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I know it's been forever since I've posted anything on here. But a recent fanshot inspired a bit of thinking in me, and since we're heading into a Patriots week I thought I would touch on the topic one more time. It's short and hopefully concise, but I think I'm saying a few things here that I haven't read much of anywhere else, hope you enjoy it. And NO this is not a insight into how awesome McDaniels was for drafting Tebow or how horrible he was for tanking a team that had a good deal of talent on it. (Note: I posted this as a comment response to one of the recent fanshots, but felt like it needed it's own light, so here it is:

I really liked what McCoy had to say about McDaniels/Patriots in the most recent presser, as short as it may have been.

McDaniels obviously had too much power and was such a passionate coach that he often let his emotions and his football acumen cloud some conservative alternatives that might have really helped our team learn to play together as a more cohesive unit. The one thing that always gnawed at me about McDaniels is how he repeatedly preached about complimentary football, but we never really saw it. Even in the 6-0 start our team didn’t look like a cohesive single unit. It looked like three phases trying to win the game by themselves.

McCoy mentioned in the presser that the Broncos coaching staff got some great insight into how BB prepares his Patriots from Josh’s tenure – because I really think that Josh is a coach with a great gameplan, great ideas, and is a great fundamentals and techniques coach… but where the guy came up short was not letting the players go out there and play the game with each other. If he had kept his hands to the offense during practice and just let them go out and play the gameplan each week, I think we’d have faired better under him, but from the sideline shots and clips of him it felt like he was trying to micromanage too many players and they didn’t feel comfortable and confident in themselves out there.

I believe that McDaniels will one day be a good head coach. Because he will eventually get older, wiser, and start to understand his flaws better and start to let his team go out and play the game more independently and he'll feel more comfortable and confident that he did everything he could for them in the practice week to prepare them to win. I just always felt like he was still trying to coach them on gamedays, and you just can’t do that and be successful. You’ve got to let those guys get out there and play fast and think with their own minds, and play with their own passion.

McDaniels will blossom one day. He’s got way too much football knowledge and great coaching techniques to fall by the wayside like some of the other ex-patriots coaches. He just needs experience and some good old fashioned age. With age and wisdom he’ll likely be much less impulsive on draft days – which were really high-risk high-reward with McDaniels, and unfortunately turned out to be too much of the former and too little of the latter.

McDaniels should get credit where credit is due, and that lies in his ability to coach a team fundamentally and technically (im talking primarily offensively here). He is also a great motivator and infects his team with his own passion to win. He made some high-risk moves drafting that worked out, Decker and Tebow being the two high profile ones so far, but he also made some blunders. His real flaw though was just not letting the team play and grow together on gameday as a single cohesive unit.

If Elway had been hired two years sooner, (well Elway likely wouldn’t have wanted to hire Josh as a head-coach… but if he had) I think that we would have seen much more conservative draft picks as well a better chemistry in the lockerroom. There were just so many things out of the gate that flipped our lockerroom upside down and Josh’s coaching style was so hands on that the team didn’t really get to rebuild its mentality and personality. The team ended up becoming an extension of McDaniels personality then with all it's pro's and con's, whereas now our team is a clear blend of all of our coach’s personalities, as well as the personalities of the leaders on our team (like Tebow, Von, Dumervil, Champ, Dawkins). The leaders are finally getting to lead on gameday and the team is getting to play confident and play fast and the difference is NIGHT and DAY.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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