Random Rants and Rewards - Bears

Have any offensively anemic games ever been so entertaining? I was on edge the entire game. A lot of let downs with all the dropped passes, but a lot of encouraging plays on the defensive side. It wasn't pretty and it wasn't ugly all at the same time. How can that even be stated and understood by all you readers here on MHR. Did I hear it right that NFL Network will be replaying a 13-10 football game? Well, that's where our Broncos stand. In the national spotlight! Something I'm not too thrilled about....

Couldn't Be Written Any Better

I have this strange feeling that these past 8 weeks were a tune up to face the AFC standard, NE Patriots. You can't deny that this team has shown improvement with each passing game, no pun intended. Everything has been going in our favor. From all the injury riddled teams we've faced to the lucky bounces(Marion x 2) in our favor. We've been lucky enough to face teams as they lose their star players. But strangely, I feel like the Broncos have been fine tuning for this big match up against the Patriots. It's like they're reaching the top of the mountain of respect. I fully BELIEVE we can beat the Patriots. Honestly, after all these wins, I don't see us losing another game. I know those are bold statements, but so were the "It's embarrassing to think you can win with him at QB" remarks by the know-it-alls. I don't play on the team so I can make those bold predictions. I haven't had the confidence we can win each game since '97-'98! You can't deny that you feel something magical happening too.

"It's all Greek to me"

Long gone are all the days of asking for Rich Tuten's head. Early in the season, I heard many fans here ripping into our Strength & Conditioning coach like it's his fault that someone's bone breaks. That he doesn't know how to keep a muscle from ripping from the bone. So next time, please refrain from the early knee jerk reactions. Injuries happen all over the league. Considering the rest of the teams, we may be the healthiest in the NFL. Look at the Jaguars for example. They have 27 players on Injured Reserve! That's not even just inactive for a week or two. That's done, done!

Farewell Kyle Orton

Kyle is now a Kansas City Chief, a division rival. So when can we stop bringing him up? Sure it was relevant to talk about him a couple weeks ago to argue that he went 1-4 with the same team Tebow has, but how long do we need to keep hearing that? Good luck to him and thanks for his contributions. I think it's time we stop mentioning him here like we stopped talking about Nate Jones, Tim Crowder and Nate Webster.


Marion Barber did not make that catch in overtime. Shame on the officiating crew for not reviewing it, but I put more blame on our coaching staff. John Fox should have used a time out so the refs can look over the play during intermission. We're awarded 2 timeouts in overtime. Rarely do you need to use one, let alone two. Foxy is a veteran coach and should have known to call a time out. That was a VERY critical play which damn near ended the game for us. Luckily Barber fumbled on the way to the endzone. Come on coach we need better.

Slash Steaming

Boo hoo Kordell Stewart. You weren't given a chance. Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it. Even though you did play QB? He just came out too soon. Enough of him. Congrats to Robert Griffin III on winning the Heisman. Impressive kid. Finished college in 2.5 years! Watching his highlights, this kid is electric. He's bigger than Vick and he's faster than Cam. He's basically what you get if your mother gets bit by a vampire while you're in her womb. The strengths of both worlds! (Blade) What I'm basically trying to say is I'm excited to see how the NFL is starting to welcome these super athletic QBs. Vick was alone for awhile. Then came Vince Young kind of, but now we have Tebow, Newton and RG3 coming into the league. I'm excited for the highlights we'll have the pleasure of seeing in the coming years. I welcome the change from the cookie cutter QBs.


Not even going to get into it

"Wait til he plays a real defense"

Eat it MSM and Charles Barkley. And who was the genius with insider information saying the Broncos "need" to trade Tebow or just outright cut him from the roster? Why is this guy not getting burned at the stake along with Hodge? Was it Mike Lombardi? That was a hugely idiotic statement that got swept under the rug. Homeboy is lucky no one is bringing that up. I thought it was the dumbest thing to say and he's getting off unscathed.

Knowshon Moreno Sighting?

I've been a Knowshon backer since we drafted him. I still think he has the ability to be a big contributor to this team. I just hope he comes back even stronger and more determined. But I did see him play against the Bears. Well, not necessarily...Why was Willis McGahee dancing in the hole every time he got the ball? He looked so indecisive and reluctant to run full speed. It was getting pretty frustrating seeing him dance around instead of hitting the hole. Hoping it was his injury, but we need Willis playing like he has been for the majority of this winning streak. Especially against the Patriots.

Little Quick Notes

  • Wish Von Miller would start trying to strip the ball when he goes in for a sack. Perfect opportunity against the Bears and he just didn't go for it.
  • Stephen Paea had two sacks..... =(
  • Is anyone as relieved as me to know that Russ Hochstein hasn't had to play a down for the Broncos this year?
  • What other VP of Operations in the NFL is out there talking about a player's certainty with the team? Stop asking already!

Well here's to a victory against the Patriots. I believe and more importantly, the team believes!

Go Broncos!

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