A Broncos Playoff Run

Wow. I can't even believe I just wrote that. But from the way things are shaping up these past few weeks I am beginning to believe. I wanna believe. I've had my football feelings hurt too much these past 6 years to write such a thing lightly though. Now that Denver has made the top spot in the AFC West, I can actually see something along these lines happening. It'd be a miracle for that to happen you say? Well what do you call the past 7 weeks ( Lion's game aside)? After the jump, I'll put in my 2 cents worth and what I'd like to see is a discussion on all the various scenarios that us MHR guys can think up.

For week 14 let's begin with Orton in KC. He had a normal appearance this past Sunday. Out with a dislocated finger. Ironic isn't it? I almost think that dude has a dark could over him wherever he goes. Week 14 I can't picture KC beating the Jets at their house. So down a notch. Probably can count them out for a playoff run too. The Raiders surprised me with Carson Palmer playing as well as he did so quickly. But I don't think he can be a match for Green Bay. Again, down a noitch. And SD? What can I say about them? Not surprised they won on Monday night against the Jags. But Buffalo at home? They have an excellent chance to win. So SD moves up a notch on the for week 14 most likely. And last Denver plays the Bears at home. I was very worried (as most of us were all season) about this meeting, but with Cutler out and his buddy out as well, I believe we will win there. Up another notch. That places Denver still in sole possession of the AFC West as well.

For week 15 we have KC facing Green Bay at home. Down another notch and out of the picture completely. Bye bye! Then Oakland faces the Lions at home. Could go either way, but I have to believe they will lose. Down a notch (we hope). SD faces the Ravens at home. I believe they will lose this game. Down a notch. We have the Pats at home. Yikes! This will be our toughest game. If we lose a game it'll probably be this one. Win or lose though, as long as the Raiders lose, we stay on top of the AFC West.

For week 16 it's the home stretch probably. Oakland at KC, Oakland wins, stays behind us by one game if we win in Buffalo, which I think is entirely possible. If we lose I believe we are still on top and it would have tp play out in week 17. I expect to see the Denver game similar to the Vikings game. Up a notch and with the Raider loss we clinch the AFC West.

For week 17 KC comes to us we smash them (and sit back and wait for the playoffs to begin so we can prepare for a SB run). Then SD plays Oakland at home. Who knows what will happen there. SD wins I suppose. If the Raiders win I think we are still the AFC West champs.

Playoffs anyone?

Okay. That's my 2 cents worth. Look forward to reading your comments.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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