The Hate Never Ends: Green Bay Edition

Hey, folks. I hope it's not bad etiquette to post without introducing myself in another thread first, but I guess someone will tell me if it is. I've come to the Broncos via my growing appreciation for Tim Tebow this season. It's been a blast taking the time to learn the details about the Broncos' history, the current team and Tebow's own background as part of that. It's like adopting a whole new interest. So, excuse the screen name--it's not a slight on Denver at all. I grew up a 'Boys fan and I couldn't figure out how to change the name when I was finally able to post. :)

So, I just had to link to this article because even though I read just about everything I can get my hands on about the team and I've learned to not react to everything, I was taken aback by this. Here's the article Green Bay WR: Tebow coverage "kind of disturbing" and my comments (not a rant, don't worry) are below. (Uh, tried to do the jump thing, but I think I screwed it up. Sorry)

I mean, look, it's obvious that a sizable contigent of players, fans, and analysts have always and will continue to dislike Tebow, no matter what. But this Green Bay WR's comments are just unbelievable. This is about as personal an attack as I've seen made for public attribution by a current player in the league. Finley's not just saying to the media, "Oh, I think Tebow's a crap quarterback," which would be cheap and rude enough given what Tebow's been able to achieve with the Broncos. No, this guy is saying, pretty much flat out, that Tebow isn't a genuine person and is deliberately presenting an essentially dishonest face to the public and his team and keeping his "real" face private. That dishonest face is the one that Finley is saying will be "exposed." And no, I truly don't believe that I'm mischaracterizing his words. Honest people don't get "exposed." Good people also don't get "exposed."

Just as bad is the "Featured Video" up at the top of the same page where MSNBC's Michael Silver, who's never had anything remotely decent to say about Tebow in his life, "reveals" that his pipeline of sources in the NFL are all equally disgusted. If that's so, well, that's pathetic. The idea that someone who has been as thoroughly dumped on as Tebow by analysts, coaches, and basically everybody outside of the state of Florida as soon as he was drafted should now be begrudged the goodwill of those fans who do like him and the few "experts" who honestly think he's special, as opposed to those paying lip service, is just sad.

One of the things that amazes me about all the negativity is that people don't realize how it backfires. Here's the GB player essentially saying that fans are stupid and so Tebow pulls one over on them by only appearing to be a good guy in his QB leadership role (i.e. via his mic'd up exchanges). Note that although Finley doesn't come out and say it explicitly, by extension, he's suggesting that the Broncos players and at least coach Gase are stupid, too, because the mic'd up audio shows clearly that they respond to Tebow, and because Finley refers to Woodyard's quote-of-a-paraphrase-of-a-quote-of-something Tebow said to him about "God speaking" that's as reliable as something said in the Telephone Game by now.

Then there's Michael Silver saying that the players he speaks with also think fans are idiots--oh, I mean, only *Tebow* fans are, because by definition we're all evangelical and "don't understand football." Do the players really think that? Truly? Wow. So, unless people agree that Tebow's quarterback trash, they're dumb and can't possibly have been football fans before Tim Tebow was even born? Because you can't be both, of evangelical and a knowledgeable fan. Christian, apparently, but not a Tebow-appreciating Christian.

So, this is what players are worked up about. Meanwhile, Chicago's Sam Hurd has been arrested on federal drug charges. Not for taking drugs, which would be bad enough. No, for buying and distributing them, on a serious scale in two cities. He's been ruining people's lives, literally. Why isn't that "kind of disturbing" to Finley, or bothersome to Silver's little buddies? Why aren't they making sure to let the world know in national media outlets how they feel about THAT? No, they save the precious media time that Tebow "robs" them of talking YET AGAIN about him and how worthless they think he is.

It's all just amazing to me. I don't expect everyone to like Tebow as much as I do, or to take the time to really research him so that I can explain exactly why I do like him, both as a player and a person. Heck, I don't care for most of the players that other fans fawn over, for a variety of reasons. But I wouldn't want to see them trashed like this, especially when they haven't done anything. It's just nasty and unnecessary. It doesn't make football more fun, or exciting, or challenging. It doesn't bring out the best in anyone. It just demeans the game and makes players, coaches and analysts look like a bunch of spiteful old crones.

Alright, that's it. Thanks for reading. I needed to vent not just because this was a gratuitous attack on my favorite player, but I honestly feel like both Finley and Silver are dinging all of the Broncos and implying pretty strongly that there's something wrong with them because they're excited about their young QB and going "all in" with him. I honestly think that some of these NFL haters are hoping to sow dissension among the team that will make them turn on Tebow, and that may the sickest thing of all.

It's all left a sour taste in my mouth and actually bothered me even more than the Flacco comments, which were dumb but more whiny than anything else.

But hey, screw 'em. I may be 3 time zones away in the Big Apple, but I'm devoting every bit of spare mental energy towards willing our guys to another win on Sunday. Go Broncos!

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