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Patting myself on the back: Are you people ready to admit defeat yet? No, I'm not talking about Tim Tebow. I'm talking about Robert Ayers. Some of the most vitriolic debates on MHR, (other than Tebow and McD) have centered around whether Robert Ayers was a bust. My position was that Ayers was way overdrafted. Others thought he was amazing at "setting the edge" or would be a "beast in a 4-3." Well, the bottom line is that he showed no quick twitch explosion in a 3-4 and there was no reason to believe he would show it in a 4-3. After all, the difference between a 3-4 OLB and a 4-3 DE is not the same thing as the difference between a CB and a DT. He is average. He is probably not cut-worthy, yet. I still hope that he can turn things around, after all, he was a late bloomer in college. However, there is no evidence to suggest that he will.

Whether Tim Tebow wins or loses does not prove or disprove the existence of God: It seems like a very annoying trend is developing, namely, that each Bronco game is supposed to have a higher purpose or a higher meaning. If Tebow wins, then the left is upset. If Tebow loses, then the right is upset. Here is the bottom line: Tim Tebow has not politicized himself, so you shouldn't either. Even if Tim Tebow decided to admit to everyone that he was a Republican (oh the horror!), aren't we all capable of putting on our big boy underwear and dealing with it? I am as right-wing as they come but I don't pray for Bronco victories with Tim Tebow. I pray that God would be glorified through Tim Tebow.

More Tebow: I came across a pretty good story, from a very unlikely source. An article written by Scott Raab. Here is the money quote:

"I haven't seen a professional athlete hated like Tebow for the secular sin of religiosity since Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali. Blasphemy, I know. But nonetheless it is true. And so I am both delighted and appalled at how many fine folks — who take pride in their embrace of ethnic diversity and would never ever tolerate any hint of bigotry as they define it — foam at their keyboards in fury at the sight of Tim Tebow kneeling in prayer on the football field."

Read more:

That about sums it up as well as anything I have read. Can't we just stop with the politics and the annoying games being played? Can't we stop pointing out the the celebrities who love or hate Tebow and just sit back and enjoy the beauty of watching a young QB develop? In short, can't we all just get along??? (:

Weekly APB: Ok, so I've been harping for weeks about my all points bulletin being put out on Julius Thomas. This week, I would like to add two more additions to the list. Nate Irving, why can't you sniff the field??? Were you our third round pick or our thirtieth round pick??? Joe Mays hasn't exactly killed it out there. I understand giving a rookie LB some seasoning but you would think he could sniff the field every now and then.

My second APB is for our tight end position. Do you remember how in the offseason our staff said that the opposition would actually have to cover our tight ends this year? Here is a shocking truth: Our tight end position is actually less productive than it was last year! When you consider that last year we had possibly the worst tight end production in the NFL, then that is quite the statement.

Room for growth (offense): Our offense isn't even close to running on all cylinders but it is still super exciting. There are three things that we need to have all the pieces in place:

1. A young, healthy, speedy running back who can run & catch. By the way, slight tangent, why doesn't McGahee ever catch any passes? McGahee looks like an all-world running back when he is healthy. If we didn't tinker around with Moreno early and if McGahee didn't have old man legs, Willis would be looking at about 1500 yards with two games to go.

2. A tight end who can get open. If we are truly going to emulate a lot of what the Florida Gators did, we need more production from our tight end position. Period.

3. A wide receiver who spreads the field, similar to Mike Wallace from the Steelers. Did you notice that when the Steelers drafted Mike Wallace they automatically became a better running team and a better over the middle passing team? Obviously Mike Wallace gives them a deep threat and Mendenhall gives them a good runner but I think you get my point.

As far as specific players to draft that would address these needs, I have a few:

TE: Coby Fleener. I have watched this guy play about 20 games in the last few years and let me give you my opinion of him. First, he has a Gronkowski-kind of wingspan. He is 6'6" 255lbs. and can run like the wind. The NFL has boiled down to copycatting and mismatches. Fleener would be a VERY difficult matchup if used properly, ask Andrew Luck. This guy won't make it out of the second and after the Combine, might not make it out of the first.

WR: Kendall Wright. An absolute speed demon in the mold of Mike Wallace. I'm curious to see if he is more of a 4.3 guy or more of a 4.4 guy. Kendall would add a playmaking ability to our offense and would stretch the field way out.

RB: I honestly still haven't decided between Chris Polk, Lamar Miller, David Wilson, LaMichael James or a free agent.

Room for growth (defense): There is obviously a lot our defense can do to get better. I think we need four pieces on defense to turn the corner:

1. A cornerback. Goodman, overall, is not having a good year. I'm hopeful that Chris Harris can be a legit #2 but I see him more as a nickel, which isn't a bad thing. I love his style.

2. A strong safety. Dawkins (weapon X), why couldn't we have you 16 years ago? We need someone who can cover, jam the box, blitz, etc.

3. A middle linebacker. We need someone who makes ten tackles a game with regularity.

4. A defensive tackle. We need a guy who can get about 6 to 7 sacks a year by living in the backfield, and just be a wall when needed.

Here are a few players:

CB: Janoris Jenkins. I'm not going to take the character question into account here. Other than Claiborne, Jenkins is probably the best cover corner in the draft.

SS: Mark Barron. I like this guy a lot and it seems like people either love him or hate him. From what I have seen, he has been the total package this year. I will watch the national championship game with great interest.

MLB: Luke Kuechly. If Sean Lee can play MLB for the Cowboys in a 3-4, the Kuechly can play MLB for the Broncos in a 4-3. Kuechly would be a lock for close to 150 tackles a year, mark it down. Don't pass that over too easily.

DT: I haven't decided between Brandon Thompson, Derek Wolfe, Devon Still, or Kawann Short.

DE: ? I think DE might be a dark horse position that we could draft earlier than most people think.

The evolution of the NFL: Did you guys watch Dallas play Tampa Bay Thursday on the NFL Network? The game was decent but I remember Mike Mayock's comments regarding Sean Lee as much as anything. Mike Mayock said that Sean Lee was developing into one of the best MLB's in the game. Keep in mind that Sean Lee weighs under 240lbs. and plays MLB in a 3-4. The interesting thing about this is that Mike Mayock said Sean Lee told him he does not want to weigh over 240 because it limits his game. Can you imagine this? Mike Mayock is onto something I think. Mayock said that this Sean Lee phenomenon represented the NFL evolving into more of a passing league. Is there a chance that this will spill over into other positions as well? I think that it already has. Remember how Tyron Smith was deemed too light to play RT? Well, he is probably one of the best, if not the best, right tackle in the game, as a rookie. There are many other examples as well. Von Miller is one of them. We actually play Von as a LDE quite a bit, at 250 pounds! Every player and position is different. Body stereotyping is not always the ticket.

It's sad to say but Eddie Royal = Ryan Harris: Is it just me or has their career trajectory been eerily similar? I had hope for Eddie this year but it was likely misguided. The Bears, with Royal's proven chemistry with Jay Cutler, would be foolish to not go after him in the offseason. For x's and o's reasons beyond me, he was never able to develop into a great slot receiver.

Credit where credit is due: If you are looking for the best analysis and commentary, with x's and o's included, regarding Tim Tebow, look no further than Ted Bartlett on To heck with just Tim Tebow, his analysis of the Broncos and the entire NFL is amazing. His politics nauseate me and upset me beyond articulation. However, when he avoids the politics and narcism, he is without equal. Ted, why are you not writing for ESPN or the DP? The DP, in throwing a bone to the thousands of internet bloggers, should bring this guy and his column on board and get rid of "Kicking it with Kiz."

Tim Tebow offseason improvement list: I'm no QB expert, but if I could give Tim Tebow a list of three things to work on this offseason it would be the following:

1. Footwork, footwork, footwork.

2. Continued development of throwing mechanics. Somewhat similar to #1

3. Identification and execution of hot reads. The blitz will eat our young QB alive if he can't execute three step drops, etc.

What are the top three things you think Tim Tebow should work on this offseason?

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