Let the vomit spew forth!!!

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MHR!!! Our Broncos are winning!!! I'm not talking about one here and there.... I'm talking about consistently winning, and with enough steam to do God know's what in the playoffs!!! If this isn't our opportunity to have the best time of our lives, having a supreme faith that our team is full of CAN with an extra heaping of WILL, then I guess drafting in the top 5 is your sorta thing. When was the last time any of us were able to start talking a little trash that we could actually back up!!??

Take a leap of faith with me.... Timmy would want you to! ;-)

I understand the collective disgust of dimwits in analyst's clothing (well, IDK, old Hoge Podge and his 1920's, dwarf mobster ties fool no one, but I digress). I get just as sick of Tom Waddle's, Stephen A's, and Hoge's snarky commentary just as much as the next guy..... but my Broncos are winning, and I could care less. Actually, that's a lie!!! I must confess. I HEART the fact that these idiots are still ripping on Tebow..... that means we have them right where we want them!!!

When are you guys going to finally start realizing that this negative regurgitation is a GOOD thing!!!

"Why," might you ask?

Tim Tebow eats negative opinions and unfair criticism for breakfast, then proceeds to crap out solid gold by that evening. Foxy knows it…. Elway knows it….. the reason they don’t shovel heaping loads of praise on Tim Tebow alone, isn't because they hate him and want to hamstring him. The reason they do it is twofold:

1. They are building a TEAM ORIENTED (with a STRONG emphasis on team), winning culture in that locker room. To dole out too much praise on one cog out of the entire functioning war machine would be unwise and counterproductive. EFX is neither. Tim Tebow wouldn’t want it any other way!!!

2. They know beyond a shadow of a doubt that when Timmy Tebow feels the need to prove his (and the Broncos) detractors wrong, he almost always does it in mind boggling, blaze of glory, victorious fashion. Tim has no doubt in his mind they are wrong, and he puts in 100 hours a day to show them why. Like Tim's been quoted as saying:

“I am a very self motivated person, but a little fuel to the fire never hurt.”

Let these egotistical, sloth brained idiots keep vomiting up harsh words for the Broncos. I want this team to have a surplus of poster board material. I like being an underdog!!! In fact, I LOVE it!!! Lots of people call Tebow Superman, but to me, he’s Underdog X 1,000!!! GO BRONCOS!!! Win or lose this week, we're going to learn from it, then kill em all and let God sort em out in the playoffs!!! I'm Mile High Saluting AND Tebowing as I type this!!! Yes, it's Tebow Time in Bronco Country!!!!

(Prediction: Tim scores 3 total TD's tomorrow..... 1 rushing, 2 passing!!! The Pats pitiful pass D is reeling from the start, which opens up the run for us in a BIG-BIG way!!!)

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