Curse of TD...

My cousin and I have a little inside joke running regarding the curse of one Terrell Lamar Davis. We are both life long Yankees fans that are currently living in Boston, so we know a thing or 2 about curses. While he is not a Broncos fan, his team, the Eagles, stink so he has nothing better to do than keep up with the most electrifying team in sports entertainment. Ok.... on to the Curse.... JUMP!!

OK... as we know TD is the most deserving player of Hall of Fame induction that is not in the HOF. Injustices like this don't go by unnoticed in the supernatural sports world so of course there has to be a ying for this yang. Well it has manifested itself into what we have been experiencing since the 5 year anniversary of TD's HOF eligibility (keep in mind it was the 5th year of his career that he sustained that knee injury). Here are the teams we've played this season... and the status of their #1 running back at game time:

Oakland Raiders - Darren Mcfadden - Played well in our first match up

Cincinnati Bengals - Cedric Benson - Played, but held in check

Tennessee Titans - Chris Johnson - He played, but because of the hold out, was not in shape and not himself

Green Bay Packers - Ryan Grant - Played, but was pretty much a non factor and his #1 status is questionable as is.

San Diego Chargers - Ryan Matthews - Honestly... I dont consider this guy a real #1. I'd rather have him running it than Phil Rivers chucking it deep anyway

Miami Dolphins - Reggie Bush - Played but was a non factor

OK... Up until this point... it all sounds like coincidence. But here is where things really kicked into gear...

Detroit Lions - Jahvid Best - Injured Not Active

Oakland Raiders - DMF - Injured Not Active

Kansas CIty Chiefs- Jamaal Charles - Injured Not Active

Jets - LT - Missed the game with injury AND Shonn Greene got hurt in the game

San Diego Chargers - Ryan Matthews - See above

Minnesota Vikings - Adrian Peterson - Injured Not Active

Chicago Bears - Matt Forte - Injured Not Active

New England Patriots - N/A - Woodhead and Ellis are the furthest thing from a #1 back in the league

Buffalo Bills - Fred Jackson - Injured Won't be Active

Kansas City Chiefs - Jamaal Charles - Injured Won't be Active

Someone posted about the status of our run defense and if we should worry. As long as they unjustly keep TD out of the HOF, we've got nothing to worry about.(Also: I put this together basically off of memory... so I apologize if I was off on a number or missed an injury)

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