To the Denver Bronco Faithful

The Doom Song (via videogirl1591)

I feel like this will be MHR's anthem for the next week, and it shouldn't.

Yep, we lost. Got crushed. Steamrolled. Intercepted. Run over. Cheated by the refs. Whatever you call it, we lost. But before everyone grabs their torches and pitchforks and heads over to John Fox's house let us calm down and reflect. Tebow had a terrible game, we all saw it. 4 picks is never acceptable. However to say he's awful and we need a new QB and we always new he wasn't that good and that we never believed in him is disgusting. Everyone was rooting for him for the past 8 games, everyone was on the bandwagon, and everyone was praising him as our next QB of the future. EVERYONE has bad games. The illustrious Tom Brady threw 4 picks against the Bills earlier this season too. It happens. One game does not make a quarterbacks career. Let it be, because we all know how hard Tebow will work to beat the Chiefs come Sunday.

Next, our defense played very poorly. Extremely poorly. However it is not time to crucify them just yet, because other than the Patriots and Vikings games our defense has been lights out. They need to band together and nut up. Von Miller needs to get back up to speed, the safeties need to cover better, and the linebackers need to get better play recognition. Oh, and no more big plays please.

We're not done yet, not by a long shot. All that stands in our way of the playoffs is ourselves and the Chiefs. It's time to grow up, we're not doomed. The apocalypse hasn't started. And we're one game away from the playoffs. As fans we must come together and believe in this team, no more quitting attitudes, no more whining, losing happens. Our team has improved leaps and bounds this year. We are a good team, we just need to believe in ourselves and have a never say die attitude. Look around, it's Christmas Eve a time full of joy, happiness, and cheer. It's time to put the game behind you. Spend time with your families, drink some nog, give some presents, and have a happy holiday that all of you truthfully deserve.

With a big Mile High Salute


Merry Christmas and Go Broncos

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