The Broncos Future is Here - Come and See

I wanted to share with you all a vision I had of the upcoming headline from Dove Valley. I have never had phychic visions before, but this came to me like the runs after bad Chinese Food. I tried to keep silent, but my vision would not be denied. I see a rocky future for our Denver Broncos ahead.

John Elway would not have drafted Tim Tebow!

John Fox may be out in Denver!

Jeff Fisher's name is hot in the AFC West

Whoa folks! Cutler may be returning to the Broncos?

Let's see how this story unfolds, shall we?

John Elway:

Q: What went into the decision to draft Tim Tebow and where was he on the draft board?

A: I was not in charge when they drafted Tim Tebow. I do not know what they were looking at during that draft.

Q: Would you have traded up and drafted Tim Tebow yourself?

A: There is a lot that goes into a draft day strategy. I am not sure what was going on at the time since I was not here then. I am not sure I would have drafted him there or done something else.

Denver Post Headline: "John Elway would not have drafted Tim Tebow!"

John Elway said in an interview that he would not have drafted Tim Tebow. When asked about Tim, John said "I am not sure I would have drafted Tim" and "I do not know what they were looking at during that draft." Owner, Pat Bowlen and John Elway are clearly not on the same page regarding Tim Tebow. Bowlen was quoted as being behind Tim Tebow, but John Elway refuses to name Tim the starter for 2012. Knowledgeable sources inside the Broncos organization who choose not to be named have stated that Pat is not happy with the way John Elway has handled the situation. Pat Bowlen has not eaten at Elways, the restaurant owned by none other than John Elway, in three weeks now. Does this mean that the Duke is out in Denver? What will that mean for John Fox? Does Fox have to take Denver to the Super Bowl to keep his job this year?

AP headline: "John Fox may be out in Denver!"

Local news sources are saying that John Fox may have to win the Super Bowl this year to keep his job. Among the top candidates for vacant coaching jobs are Tony Dungy and Bill Cowher, and Jeff Fisher.

Yahoo Sports Headline: "Jeff Fisher's name is hot in the AFC West."

Knowledgeable sources that choose not to be named have tabbed Jeff Fisher as a leading candidate for the Kansas City Chiefs job. And now the Denver Broncos may have entered the picture. Will the Broncos fire embattled head coach John Fox and hire Fisher just to spite their division rivals? Jeff Fisher is on record as saying "Matt Cassel is a talented guy". If the Broncos were to hire him, would Cassel be available next year?

PFT Headline: "Matt Cassel to the Denver Broncos?"

Three years after the "phone call heard round the league", Matt Cassel may actually be going to the Denver Broncos for real. Several knowledgeable sources for both teams who choose not to be named have confirmed that the Denver Broncos may be looking to replace up and coming QB Tim Tebow with Matt Cassel in the off season. The Broncos may have finally given up on Tim Tebow. Analyst Merril Hoge was quoted as saying of Tebow, "He is not an NFL quarterback. The guy cannot throw the ball! They cannot win with this guy." It seems the Broncos may just agree.

TSN Headline: "Looking back at blockbuster trades"

In 2009, the Denver Broncos traded away a young talented QB by the name of Jay Cutler for a king's ransom. These kinds of trades are rare, but this one has a lot of back story. Newly hired coach Josh McDaniels reported put in a call to his former boss Bill Belichick regarding one of his young protegees, Matt Cassel, who was expected to be backing up superstar Tom Brady after his return from a devastating injury....

ESPN headline: "Whoa folks! Cutler may be returning to the Broncos?"

This is an amazing story of a player coming full circle. Recent news reports have the Denver Broncos interested in trading for Jay Cutler. In an amazing multi-team deal, there has been recent chatter about a trade involving the Denver Broncos, Matt Cassel, and none other than Jay Cutler. This story is particularly interesting because Cassel is still a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. Even more unsettling is the fact that Tom Brady was also mentioned in the report. Will there be a bidding war between New England and Denver? Will Jay Cutler bring a bounty of draft picks back to Chicago?

Do you see what I see?

If it was not clear yet, this is sarcasm. We in Broncos Country are getting WAY too excited about the stupidity being pushed as "news" from "knowledgeable" sources. When you hear this stupidity, please remember that these guys are PAID to write crap that gets clicks, and not for their "analysis" They guys that get paid to analyze players are the guys in the scouting department and the guys with the VP title.

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