Very Emotional Game Yesterday

I hope you all don't mind, and I know I don't really know any of you but I feel very compelled to share a personal story with my fellow Bronco fans. This is a difficult post, so please bare with me.

My love for the Denver Broncos I got from my dad. I grew up a Denver Broncos fan. I've only ever known this team. Even as a young kid, I remember going to see John Elway for the first time at the Wyoming Open Golf Tournament when I was 7. Going up to meet your hero is a very intimidating thing especially when you've never been on a golf course before. I also remember meeting Vance Johnson, Rulon Jones, and Karl Mecklenberg at our local Joslin's and JC Penny stores when they would come up for autographs during the week before football games. I remember my mom and I tracking Rulon Jones down at a local restaurant to ask for his autograph because we missed him. All I remember is what a monster of a man he was. I also remember my dad and I going to the local Broncos vs. Cops charity basketball game here in town. Meeting Gary Kubiack for the first time at that game and joking with my dad that his hair didn't move the entire game. I also remember going to the local sports card store to buy a John Elway rookie card along with a box set of football cards to get a Gary Kubiack card (the only way at the time to find one).

I remember my dad and I had season tickets since about 1990 and going to the games in the old Mile High. Our seats where in the North End Zone, 28 rows up. Seats 14 and 15. I remember it clear as day. I remember sitting in the stands with all the other fans and screaming our fool heads off every Sunday. The drive to Longmont to catch the shuttle to the stadium. Listening to the pre-game/post-game shows on KOA. I remember seeing a Chief's fan lose his hat leaving entering the tunnel and watching it blow down the the next level below. The Chief's fan hurried to the ledge to yell over the rail to the guys below to hold on to the hat so he could come get it. And watching the Bronco fan below rip the brim off the hat! I remember the "F-the Raiders" tshirts in the stands. I remember meeting Rich Karlis and getting his autograph in the stands. I also remember the punishing loss to the Jaguars in 97.

Then came the Super Bowl winning years. We had been through the embarrassment of losing to the 49ers and Giants. I also remember the great AFC championships against the Bills. But nothing was better than the run up to that first super bowl. We were the most superstious fans ever. I remember the only way the Broncos would win was by me sitting on the stairs for the whole game. I also remember I had to have the "lucky nutcracker" in my hands. I'll never forget when they won the super bowl in 98. Dad and I were so happy and elated over that win. It was also the year I graduated high school.

Dad was there for the good times (Super Bowl years) and the bad times. We would often call each other on game days to talk about what was going on. This last year we had him over for every single game to watch on TV. And we would even text each other throughout the game.

So that is why I feel compelled to share this with you all. My dad passed away last Monday. The day after the miracle come back win in O/T against the Chargers. We were both going nuts over the win! I remember texting with him that night to laugh about how our blood pressure was still high at 9:00 that night. And that was the last time I ever talked to him... all over a Bronco game.

So this last week, was a very tough week for me. However, I found some sort of peace yesterday during the game. It brought me back to reality. But it also brought a smile to my face. I know in my heart of hearts that dad has the best seats in the house now. And that he gets to travel to all the road games. He gets to hang out in the press box with Elway and he gets to be there in the locker room for the pep talks and half time speeches. And I know that he's absolutely loving it!

This team will forever be a part of me and I will always be a fan. And I have my dad to thank for it all!!!!!!

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