Miscellaneous bronco fan thoughts

So that Patriots game was a bit of a buzzkill. With how that game started off it's clear that we can play with the big boys in the NFL, but you're never going to beat a quality opponent going minus 3 on turnovers. I believe teams are 1 - 32 when minus 3 this year.

That being said there was a lot of positive about the game and going forward. Here are my thoughts on all things Broncos:

On the Broncos:

  1. Tebow continues to develop. His decision making and passes are looking sharp. The coaching staff is starting to trust him and allow him to throw over the middle. Here is what I'd like to see called: throws to running backs across the middle, a throw to the tightend across the middle, continuing to throw on first down at times, bootleg, crossing patterns for receivers. I think with a full offseason and the experience that Tebow is going to be a monster next year (a true throw/run option). And he's not taking big hits when he runs...
  2. Demarious Thomas is breaking out in a big way. The guy is enormous and is very hard to tackle one on one. He needs to keep improving and have a mentality that the football is always his and he's going to take it...
  3. Von Miller seemingly disappeared last Sunday. I don't know what happened. What I believe happened was that the Patriots saw him as a threat and game-planned to avoid Brady holding the ball a long time and also ran at Von. I think they need to let Von blitz the middle more. Also, Von needs to stop letting himself get pushed so wide when he does a speed rush around the edge...he ends up nowhere near the play.
  4. Safeties need to tackle...I don't know what happened on Sunday...they played against the most talented tight-ends and receivers we've faced, but some of those tackles were just flat out terrible (Q's miss on Hernandez on our blitz in Q1 or 2 was just bad.
  5. Willis McGahee needs to stop getting hurt (perhaps wishful thinking). He is playing amazingly, but can't stay on the field.
  6. Jeramiah Johnson had 1 run for 25 yards...that's not a misprint...1 run. Let that sink in...he is the most explosive running back on the team. Why is he not getting the playing time? Does he not know the playbook or not know how to block, or does he have a bad attitude? What is going on? One of the Denver media members needs to ask John Fox now.
  7. Decker is now getting doubled every game. They still need to find a way to get him the ball, flanker screens, crosssing routes!, motioning him to the slot, etc. This what happens when you beat single coverage and play like an All Pro...they treat you like one. You cannot just disappear; you must overcome what they're throwing at you.
  8. Royal should be our punt and kick return specialist and part time receiver. Matt Willis has better chemistry with Tebow, is sure handed, and does better making himself available after plays breakdown.
  9. O-line has done a great job, but last game they were not nearly as good as they'd been lately. Hopefully they'll watch the tape and figure out what went wrong.
  10. LBs need to make sure they understand the coverages because there appeared to be some blown coverages during the Pats game.
  11. Tebow made some incorrect reads on the read option...I don't see that happening very much again...
  12. Allen needs to not abandon the blitz at the first sign of a adversity. After the blitz where Hernandez picked up a nice run after the catch it appeared like we abandoned blitzing. I'd rather go down fighting then death by a thousand cuts from a guy like Brady (Fitzpatick is no Brady but if give him time he'll carve us up like a Christmas turkey).

On the Bills:

  1. CJ Spiller scares me a bit...he's electric fast.
  2. It worries me that they are on a 7 game losing streak. It's hard to beat any NFL team and streaks don't last forever.
  3. Fitzpatrick is good QB and if we don't get pressure on him (like we didn't pressure Brady) there could be some serious trouble.
  4. They have very good and big wide receivers (Nelson, who played with Tebow, is a threat). The one thing that may help is Stevie Johnson may be sidelined with a groin issue (insert joke here).
  5. Darious has been able to get good pressure up the middle and has been a good run stopper.
  6. It's cold in Buffalo and Tebow's from Florida. The temperature can affect the hold on the ball and the way it travels in the air...

What do you guys think?

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