Mike McCoy is Aboard the Tebow Express

In yesterday's presser, Mike McCoy was asked about several topics concerning the QB position. I have included a few of the more notable quotes below. What I found interesting was that, in my opinion, Mike McCoy seems to be implying that Tebow is already a successful quarterback, due to his responses to the two top criterion he uses to grade a quarterback.

- Q: What is the most important part of evaluating the performance of the QB?

- A:

#1 ..."Winning and losing. That's their job... There is no such thing as an ugly win...Is the guy a winner or not."

#2 ..."Can his team rally behind him...Do they believe in him as a QB, so when the game's on the line, or you're down early in the first quarter, do they fold the tent or not. Or do they believe in the guy that’s back there. But when the players that are in the huddle with them, or the defensive guys, special teams guys, when they believe in him it doesn't matter. As long as there's time left on the clock the good ones find a way to win. And that's what it's about."

- Q: So no statistical measurements, accuracy, etc. trump those two things?

- A: ..."You would love for a guy to be a high percentage guy statistically. But then again there's plenty of QBs who have thrown for 400 yards and have lost the game… You’ll see someone like Green Bay. The way they’re throwing the football right now. That’s the way everyone wants to be. But it’s not easy.”

Starting at 04:32:

There are certainly some more interesting tidbits in the rest of the presser. If you have time, I highly suggest listening to it. Other notable points include:

  • Tebow Hugging McCoy - McCoy was asked why it is that Tebow runs over to McCoy before anyone else, right after a win. McCoy goes on to say that he and Adam Gase spend an inordinate amount of time with all of the QBs. So much so, that their personal lives are discussed, and essentially there is bonding not just from a coach and player, but also as friends.
  • 3-and-outs are Successful Drives - McCoy was asked about a comment Tebow had made this week where they want to end every play with a kick (extra point, field goal, or punt). He agreed with Tebow and noted that even in the case of a 3-and-out that he views it as a successful drive if they are able to punt and pin the opposing defense within their 20 yard line. He goes on to say that most teams will not be able to put too many scoring drives together when they have to drive 80+ yards. He also pointed out that in the last game there were multiple drives with 7 to 10 plays that ended in punts, but again, he viewed those as successful drives.
  • Wearing Down the Opposing Defenses - One of McCoy's comments was that the current style of offense that the Broncos are running is meant to wear down the opposing defense.
  • Why the Broncos Run on 3rd and Long - McCoy mentioned that because the Broncos run so much on 3rd down, that the defenses have to cover the run, which has opened up the passing opportunities on 3rd down.
  • The Players have Bought in - McCoy mentioned that the Broncos are playing good "complimentary football" (is it me or was there a certain prior head coach who consistently focused on this term). He said that the players have bought into the current style of play, and that the defense, offense, and special teams are playing together as one.
The interesting thing was that McCoy never mentioned that the Broncos need to transition to a more conventional offense. After listening to the presser, I believe that McCoy believes the current style of play will work in the NFL. What do you think?

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