Coaches Corner: Opinions are like...well, you know the rest!


Listen up everyone. This will be short and sweet, but to say I am pissed off by our "supposed" fan base and some idiotic concepts that some of these geniuses are putting out there would be understatement.

  1. If Tebow cant beat Orton he wont be our Franchise QB: Listen up you MSM stooges. You do understand a couple of things here, right? Tebow has not even played a whole season, Orton is a 7 year vet, its DENVER vs KANSAS CITY and apparently its a team game. Tebow is still 7-3 as a starter.
  2. Tim Tebow cant pass so he will never be any good: This is one of my favorites, and one I see here and all over the MSM. Make predictions from a vacuum much? Couple of things with this that completely stand in the face of common sense and logic. One, these assumptions are based that Tebow is as good as he will ever be. Two, they totally discount anything he did in college, while at the same time, other QB prospects are lauded for what they have done in college (go figure). It was interesting, a friend of mine new to football watching Drew Brees last night says "Tebow will never be that." Yep, you are right, Tebow is a better athlete for a start! But I explained it this way: All the experts say Tebow needs to learn to throw better. Agreed. And its totally coachable. But do you ever hear experts say "Brees/ Brady/ Manning need to learn to run better." Of course not. Yet, Tebow CAN run. So, if I am looking at upside, I have a QB who runs great and is already winning games with massive upside. What am I missing.
  3. Changing the playing field: Hating vs Real Criticism: Has anyone else noticed how critics and "experts" love changing the playing field with regards to Tebow. First, he wont win in NFL? Check that off. He wont maintain winning? he is 7-3 this season. His team mates wont play for him in this style of offense? Mmm....OK. Whats even more insane is that people compare Tebow to HOF guys like Brady, Brees, Rodgers. They hold him to unreasonable standards that they dont hold other QB's with. Hell, even comparing him to Orton and Cassell based on all the critics original assessments is unfair (remember 2-3 year project!). I would suggest EVERYONE assess TT for where he is in his career. He is not thru his first season for goodness sake, and he has a winning record and is progressing. if this was anyone else with out the name Tim Tebow there would be NO questions from the fan base or team....they would be pumped. Tebow has to improve, just like every other young player...just like Von Miller, Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas. Thats fair and reasonable, but some of the expectations put on this kid by fans and MSM alike are ridiculous.
  4. Does everyone understand we have 2 chances to make the play offs?: Just want to make sure that everyone understands that we have 2 chances to make play offs. We win, or Oakland loses. The way half you cats are carrying on you would think we had a 4-12 do remember that 4-12 season, right?
  5. This is a TEAM sport: While many want to drop the last 2 weeks all at the feet of Tim Tebow , here are some things to think about. In the 10 games that Tebow has started, the WR corps has dropped over 30 passes...closer to 40. Von Miller has been injured, as has Dawkins (and by the way, go watch some highlights.....Von was HORRENDOUS last weekend...did not record 1 stat, and badly missed on Spiller and over pursued everywhere!). Bad turnovers by the O and Special teams (Is Quan Cosby still on the team?), many big plays given up, bad tackling, silly penalties, did I mention drops (just making sure you are paying attention!). This TEAM has screwed the pooch...not one player, or a couple of players...this TEAM. The same way the BRONCOS won games is the same way we have LOST a team effort.
  6. The world aint black and white!: Some of the comments on here, in the MSM and on blogs are so black and white. Here are some of the common ones we have all seen here. Critical of Kyle Orton, you are a Tebow lover. Critcal of Tebow? You are a hater, Supporton or not a good fan of the team. Critical of coaching? You a smart ass that thinks you know more than the coach. Critical of Elway? You are not a fan. Guys, we live in a world of grey. Here are some things that will happen: Our team will play well, our team will screw the pooch, Tebow will play great, average and poorly. Von will have some multi sack days, and then go missing in action. Good players will get injured, some UDFA's will shine and become starters, some 1st round draft picks will suck. World of grey fellas.....we live in shades of grey, not black and white, so I hazard ALL of us (especially me) to not make over the top statements of fact based on one random minute in time. It is akin to pausing a movie and basing your whole opinion of that movie on that one snap shot. Silly, and you might miss some surprises in the future.
  7. We have a chance for the play offs: Dudes and dudettes. Now is not the time for stupid carte blanche statements, fanciful opinions or to put the boot into certain players just so you can tell everyone how right you were. We have a chance....a REAL TANGIBLE chance to go to the play offs, and once there, its a new game. We need to come together and support our team. Thats how simple it is. Thats what real fans do!

Thanks for reading. GO BRONCOS!

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