Biggest Fears and Concerns Entering Into This Week's Contest v KC

Hey Broncos fans.... What a season. After we beat the Bears, I wrote my friend an email. It said: Greatest. Season. Ever. And that was all.

Now after 2 losses I am not changing my tune. It's been the craziest season ever and for me personally, even more enjoyable than the Superbowl runs. But I am plenty nervous entering into this week's game versus KC. We don't seem to do that well at home lately and that goes double when it's against Kansas City (anyone recall the way Jamaal Charles carved us up for I think 200 plus yards in the season finale in Denver two or three seasons ago?).

And so I am basically just trying to get a feel here, for how the rest of Broncos Nation feels. For me, the biggest area of concern is....

Our seconday. Period.

We have lost Syd'Quan. We have lost Cassius.

Dawk is injured (I don't expect him back). Carter is injured.

Harris (thank God) just has a stinger but still...

Rahim Moore hasn't tackled anybody (before the whistle) and David Bruton looks serviceable but I am not sure how much more beyond this.

Really, we are looking at Champ, Goodman (who has me so worried), Bruton, Harris, Moore and Wilhite to make second level tackles and play solid pass defense. Besides Champ and Harris that leaves about 3 players I wouldn't bank on.

Bruton maybe. Goodman I hope can rise to the occasion and Moore needs to start playing up to his draft position.

So basically I am worried.

Has anyone heard if we are moving anyone up from the practice squad? What about Tony Carter or R. Bush? (Our R. Bush.) Your thoughts? Opinions?

And what about you... Your biggest Fears and Concerns heading into this week's contest vs KC???

If I had to choose a second one it would be predictable play calling that fails to get our TEs involved as well as not trying to get Jeremiah Johnson more involved to help spell Macgahee.

But the rest of you???

And why no studs and duds this week? (Even in the darkest of times there are things to take away... Eddie Royal's punt return, a bit more of input from the TEs and J. Johnson, perhaps other people noticed other things....)

OK. That's my post. ANd before signing off, as someone who can't be at the stadium Sunday I hope the place is loud loud loud. KC's offence shouldn't get a moment of silence.


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