Believing is Seeing

I feel stupid. For some reason i have become completely illogical and unreasonable. Every week people talk to me and look at me like i must be crazy. Let me explain after we jump.

I've been a broncos fan since 1997, admittedly jumping on the bandwagon and being rewarded for it again in 1998. Ever since then it has been pretty tough being a Bronco fan down here in southern california (small blip in '05). I admit i was a believer in McD and a little frustrated when he was let go, but boy does that seem like a long time ago now.

Seeing Tebow get drafted for us two years ago left me feeling conflicted. He was undeniably one of the greatest college quarterbacks of all time and extremely inspirational but would he work at the next level? Shame on me for letting the MSM shape my beliefs. I should've known this was coming the second i watched Everything In Between.

These past weeks have honestly been some of the most exciting of my short life. Week after week i have seen our young, polarizing, and insatiable QB do just enough to bring us clearly into the playoff picture. Hell after the Jets game I was just plain emotional.

I'm a high school football coach here in SoCal and recently, after going to our post-season banquet (we ended up 4-6 in a tough league) i found myself wondering once again how the Broncos were doing it and how come my high school team couldn't get over the hump. Well, i thought, there are many reasons; the D is playing tougher than i've seen in years helped out by a young stud pass-rusher, the field goal kicker has been clutch all season, the fourth quarter has been like Tebow turned the difficulty down on madden to make sure we win the game, but I realized none of this would matter if the Broncos didn't believe in themselves.

The Broncos truly believe that no matter what happens, no matter the situation, no matter the score, no matter the time left on the clock, no matter who's on the field, we know somebody's going to make a play to win the game. Prater, Goodman, Woodyard, Thomas, Tebow, doesn't matter somebody is going to get it done.

So why do i feel stupid? Because now I am believing and it's irrational. (Well honestly i have been since KC, before than was just hope i think). We're playing the Patriots this week and i think we're going to win. That's insane. I was talking to a Steeler fan about the playoff picture and he laughed saying that it might be a Steeler-Bronco first round game. I know we would win that game.

Now is that really being stupid? I don't think so but i can tell other people think it is.

Winning is a habit. Tebow has never been on a losing team for long, because he eventually turns it around. Fox and Tebow have made this team into a true team and have them believing in themselves. and for us Bronco Fans i feel like we no longer need to see this to believe it, we need only believe it to see it.

Believing is Seeing. GB^2

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