Random Rants and Rewards - Patriots

As a Bronco fan living in RI, I'm the only Bronco fan I know. And of course, the wife is a Patriots fan along with her family members that happened to be over for the game. It was a great game to watch until the announcers said something to start the second quarter to the tune of, "the broncos have the worst 2nd quarter score differential" clock work, the turnovers kept happening leading to a 20-3 quarter. What a HUGE turnaround from the first quarter where we were just gashing the Pats run after run. I was loving it. Then we barely even touched the field in the second. And we just couldn't catch up from there.

You Called What?

Offense - Fans are still complaining about the play calling. Saying we needed to open up the offense more. Stop being "unfair" to Tebow and let him air it out. Foxy is "handicapping" his development. Yada yada. We were running for an average of 8.1 yards per carry! This is the game that Tebow should have "completed just 2 passes". We had the perfect game plan and the Patriots just had nothing to stop it, until we stopped ourselves. I think our coaches are doing a fine job with the second worst team in 2010.

Defense - I thought DA out-thought himself in this game. We brought pressure consistently in our winning streak. For some reason, Von was asked to drop in coverage this week. Why not just bring in another DB? We let Brady sit back there without any pressure and he did what Tom Brady does. Upon further analysis, DA did exactly what they probably intended. The game plan this week was most likely to stop Gronk and to stop Welker. They were held under 100 yards combined with 0 TDs. Every other team this year has been trying to do that and failed. Mission accomplished DA. Unfortunately, the Patriots still had Tom Brady. He was able to find the other guys. Two of the other guys even found the endzone for the first time this year. Back to the drawing board....

No White Flags

How impressed are you with the resilience of Tim Tebow? Is he not the toughest player on the team to bring down? He breaks as many tackles as the best RBs in the league. Several times, the Patriots had him dead to rights, but he never gave up. These are text book, form tackles with arms wrapped all around the QB and he still gets out! That first touchdown run was just Tim never accepting defeat on that single play. Again with the fumble in the endzone. The defensive player had Tim wrapped up and even stripped the ball. Tim broke the tackle and even had the sense of mind to throw the ball for an incomplete instead of accepting a safety.

You probably couldn't guess that my favorite play was a 30 yard loss on a sack. Yes, you heard it right. On first review, it was a boneheaded play by a very young QB. Then I thought about it. This kid will lay it all on the line for his team. He understood that it was 4th and very long and this was their last and final chance for victory. He was willing to do anything in his power to keep the play alive or else the game is over. He understood the situation, unlike a Marion Barber. No matter how many yards he lost, the game would end the same way. Most QBs would accept the fact that the defense made the play and take a sack and end the game. Not Tim. He won't accept it. Be proud Bronco fans, that you have a leader like this for your team.


There's a lot of heat towards Foxy for not going for it on 4th and 1 early in the game. A lot of people saying you have to go for the jugular and play like a winner. Real easy to criticize after the fact. Earlier in the year against the Titans, Foxy chose to go for it on 4th and 1 and got stuffed. He got burned for that decision too since we lost 17-14. He chose to play like a winner and lost. I had no problem with Foxy putting up points against the Pats this weekend. I felt it was the right call. You know Brady is going to put up points, so you have to end every drive with a score too. Shoulda woulda coulda doesn't change a thing.

APB Has Been Answered

Demaryius Thomas has been found. A couple weeks ago, I was asking where he was. That next game he went off for 144 yards and 2 TDs. Yup he heard me calling. Thank me. He is really starting to hit his peak and becoming our true #1 receiver. I'm very excited to see his growth. His confidence is growing and he caught every pass this week. No drops. Did Tebow's pep talk last week actually hit home? He's becoming the playmaker I always just "heard" about.

Unfortunately Rahim Moore and Julius Thomas still haven't answered the call....

"A Young QB's Best Friend"

Is a TE.....or running game, or good defense, or an all-pro receiver, etc. I've heard it all. But really, what's going on with our TEs? Have they even made a catch in the past several weeks? The last one I can remember is against the Chargers back in November! I was so excited about what I was hearing from Julius Thomas in training camp, that I kind of expected it to carry over to the season. I heard some people even drafted him in their fantasy leagues. He has 1 catch for 5 yards this year.....I guess I'll have to reserve judgment until I see with my own eyes instead of reading other peoples' words.

Little Quick Notes

  • A great feeling not reading news about our star players like Champ and DJ having a shouting contest with the head coach in the middle of practice.
  • Our QB is 7-2 this year when's he's still considered "flawed". What happens when he gets his game together?
  • Sam Hurd was going to spend $500,000 to buy and sell drugs. Tebow spends $500,000 to build a hospital in the Philippines. The naysayers won't go away, but apparently Hurd went away nice and quiet.

Really since I'm the ONLY Bronco fan I know, this is the only place I can vent. Thanks for stopping by.

Go Broncos!

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