Explaining Tebow

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I've been watching NFL football since the mid 80s. Elway, Marino, Montana, Kelly, Favre, Brady, Manning... I've seen them all.

I have never seen anything like Tim Tebow.

His current run is something I have never seen before. It's simply unbelievable. Looking back at these past seven weeks has been something truly amazing. John Fox, Denver's headcoach who has spent his entire life coaching, hasn't seen anything like this either.

No team in NFL history has come back to win a game after being down by 15 points with three minutes remaining. Until Denver beat Miami a few weeks ago.


Explaining Tim Tebow
Mohammed Alo

Denver has gone on to win four 4th quarter or overtime victories since Tebow took over as starter. Four out of six wins. If you go back to last year, his first start ever against Houston, he led another fourth quarter comeback. That's five out of seven wins.

Denver has won 5 straight road games. The last time they did that was when Elway was quarterback.

Denver has beaten all of their division rivals at their home stadiums. The last time they did that Elway was the quarterback.

Tebow owns the second longest win streak in the NFL. The only other quarterback to have a streak longer than five straight wins is named Aaron Rodgers at thirteen wins in a row.

Tebows 149.3 passer rating last week against Minnesota is the second highest passer rating for any quarterback in any game this year.

He rushed 22 times in the San Diego game, setting an NFL record for most rush attempts by a quarterback in NFL history.

Denver's rushing game has gone from last place to first place under Tebow.

After beating Minnesota, Tebow's fifth career 4th quarter or overtime comeback victory, he tied the NFL record for the most by a quarterback in his first 10 starts.

This has been simply amazing, electrifying, nerve racking, and unbelievable. It's never been more fun or more exciting to watch football. It's been like watching an adrenaline packed movie every week. You know the ending every week, but you have no idea how they will get there.

You know Denver will win, but you aren't sure how. But it still happens. Even to the toughest opponents. Oakland, Jets, Chargers, Chiefs, Dolphins, and now Vikings. It's a perfect movie script. And it keeps repeating itself. Over. And over.

Something very special is happening with this Denver Broncos team. They sit atop their division and will host a home game in the playoffs. Anything can happen after that.

All you need is a chance. Just get into the playoffs and see what happens.

When Tim Tebow was a freshman in high school he wasn't allowed to play quarterback. He played linebacker and tight end. He wanted to play quarterback so bad, but went along with the team plan because his brother was a senior and played linebacker too. They went on to win the state championship. His brother graduated, and Tebow moved to another school.

Nease high school allowed Tebow to play quarterback. They had only won 2 games the year before. All of their away games were the opponent's homecoming games. That's how bad Nease was. He started at QB right away as a sophomore. This was no surprise, he could throw the ball over 70 yards as an 8th grader.

His first year they went 5 and 5 and beat some major schools. His junior year they went to the playoffs and were robbed of a win to advance to the championship game. His senior year they won the state championship against a team that had won it two years in a row.

Tim Tebow left a championship winning school, to go to a horrible team that hadn't won two games the year before, and took them to the state championship and won it.

ESPN chronicled his senior year. You can watch it all on YouTube. It's an amazing story of a very inspirational young man who is the epitome of competitiveness and is driven to win everything and anything. He willed his horrible high school team to wins, he willed the Gators to one of their national championships, and he is willing the Broncos to victories. You can watch that ESPN series on Tebow's high school career HERE.

Statistically, the defense and special teams aren't playing that much better. Neither is the offense. But they are winning. Under Orton they were 1-4. Under Tebow 6-1.

Tebow has started 10 games total between 2011 and 2010. He is 7-3 as a starter. Through his first 10 games he has a better record, passer rating, and touchdown to interception ratio than many Hall of Fame quarterbacks; Marino, Elway, Young, Manning and many others. You can't beat that.

I don't know how to expain it, but it sure is fun to watch.

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