No this post isn't about me being disappointed in the Broncos for losing to the Bills. Yeah that sucked. I'm not going to rehash stats or look back at missed plays and opportunities, its not worth my time.

1-4 to 8-5 had most everyone on board. Skeptics were turned, everyone was on the band wagon. Lose to the Patriots "that's ok we just need to not make mistakes" most everything is still fine. Then the bad plays turnovers and another certain loss has people coming out of the woodworks who weren't here through the 6-game winning streak. A handful of horrible plays is enough to turn people that had put their support behind a QB that has had so many more plays that have helped the team through victories.

I'm disappointed that our team has played back to a level we thought they were past no doubt.

But I'm even more disappointed in this fan base. It's fine to feel badly after losing like that. It's fine to be disappointed in our team or even some players that played poorly.

But don't let that disappointment keep you from remembering where we came from. We were down and out at 1-4. Before the season started, if I told you we could be playing in week 17 for the division, any of us would have taken that.

A few ugly losses does nothing to erase the amazingness of what has happened here, six in a row after where we started is still one of the greatest feats of TEAM play the Denver Broncos have ever seen---and when its all said and done, I'll still be proud of my team for that. We were never supposed to be in this position, yet here we are. We aren't supposed to be playing the Chiefs next week with a playoff spot on the line. But here we are So before you go off the deepend, remember we're still in it! All we have to do is beat the Chiefs, that's it nothing more, nothing less...and we've already done that earlier this season.

Now as for a certain #15...I'm still in---I've been in since we got the guy and a horrible game isn't going to sway me right now because I've also seen some great moments and he is worth having and gutting it out for. Those of you that want to change your opinions with every throw, go ahead have fun with that.

I think I can sum it up with this, the Broncos showed us what they could be during the winning streak---unselfish TEAM first ball. That is still the mark, our team is still capable of that.

One game to go, win or lose, thank you Broncos for giving us a fantastic season and a bit of hope during a tough time in our history. This is the right attitude to have, and I hope more people here, especially here at MHR can realize that.

One thing is for sure, I haven't seen a lot of people around here during our winning run, and now you have come back to put your two cents in. Those of you, and we all know who you are, that have showed up to spew your doubt now that we've lost badly can go eff yourselves. With fans like you, its no wonder why we have to fight so hard to keep our homefield advantage. There's no honor in being a coward, if you're going to have an opinion, then voice it in the good times and the bad.

People keep saying they have a bad feeling about Orton and the Chiefs. My question is why? Didn't we watch this guy fold in big time situations here for two years? Didn't we watch drive after drive stall in the redzone? Didn't we see for ourselves what Orton is capable of? 15>8 Broncos>Chiefs Go Broncos!

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