I LOVE the talking heads.

It's true! For all their boisterousness, thick-headed ideas, refusal to admit defeat, lack of loyalty, penchant for jumping around opinions, and general demeanor. Why, you might ask? Well, let's talk about that.

Tim Tebow gets paid to throw the ball, to run the ball, and to be the offensive play-caller. DT gets paid to get open, run after he catches the ball, and to block when McGahee or another back is taking off. The talking heads get paid to talk. They get paid to *CREATE* controversy. They are no different than the sensationalist reporters out there doing whatever they can to sell a story. They are well aware of the polarization around Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos, and they, too, are doing their job.

Do I agree with their opinions? Not usually.
Do I agree with how they reach their conclusions? Sometimes.
Do I think it's just an act to improve ratings and to fire up fans who are ready to take one side or another? Absolutely.

Of course, I still get a little riled up when these people *laughed* at the Broncos, and when the Lions said that the Broncos were some sort of joke. But what peeves me most, is that in the long term, it's these guys that get into our head and make us doubt what we believe and what we feel. What they say may sometimes be right, and may other times be wrong. Predicting the future is usually a 50/50 task; some ideas are more educated than others, just as some people are more educated than others. Doesn't make them bad ideas, but that's all they are: ideas, and personal opinions.

I love that the talking heads can create this controversy and set the stage for some sort of a dramatic conclusion, but even discounting them entirely, the Broncos have been that story. Coming up from a 1-4 start, to now holding first place in our Division; going from a dead-last rushing offense to #1; going from a dead last defense to a juggernaut. Do we really need to hear what the talking heads have to say to determine how the Broncos are doing? Absolutely not!

More importantly, do we really need to let their attitudes towards our beloved Broncos impact the way we feel about the game, about them, or about the NFL in general? Why do we continuously buy into their drama and their controversy? Are we not intelligent fans who can gauge our team based on its performance, and not what some overpaid suit says? And before you hammer me for that statement, please hear me out:

If any of us are wasting our time being upset at these big wigs for their verbal diarrhea, we ARE buying into them. We ARE buying into the idea that their statements and opinions somehow have an impact on our team.

Back to the point then -- why do I love the talking heads? Because I love that for once, we're not talking back. I love that we're leaving what we do out on the field, and I love that most of these guys are starting to back pedal. I love that in addition to their gregariousness, the talking heads also have an affinity for crow. I love that Fox plays to the strengths of the team (not JUST TEBOW), and I love that the Broncos let their play speak for them.

I absolutely love it. I certainly hope that the talking heads keep talking, and we keep proving them wrong. My only annoyance with them: if and when the Broncos do lose, even if it's not until next season, we will never hear the end of it.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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