Do you believe, now?

I've stayed quiet all off season, through all the Orton posts, all the wants for Luck, all the nay-sayers both on here, in my every day life, the Mainstream Media. I've kept quiet.

But no more. I've been a Tebow supporter since he came to Denver. As a lifelong Bronco fan, I can't remember the last time I've felt such attachment and belief in one player. I loved plummer, disliked cutler, jumped on the McDaniels bandwagon early, fell off it late. Not since the glory years have I had this much faith and belief in the Broncos.

I read all the mock drafts, all the calls for a "traditional" quarterback, all of the Tebow-sucks jargon, his mechanics this, his mechanics that. His faith this, his faith that. I'm a devout non-believer. I believe in very few things. I don't believe in religion, as it's a man-made thing, but this isn't the place for that. The fact of the matter is, Tebow wins games. He competes. He inspires. He makes non-believers, believe.

Crow tastes like shit, I'll be the first to admit it. I'll always admit when I'm wrong, however with Tebow, I was never wrong. I take the time now to shove this down all of the non-Tebow believers throats. All of you who cried for Orton, all of you who chastised the fanbase for calling Tim's number, all of the mainstream media bandwagonites, all of the people who rely on Espn for their "latest on tebow." As a true fan all you need is to see it. See it happen week in and week out. See the team rally around him. See the defense play like an entirely different unit. See Bailey, Goodman, Willis, and Dawkins play like they were 20something again. See Von Miller hop up and down on the sideline like a pop-warner kid.

All of the criticisms of Tim seem misguided. The most common I hear is that he can't pass. I seem to recall a game last year against the Texans where the kid threw for 300 yards in a comeback win and looked very much like a polished NFL quarterback. He has his moments, and those moments alone should be enough to inspire the entire fanbase.

So I say to all of you people who doubted Tim at ANY point in a Broncos uniform, How does it taste? How does success, desire, will, faith, inspiration, winning, and excitement taste? How does it feel to wash it down with a shot of the playoffs, a division title, a chance? How is the unbelievable-turned believable in a matter of minutes? Does it matter how it happens? Does it matter the mechanics are flawed? Does it matter that it's unconventional? No. It doesn't. So take it for what it is, and accept it. We are winners. We have a tradition of winning. And you, of all people, should recognize winning.

Eat your crow sprinkled with a slap in the face, wash it down with a huge glass of Tebow cool-aid, and enjoy the ride.

I know this had little direction, but I had to end the silence.

11-5 til' we're not.

no.. Screw that.

Super Bowl Champions til' we're not!

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