An Open Letter to Carter, Dilfer, Hodges, Prisco 

& all other non believers Tim Tebow was supposed to be an "experiment". His passing a joke, his running unsustainable. He can not and will not win in the NFL. He cant throw 60%, the benchmark for good passers, etc, etc, blah blah

Denver @ Miami Dolphins. The Broncos record in Miami was atrocious. Did any of ya’ll pick Denver? Nope. But a Tebow led (record setting) comeback and they win in Miami. It was luck right? Of course it was. Record 2-4 Denver vs Detroit Lions. Yep, THAT’S the Tebow we expected. He’s through, Let Orton play again, Let Quinn. Anyone but Tebow. Record 2-5

Denver @ Oakland Raiders. Uh Oh, not going into the Black Hole. Surely this will end the Tebow experiment and shut up all the Tebowmaniacs….uh, wait, what? Oh no, another comeback win! Tebow still cant throw. He will never make it in the league with his legs. Can Newton runs AND throws better…Record 3-5

Denver @ Kansas City Chiefs. Uh Oh, another road game against another team that has owned Denver. And here we go again. Another win, still cant throw. Only threw 2 passes, cant win that way, even with 102 QBR. Record 4-5 Passing %25

Denver vs New York Jets. NYJ and Sanchez is going to OWN Tebow. Oh no you didn’t. Not in OUR house. Buh Bye, Sanchez sucks. Record 5-5 Passing % 45

Denver @ San Diego Chargers. No way is Tebow beating all three division rivals, ON THE ROAD, in the same year. And yet. YES, He does it again! Really, he cant keep this up. He has to win early, he cant come from behind, he cant pass. Cry me a Rivers! Record 6-5 Passing % 50.

Denver @ Minnesota Vikings. Yet ANOTHER road game against a team that has beaten us badly at home historically. No way will Tebow do it again. Even though they are missing AP, their front line is too stout and Tebow cant win with 50% passing…No way they can win only scoring 21 pts. They cant beat a team that scores 32 pts….unless they score 35 with a field goal with 2 seconds on the clock and Oh yeah, 67% Passing!

Look nudniks, eventually your going to be correct about one thing. You keep picking against Denver, you will eventually be right. Then again, a BROKE watch is right twice a day. Yes, they will lose a game, they might not make the playoffs (although I am betting they do). But so far all that has happened is Tebow has done nothing but prove you wrong, week after week.

And let me add this disclaimer….it has been TEAM wins. I know that, you know that and the rest of his fans know that. But this article is not to defend the defenses contribution. All of you boneheads (after Tebow keeps winning) jumped on the "Well it’s the defense that is keeping them in it" Bandwagon. They don’t get nitpicked by you talking heads and thus don’t need defending. Actually Tebow doesn’t either. I think it is very obvious that for whatever reason you guys are too stupid or too stubborn to admit you were wrong. An apology to all the Tebow "freaks" should be in order. We knew it was time for a change, I guess you would have been much happier with us at 1-11 with Orton cause at lease HE is a real QB.

Drink the Koolaid already. Its Orange and tastes good! Apology accepted…

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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