I am no longer skeptical

Tim Tebow deserves to be Denver's quarterback right now and for the future. Up until now, I had held on to the notion that Tim needs an off season to prepare so that he can be a prototypical NFL quarterback. I do not believe that anymore. These past seven weeks have been nail bitingly exciting. But today's game changed my mind.

The Broncos have been playing complimentary football. Their winning formula is based on three critical steps:

1. Play great defense and minimize the points to keep the game close enough.

2. Run a ball control offense that tires the opposing defenses and softens them up for the fourth quarter to make the final push.

3. Be special on special teams. Minimize mistakes.

Today, Denver's defense was carved for 450+ yards. Step 1 was not as successful as before. Pass rush and defending pass plays go hand in hand. Denver's defense is anchored by the pass rushing duo of Dumervil and Miller. Anytime one of them has missed a game, the defense has struggled. Today was no exception. With Miller out with a thumb injury, we could not get as much pressure on the quarterback as I would have liked to. Additionally, Ponder and Harvin were hot and have to be commended on their plays. To the defense's credit they made critical plays when they were needed (Goodman and Haggan).

The result. Today's game turned into a shootout. Conventional wisdom stated that in a shootout the passing game has to come to the rescue. And it did. Big time. Broncos' passing game had been anemic until today. But Tebow showed us that he has made great strides as a pocket passer. Naysayers will argue that the Vikings secondary was weak and made mistakes. And to that I respond, "So?" Don't good quarterbacks take advantage of the other team's weaknesses.

I prefer (and I think I am not the only one) a balanced offense. Today our performance proved that we might be on our way to becoming one. I do not care what happens from here on. I am glad Tim Tebow is our starting quarterback today and he should be well into the future. But now I also do not want Tebow molded into a Tom Brady or an Aaron Rodgers who thrive on precision and timing. Precision football is boring compared to Tebow football. I want exciting football.

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