.

Life without Von

Is nowhere near as fun as life with Von. It was pretty apparent that our defense is not the same without Von Miller back there.

Mario Haggan did a more than solid job in replacing him, but he is most definitely not the same player.

This is an average defense without him, and an extremely dangerous one with him. He's that good. He takes up so much attention, and puts so much fear into the entire offense, that the rest of the defense is improved because of his presence.

The End

Welp... I wrote all that above on Monday and Tuesday, with the intention of having it finished days ago. However, things happened, and then the rest of the piece didn't happen. So now, I'm clicking publish at 2:40 AM... Didn't have a chance to edit it either... so don't sue me for any errors.

As for the game tomorrow... we got this. GO BRONCOS!!!!!

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