Reacting to the most dangerous threat. An insight about the Tebow Mode.


When I was walking down the street today I say a kid about 13 years old to be arrested running with a shard of glass in one hand and a woman’s purse in the other. He turned the corner on the street I was, and faced two police officers who promptly grabbed him. The curious thing is that there was a woman and a big beefy man (who looked to be her boyfriend or husband) chasing the boy.

This fact made me think about this aspect of life: the most dangerous animal is the one who has no other choice. Yes, I possibly had an epiphany when I saw the boy that sized with a shard of glass facing a much bigger man. The child probably sees no prospect for improving his living conditions, and will fight until the last consequences trying to survive.

Ok… Let me start warning that I’m not an expert in psychology, but I know here at MHR we might have some dudes who are. I know ZacMan is one of this versed friends, and he and others could add great inputs on this subjet. Well, there is a widespread popular knowledge in the world saying that the most dangerous animals are the cornered ones. In these circumstances, it’s capable of commiting any act to survive, including crimes (when we recall people are an animal species too).

A trapped father, for example, unable to feed their offspring, is capable of robbing for not envisioning another solution. A child, as well, is capable to kill his own father that impairs his mother, when he thinks there is no other way to protect her. When any animal (human or not) has no escape, he is left fighting for his life arduously all the way. With nothing else to lose, it’ll use his strengths up the limit to escape or get rid of anything that is the threat.

I know this knowledge is wisely used in good ways. Dealing with criminals, especially those holding hostage, or who are surrounded by some way, can be mentioned. Skilled negotiators conduct conversations to not represent the villain a decisive threat, avoiding him to decide to fight for his life, what could be a big tragedy. In medieval battles (and probably in the modern warfare), many strategists never cornered the enemy army. So, leaving always an escape route, they never had to face an army fighting their last stand.

Ok, Fabio… you are a weird brazilian guy. What does this stuff have to do with this site and with our beloved Denver Broncos?

I never thought someday I could explain what happens to Tim Tebow in the last 4th quarters of our games. Now, maybe something here makes any sense. Of course, at the beginning of the article, I raised a few examples of how people may react in a bad way to the threats, but there is also a good way to handle this.

For example, there are great entrepreneurs that because of any reason, just failed and bankrupted. Then, without any prospect of recovery, they are forced to risk all that remained of their lives in a final project that represents everything for them. They place all their strength, effort and force of will to accomplish what they need, and it ends working.

This is exactly how I tend to think now that works in the "Tebow Mode" and all the Mile High Magic we are witnessing. He is possibly the best person I’ve ever seen in my life when handling pressures in the best possible way. That’s what makes him unique imo and I’m definitively very glad to see him wearing Orange & Blue. Taking an excuse here to use Sadaraine’s words: I'll lead the revolt in person if Elway even tries to trade him. Sorry Sadaraine, but you’ll be my first official, I promise!

What do you guys think about it? Did I go crazy? Do I make sense? Anyway…

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