Patriots vs Bronocs: The No Bull Review

I had forgotten how much a loss stings. I was pretty upset with our team at the end of the game to be honest. We did everything we could to lose the game. It wasn't a matter of New England being vastly superior or anything like that. It was stupid turnovers, dumb penalties, and a defense that my grandma could have thrown on. Hopefully our team learns a lot from this loss though...there are lots of teaching opportunities for every facet of the game to look at.

I know we really didn't lose much ground with this loss...but in my opinion we NEED to beat Buffalo next week. We should honestly. They aren't good. I don't want to go to KC with our playoff lives on the line. I'm not scared of them in the least, it is just that they don't deserve the chance to knock us out by any stretch of the imagination.


  • I have to say Tebow again looked very good throwing the ball. He got flushed to his right a few times and that exposed his Achilles heel in his passing game. But I thought he was throwing very accurately overall.
  • Tebow's sack / fumble was just awful. Did someone miss a blocking assignment? Was that on Tebow to recognize the rusher? Whatever happened there was super ugly.
  • McGahee is still my hero of the year to be honest. He's playing hurt and still just running over, under, and through people.
  • O-Line looked great run blocking, but they looked pretty poor pass blocking in big downs.
  • Ball's TD was great, but I still don't see much that makes me think he should be our #2 going forward. He's a back-up to me until he shows more.
  • Honestly Eddie Royal doesn't have a spot on this offense from what I see. We have other WRs that are better at catching, and they are all bigger targets. If Royal stays next year (and I doubt it), he will be here as a returner and backup WR.


  • Our Pass rush sucked eggs
  • Our Linebackers play was completely non-impacting
  • Our Safeties were completely in over their heads
  • Chris Harris showed me again that he's going to be a real player for us. He did an outstanding job. It blows my mind that he is a rookie and he came from KU. He was playing pro ball yesterday.
  • Respect to Tom Brady. Every play he found where Bailey was covering, and then ignored that pass route. Love or hate him, Brady knows how to play QB in the NFL.
  • On the first TD, Goodman played like he had help over the top and he didn't. It looked to me like poor play from Goodman though...he bit on the underneath route just a little...enough to give Ochocinco a couple steps. It could have been Carter though.
  • One redeeming play was Doom laying Brady on his back. Thanks for keeping it real Elvis. We needed that and so did Brady.

Special Teams:

  • If Quan Cosby isn't cut this week I will be sorely disappointed. He made awful decision after awful decision. I was perplexed at his play. He isn't the kind of player you give a pass to. He doesn't play WR for us. He is only here to return and he cost us so many points.


  • Our Defensive plan was to drop tons of guys into coverage and rush only 3 or 4. The times we blitzed worked well and I have no idea why we didn't constantly bring more pressure on Brady. He just sat back and picked us to pieces. I have to say this is poor planning on Allen. Brady doesn't make mistakes if you don't pressure him.
  • Every penalty we had seemed to be huge...2 extended drives that we had dead to rights (without the penalties it would have been 4th down). Fox was pretty bent and so was I. Good teams don't have those penalties and when added to the turnovers it leads quickly to a loss.
  • Fox may be a good players coach....but he again showed he isn't a good clock-management coach. No way should we have given NE the ball back with 50+ seconds in the first half. No Way.

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