Broncos vs Vikings: The No Bull Review

...We're not done.

Very meaningful words from one Mario Haggan. There isn't a member of Broncos Country out there that I can't imagine isn't all in at this point. We have a football TEAM here people. Put 32 on us...our offense will put up 35. We only score 16? Sokay...defense only allows 13. We are winning ball games and we are doing it in different phases as needed. This is a great time to be getting into a groove...the playoffs are coming and if we go in hot, I like this team's chances to do some damage...and yes I'm talking playoffs. I'll be both surprised and very disappointed if we somehow fail to make it to the playoffs at this point.


  • McGahee IS beast-mode. The Vikings were determined to take away our run game come hell or high water and he still put over 100 yards rushing on them. His TD run was fantastic. I love this guy.
  • Clady has GOT to clean up his game. Again he's getting penalties that he shouldn't need. I know he had a tough assignment, but man...your penalties could cost us the game one of these days.
  • The Vikings took away Eric Decker by design. He didn't disappear...he was working hard to get open, but he was consistently facing double coverage or more.
  • Speaking of which big props to Damarius Thomas. I love seeing this kid in space down the field. He's getting into a groove and looked leaps and bounds quicker as well as more agile this game than the past few. You could see the kind of YAC player he can be. Tebow and him need to keep working and then McCoy can design plays to get the ball into his hands more.
  • Tebow just gets better and better as the year goes on. Here's what I liked seeing from him in this game:
    • He consistently threw from good position (no strange happy feet situations)
    • He was reading the defense faster than I've seen in the past
    • His accuracy was on this game...I don't remember seeing even 1 throw that was off target (assuming he wasn't throwing it away)


  • Mays made a couple of big hits, but again he was so lackluster in the middle vs the running game. Just because you make a hit or two doesn't qualify you to as a keeper dude. Gerhart was chewing us up and spitting us out all day long because we had NO one stopping his runs up the middle. A good MLB shuts those dives or off-tackle runs down 2/3 of the time.
  • Hagan filled in admirably this week. Thank you sir! That INT was just awesome. He was in the right place at the right time and he made the play in superb fashion.
  • Doom needs Miller across from him, but he was still a supreme disrupting force all game long. They had to consistently double-team him to keep him from collapsing the pocket and even that didn't always work.
  • Bailey again showed me his lack of speed this game. Don't get me wrong, he was the one gifted CB we had on the field today. But that first pass completed on him wouldn't have been completed 3 years ago...he would have closed and slapped it away as it got there. I keep talking about this, but don't flame me...he's our best CB by far and I want him right where he is at right now.
  • Dawkins is a force to be reckoned with...he had another monster game making plays for us right when we need them. I do worry about how he will hold up against a pass-happy team in the playoffs, but his leadership may be able to overcome his lack of coverage skills.
  • Goodman was anything but. Again he pulls out the redemption INT, but he was just SCORCHED all game by the rookie QB. His coverage was pathetic. He was giving cushions too big to his WR. Dude why aren't you just running with him? That is your game man...stay in their hip pocket and keep the QB from even throwing your way.
  • Chris Harris knows how to tackle. Chris Harris plays CB. Chris Harris needs to stay on this team and be our Nickel CB next year all year long. He may even be #2 if he can improve his speed/quickness in TC.

Special Teams:

  • Loved our coverage team's play this game. We did a great job of making the Vikings regret taking the ball out of the end zone on kickoffs.
  • Colquitt is an absolute monster at punter. I don't know how long his contract is for, but he needs an 5 years or so.
  • Prater showed the ice-cold water flowing through his veins this game. 2 FGs within about a minute and thirty. I dig it man...well done!


  • I know Fox says that since we're new to this offensive system we have to kinda feel our way in the early game. I kinda get that, but screw that dude. Dictate to the defense early on and have a plan of attack. Even if it doesn't work, it won't be any worse than this junk you call offensive play calling in the 1st quarter. /rant off
  • I do like what McCoy did later in the game. We were really blasting them in the passing game. I am glad to see us get some work in on that in a live game situation. Much better than run - run - run - punt.
  • Allen called a pretty good game on defense I thought. Our guys weren't executing. I saw good blitzes called that just flat got picked up.


  • Minnesota must of paid those refs good because we were jobbed the whole game long by them. Man...they won't call holding on the vikes, facemask penalties. It was pretty sad. There were two times they even spotted the ball giving the Vikes a few yards benefit that I saw. It was just atrocious.

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