I need to rant.

First off, HELL YEAH 1ST PLACE!!! 1-4 seems like ages ago. Since Tebow has gone in, it feels like a completely new season. Winning, energy, hope and Tebow time. It's an exciting time to be a Bronco fan. Now let me get into some specifics.

1. We have some higher power helping us, we have to. That miracle comeback against Miami, Oakland not having DMC, Vikings not having AP, Andre Goodman playing like a good corner at times, The bears losing their 2 most important offensive players in consecutive weeks before coming to Denver, San Diego collapsing, and The Oakland Raiders choking down the stretch. Everything is falling our way, and i love it.

2. The Raiders losing to the Dolphins all but secured the Division for us i think. Their schedule gets brutal, Green Bay, and Detroit, which could be consecutive losses. We have very winnable games upcoming. Chicago is beatup bad, New England struggles against good defenses, Buffalo stinks, and Falco/Orton led chiefs are very beatable with our pass-rush. We could easily win out, or go 10-6. Get the 3rd or 4th seed in the AFC. Which means a HOME playoff game at Mile High. The place will be Rocking and we get to witness some Tebow magic mixed in with some Orange Crush. Such an exciting time to be a Denver Bronco fan

3. Von Miller is one of the most important player on this team. Sure Tebow, Champ, Dawkins are all up there. But our defense seemed to be missing something without the mad man Von making plays everywhere. Hope he gets healthy soon!

Also, does anyone else think Haggen should start over Mays at Mike? Haggen was a beast today. I know he struggles in coverage, but can't be much worse than mays. Idk, just a thought

4. John Fox deserves coach of the year. Sure McCarthy would be the easy choice, but comon. He has Aaron Rodgers and one of the best offenses ever in the History of the NFL. Fox is winning with a "Guy who can't play QB" with a "College Offense"...6-1 Later, 1st place in the AFC West, for all the hate we spewed towards him for not playing Tebow, he deserves ALOT of credit for making the switch to Tebow and installing the read option offense(though i didnt see much of it today)

5. Willis McGahee, i have to admit, i doubted that you would be a major impact on our offense, glad i am wrong. Dude is ballin. He is just as important as Tebow to this offense.

6. PASS. THE. BALL. MCCOY. Not going to lie, i was ready to hunt down the guy after the first half, the game thread was getting chippy, i was holding back words against people everything was tense. Then came the 2nd half, everything changed. We opened with a pass, then the run game opened up. Then we continued to pass, and what do you know. HE CAN THROW THE BALL!(Watch some tape from those 3 games last year...)

But for as much slack McCoy gets on here from me and many others, he deserves credit for that 2nd half. He opened up the playbook and Tebow didnt disappoint. Tebow has showed improvement every game, credit has to go to the coaches. So hopefully we'll see some more passes, this offense will be deadly if Tebow's arm becomes a weapon.

i think i had more, but i'm to amped right now to think clearly. So if you guys have anything to add go ahead. But guys,


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