Fabio's mock draft 1.0

As we all know, it's never too early to talk about the draft. I know we already saw a few Bowls being played, but I'd like to make my first mock before the Bowls, just based on the regular season. The performances on those decision games and the NFL Combine will change a lot how we see the big board. For now, that's how I'd run the draft for our beloved Denver Broncos.

1. Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska

Does anybody disagree we have a major need at CB? Goody is old and being torched game after game. He clearly lost more than 1 step and I'm done with him. Ok, he made a couple key picks this season, but I don't think it's enough for him to keep his starting job. I want to replace him in the next offseason, drafting the best CB available, who likely is gonna be Dennard. The kid is a 5 ft 10, 205 lb smart and very fast guy to cover the opposite side of Champ Bailey. I'd put Harris to the slot, since he is a great tackler and can cover this spot near the LOS. I didn't give up on Syd'Quan and Cassius (and Wilhite also) yet, but I'm seeing a small room for them in Denver.

2. LaMichael James, RB, Oregon

For me this is the offensive major need right now. McGahee is in beast mode, but we don't know how long it will last. I see Knowshon Moreno as a good and serviceable #2, he just lacks in explosive plays and struggles to find the hottest route. I like Lance and Jeremiah to make depth, but I don't see a starting job to them. That's why we should adress another early RB to fill in the spot. I'd go with James, even hearing he is too small - 5 ft 9, 185lb, because of his expertise with the spread-option offense. I think he would be a very interesting friend do Tim Tebow and put a lot of yards to keep our rushing game as the #1 in NFL. If you don't like small RBs, just remember Sproles or look at Maurice Jones-Drew.

3. Jared Crick, DT, Nebraska

What an offseason FA add we made signing Bunkley! Thomas and McBean were also 2 pleasant surprises and are playing at a high level. I'm anxious to see how Ty Warren can contribute if he can stay healthy. So that's why I don't think this a major need anymore, but we should think about the future and invest on a 3rd rounder at this position. I hope Crick is available at our spot so I'd pull the trigger on this 6 ft 6, 285 lb defensive lineman out of Nebraska.

4. Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin

We need a quarterback. We don't need an early one, but we need one! Brady Quinn will be gone and I'm not confident at this moment to keep only Weber as the backup. I agree with fans whom say we should just sign a veteran... but I'd prefer to target the 5 ft 11, 191 lb Badger. He would be a very interesting kid to backup Timmy...

5. (via Rams) Aaron Henry, FS, Wisconsin

We had no offseason this year and this fact hurts a lot our two prospects Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter. I stil have hope but we can't go all in on them yet. Tha'ts why we should use the Lloyd's pick at this position. First, to have more quality options, and second to enjoy Dawkins' knowledge teaching the kids. Henry should be available at the early 5th, but if not, we should target the best S prospect...

5. best RT available

I like what I see when we use Clark in our Extra Tackle Package... I think he is a good backup at RT, but I'd like to draft one trying to find a late gem. This is a game won and lost in the trenches, I'd always add some new bodies to our lines in every single draft, even if using late picks.

6. best WR available

7. best CB available

A note:
I'm confident Nate Irving will be our new great mike, that's why I wouldn't target any LB this year. Anyway Te'o is returning to college and will be on the board next year if Irving doesn't step up.

How about my mock draft? Would you fellas be happy with it?

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