Maybe the Broncos should reconsider.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not even close to being a genius when it comes to football. I'm just a life long fan of the game and especially the Broncos for close to fifty years now. But even so, I occassionally get ideas and one has been rolling around in the back of my head for quite a while now, so I thought maybe, if I brought it out in the open and shared it with you guys here at MHR who understand the game a lot better than I do, maybe you could either punch some holes in it or perhaps make it even better. At the very least, it won't be rolling around and making noise in my head anymore.

I know you've heard it at least a hundred times before: what will the Broncos do if Tebow ever gets hurt? They'd have an entire offense crafted around Tim Tebow but that kind of offense won't fit their back-up quarterbacks. It would be a disaster in the making not unlike what the Colts are suffering through right now without Peyton Manning. And that is a good point.

Can you imagine anybody else on the roster, either currently, or even in the past who could step in and run the Bronco offense the way Tim Tebow is running it now? Certainly not the recently departed Kyle Orton, and I mean no disrespect toward the man, but he is the quintessential drop back quarterback. Or how about Brady Quinn? Maybe..., well, no. John Elway? Probably, but only because he was such a great athlete. And I don't think he'd be too happy about it though. How about our good buddy up in Idaho? I like to think so, but I'm not sure.

But what if, instead of fighting this different style of play, the Broncos embraced it totally?

What if the Broncos go into the draft looking for a back-up quarterback, but not a Luck-esque type, rather a back-up, or even two who are much more like Tebow himself? We already know that anybody named or resembling Andrew Luck is going to come at a premium. I've read many prognosticators of the draft who say any quarterback with that kind of size, athleticism and NFL readiness will be long gone by the time the Bronco's turn comes up.

I know it must sound crazy, but what if the Broncos buy into this style whole hog? What if they look for big, strong, smart Quarterbacks who can run the same offense as Tebow runs? It would stand to reason that quarterbacks like that, even with physical talent, would come a little cheaper than those in Luck's catergory because they would be thought of as "developmental" quarterbacks, not ready to start for some period of years.

It would also stand to reason that many of the other positions that compliment a read-option offense would also be less expensive. Even though I undercut my price arguement a little here, isn't this exactly the type of player Demaryius Thomas is/was? And yet each of these types would already have several years of practice in a Tebow style offense. It could mean that Denver could end up with some very fine athletes better suited for that style of play because they would be less desirable that pro-style players.

So anyway, that's my thought. Go ahead and hammer away. I won't mind.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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