Mocking the Broncos draft

The Broncos have really turned it around this year no thanks in part to replacing Orton at QB and great play from the "D". While some may still question your QBs abilites you can't question his heart and the "W" on the board at the end of the day. The Broncos are a team moving up, and if Tebow does reach his full potential look out , especially with the right draft picks this team could be tough to beat. More after the jump.

This is a view from inside the cave, at a rivals perspective of what the Broncos need at keys positions. I have the Broncos picking at 24 and i tried to pick key position needs as well as value picks for depth at positions of need.

1- Brandon Thompson 6' 2" 308 DT from Clemson: This pick addresses a big need at DT and he should start.
2- Coryell Judie 5' 11" 188 CB / KR from Texas A&M: This pick addresses a need a CB and a future replacement for Goodwin. Great talent as well as ability but needs to address the fumbling on kick returns. CB is one of the key needs for the Broncos and a area of concern, this pick was a tough decision but his talent at CB out weighed the fumbles. He's a game changer if he works out the bugs.
3- David Wilson 5' 10" 200 RB from Virginia Tech: Whats not to like about this kid he's simply amazing. This kid would gobble up with Tebows dishin' out, and is quality depth at RB. K.Moreno will have a sore butt if you guys draft David.
4- Brandon Mosley 6' 5" 305 OT from Auburn: This is a value pick at a position that needs quality depth. I would've like to gone in several directions here but chose quality depth for the o-line.
5- Marvin McNutt 6-4 215 WR from Iowa: This is a position of need and a big target for Tebow in the passing game. This pick should give the Broncos two big WRs on the outside and frees up Royal too play slot, and that's the best spot for him IMO.
5- James Micheal Jones 6' 1" 245 ILB from Nevada: This kid needs put on some muscle and work on shedding blockers but has good upside and adds depth at the position. I wish I could've addressed this position earlier, but if you don't pick early the talent drops off fast.
6- Asa Jackson 5' 10" 188 CB Cal Poly: This is my sleeper pick for this mock and he has great abilities and a nose for the ball. This pick should add quality depth at first and a starter in the future. He also has a high school video of him playing QB and RB if you want to look for it.
7- Devon Still 6' 4" 305 DT/DE Penn St: I think Still can play either position and adds quality depth on the defensive line.

I think I addressed areas of need just maybe not in the order you guys would like, but over all this adds quality players and quality depth. Let me know what you think and feel free to give more input about need and what your key concerns are.

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