Elway and Tebow and Doing your Job

Let me first start by saying I love my team. The Denver Broncos are the funnest story in the NFL. A truly remarkable story this season or any season for that matter.

In any winning team, a lot of people need to be doing their jobs.

The defense is doing their jobs.

The coaches are doing their jobs.

Tebow is doing his job.

and ..

Elway is doing his job.

I must say I am legitimately surprised as to the response of the masses to Elway failing to fully endorse Tebow.

First, because of the reputation John Elway has in Denver ... I would of thought he has leeway unlike anyone ever in this town.

John Elway is getting asked "Is Tim Tebow the future QB of the Denver Broncos?" and he is responding "we'll see". This is the correct response to this question right now. Why? Well Elway is approaching his job correctly. He does not think in single games or even single seasons from his lofty perch. John Elway has to approach his job from the vantage point based on one question ....

"How to I build an organization that will put in the parts to build a team that in one or more seasons become a super bowl champion?"

Should Elway say any player has full time job security? #$%^ no!

At the highest levels, a football executive has certain resources (draft, free agency, trades, financial cap, coaching) to put together the answer to this question. There are 31 other very smart and capable executives trying for the same thing. To go on record and remove any of these freedoms would be stupid.

Am I sold on Tim Tebow ... absolutely! Should Elway develop a fixed mindset on doing his job by telling the world that the QB situation is set? No.

The buck stops with John Elway. Everything we are enjoying is attributable to John Elway to some degree. He hired John Fox, he was involved with our excellent draft, he was involved in the decision to put in Tebow as QB; What else does everyone need?

If tomorrow, John Elway was offered Peyton Manning for Tim Tebow in some trade package, I would be disappointed in him as an executive if he did not consider it (consider it not take the deal ... I wouldn't do that deal straight up). If Tim Tebow goes on a 4 game stinkfest, I would be disappointed if he did not attempt to address the situation like he did when we were 1-4 with Orton. If we get offered a "Herschel Walker" deal for Tebow ... the man has to consider it.

Tim Tebow has earned the right to start for the Denver Broncos for a few more games and I fully expect him to win the opportunity to start for the Denver Broncos next year.

Football is a tough gig. We as fans probably have no idea. If Tim Tebow is not tough enough to perform without a ringing endorsement from Elway (which he obviously is tough enough) he probably ain't what we were looking for.

So all I can say right now is "Good job Mr. Elway!". Nice hiring, nice draft, nice team, nice future! You hold your position, you keep doing your job and when you are ready to say "we ain't looking for a QB", you say it ... but you don't really have to.

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