"What Are You Thinking Awards 2011"

I decided to do this post after seeing, hearing, and noticing some of the remarks left by so-called fans. I use that term lightly “so-called” fans because I know we are all fans of the men from Denver, but sometimes we need something that brings us back in. I have 5 topics that I think took most of us this season by the short and curlies. These are in no special order just how they hit my mind.

Let’s get started:

(oh by the way, because some troll doesn't like it-Follow me after the jump)

5: The play of Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter VS that of Brian Dawkins

Every time I see this it makes me think: “What are you thinking!?” People are ready to call Moore and Carter bust because they aren’t playing at the level of a 16 year vet and future Hall of Famer! Really!? When Moore and Carter were 6 years old-Dawkins was an NFL rookie. Now think about that for a second. Dawkins has played more than half of these kids’ lives in the NFL. These “rookies” have played this year with no offseason, a new coaching staff/system, in spot duty, and in one of the toughest transition positions in the league. In 2004, I tried out for the Broncos at SS, went on to play 3 seasons in the Arena league, and 3 seasons in the CFL. So I know a little about this place on the field. Their reads are so much faster, breaks move quicker, and the talent on the field is higher. Please don’t label them yet, give them another season to learn and be ready. Their play is going to be a sizable drop off from that of any player with 16 NFL seasons under their belt, if it wasn’t-Darn- How good would they be?

4. Mike McCoy/John Fox play calling

If there was ever a person who you could walk up to and ask- “What are you thinking?” McCoy is that guy. So far in the Tim Tebow era we have went from a traditional NFL offense-to a zone read-to a triple option-to a shotgun spread-to a whatever last week was. Either way someone please tell them-“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Quit trying to be cute and unique or better yet get on the phone and call Urban Meyer in Ohio and ask him to help you out. The call could go something like this:

Ring. Ring

Fox/McCoy- Hey Urban, how the hell are you?

Meyer-Hey guys-Why the call

Fox/McCoy-Well you see we need some help from you because we don’t know what the hell we are doing anymore. That kid Tebow could really use you, because we sure don’t know how to use his talents week in and week out.

Meyer- You sees guys for you I’d say no, but for Timmy I’m on my way!

The end-problem fixed. Pick a playbook and stop the madness of trying to fix something that wasn’t broke to bring with. The zone read/triple option killed the leagues best run defense so go back to it!

3. MLB

I’m not sold on Nate Irving as of right now. But I hoping to eat a large plate of crow next season. This is one of the weakest spots for us today. We have no field general out there on D when Dawkins is out. We need a guy to step up and make the right call, shifts, and reads to these young players. Joe Mays could knock the wheels off a truck, but couldn’t read the play if you told him where it was going. We need someone like Vilma from the Saints-Did anyone see him last night? Every time Matt Ryan changed the call on the field Vilma re-set the ENTIRE defense. He was telling the lineman, linebackers, and D-back where to go. We need this type of player. So my “what are you thinking” award here goes to the front office-Play Irving so we can see what we have in him, or better draft a guy early, or pay to get a FA in here quick. When Dawkins leaves the field all of us see a down play from the entire D, so why can’t you?

2. CB play

As much as I love the Von Miller pick today-I still would’ve liked to have Patrick Peterson too. I know cake and ice cream, but as PP is getting better each week, Miller seems to be hiding deeper in the forest. Von is starting to be controlled and teams are learning how to beat his speed. On the other hand Patrick Peterson is retuning punts for TDs, Kickoff returns for TDs, and stopping some very good wideouts in the process. Von Miller is one sided, it’s a great side, but still one sided. If that side doesn’t show up, then what really do you have in him? So YES-I’m still all in on Von but our CB position needs addressed this offseason. Also I think since we have Tebow Time we need to add Goody Time! Thank You Goody for the game changing INTs but what about the other 58 minutes of work. Goodman is Tebow like in a way-He shows up for a play or two and can make or break this team when he does. Goody Time is over and I sure hope Chris Harris gets healthy soon. Goody-“what are you thinking” play the other 58 minutes of football too.

1.Timmy, Timmy, Timmy

Yes everyone Tim Tebow is still the best QB on our roster! Buffalo has shut down the likes of one Tom Brady too. Brady also threw 4 picks vs. the Bills this year-Should NE draft a QB in April? Now granted in that game he also threw 4 TD’s but its Tom Brady-You know the nephew (see SNL skit if you don’t understand). Tebow is fine! My “what are you thinking” here goes to Tebow himself. Timmy you know better-Play your game, don’t try to be something you’re not. In Minn. you had the same type of game, but you stayed controlled and overcame them. In Buffalo it looked to me like you lost it a little. Trying to make that one big play, but ended up costing you more. Stay the course, understand your game, and play it. When you roll out don’t try and make more time for the WR to get open-turn up field (aka NY Jets game) and get what you can with your feet. You are a FB playing QB-We all know this and that’s what we love about you. Get the yards that you can and worry about the pass later. Read the D, if the play is a pass and you see a running line audible out-You know your game be true to it.

Well folks that about does it for this years “what are you thinking” awards. The next time I’ll see all of you well be from a Mile High when I head to Denver to see the Chiefs come rolling into town. I will be sitting high in the sky, wearing my orange Tebow jersey, and watching my Broncos take home the West. Here is to each and every one of you enjoying the rest of 2011 and let’s bring in 2012 win a BANG!


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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