The Stars Align For Tebow & Broncos

At the beginning of the 2011 season, I looked into the heavens for Signs about the destiny of the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow by consulting the planetary cycles of the solar system based on their astrological birth charts. Even organizations and businesses have astrology charts based on their incorporation date. I was pleasantly surprised by what the "heavens declared" in my research, but decided not to write this article after the new coaching regime stubbornly insisted on starting Kyle Orton. Things went south for Orton fast and the fans demanded that Tebow play.

After they started him against Miami, the "Tebow-Time" magic began as the whole nation was stunned by this unconventional, shocking style of play that won games and catapulted the Broncos into a surprising first place ranking in their division and on a path that is destined to return them to the playoffs for the first time since 2005 where Jake Plummer beat the Patriots (what Bronco fan doesn’t remember Champ intercepting Brady at the goal line and going 99 yards!). Then they collapsed against the Steelers. After that, Shanahan inserted Cutler into the line-up when the team was 7-4 and benched Plummer. We barely missed the playoffs and the team fell into disarray.

The team quickly descended into the underworld of the NFL after their new star cornerback Darrent Williams was murdered after a New Years Eve party. The long slow, dark decay set in and the team seemed cursed with both mediocrity and injuries, losing seven running backs to the injury bug in one season. Shanahan, the Superbowl-winning, offensive-genius was fired and replaced with Josh McDaniels who lasted long enough to draft Tim Tebow before he too was replaced by an older, wiser and more seasoned coach in John Fox and joined by the Duke of Denver himself as Vice President of the team. John Fox was the coach who took the Carolina Panthers to the Superbowl in his second season and John Elway led the Broncos to five Superbowl appearances, winning the first one after the 1997 season when they upset the previous year’s champs, the Green Bay Packers led by Brett Farve. My first burning question was: Is history about to rhyme with itself again?

After a miserable 1-4 start under Orton (who supposedly gave us the "best chance to win") the fans were booing the team, chanting for Tebow, until the organization was forced by the people to make a drastic change. Suddenly the spiritual focus, competitive intensity and miraculous play of Tebow sparked the team into a horse charge toward the post-season we haven’t seen since the Rohirrim horse lords dispersed the armies of Mordor before the gates of the White City. It has become something out of a fantasy movie! Suddenly, the Broncos were fired up and winning games in surprising ways. Suddenly the 4th quarter heroics of the Elway’s days were back in the Mile High City. The stadium’s name was changed to "Sports Authority Field at Mile High" and the draft before the season focused on restoring the Orange Crush defense with the acquisition of 1st Round pick, Von Miller, a sensational pass rusher. The drafted players had noble-sounding names like Von, Julius, Rahim, Virgil, etc. You can read more about them here. People began asking what was happening in the AFC West, what was in the water, what has those Bronco players and fans drinking the proverbial Orange Kool-Aid and believing in their team again. And what has the team believing in each other and their destined rendezvous with the playoffs?

Astrology and Football

Scientists will try to tell you that the signs in the heavens have no bearing on the affairs of human life, even though they admit the the atomic building blocks of life are created in the forges of stars. In essence, we do originate in the stars, quite literally. In our compulsive rational culture we tend not to understand anything we can’t measure. Many of the world’s first scientists were stargazers who were employed by nobles to cast charts and predict destinies, people like Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Brahe, Plato, etc. The fact remains that there are other dimensions too like the mental realm, the emotions, the archetypes of creation and the unified field of spiritual force itself that most religions refer to as God or the Tao. IN Star Wars they called it the Force.

Tim Tebow, the new unofficial captain (he doesn’t bear the "C" captain patch yet) of the Denver Horse Lords of the West is a God’s man, a true believer in the ineffable and the seemingly impossible. Before and after each game or right after the half you often see him taking a knee and placing his hand on his forehead to honor the God that gives him his spiritual strength and high moral character, a practice that has become an international phenomena called Tebowing.

I don’t think Tebow would text "Preciate That" to an astrologer-magi if he read this article, mainly because there has been a silent crusade against astrology by Christians ever since Constantine united the Byzantines under one religion back in 300 AD. It took them three Nicene Councils and 100 years before the bishops of the emerging Catholic Church figured out what they actually believed, but it was clear that astrology, the wisdom of the three wise-men magi we see in front yards before the manger every Christmas, was not on the menu. Mainly because of the rivalry between the Byzantines and the Sassanid Persian Empire. In 321, Constantine released an edict declaring that all Magi, the Zoroastrian priests of Persia, found in the land were to be captured and put to death to silence them and their teachings on the heavenly signs.

It’s too bad that Christianity has lost its historical roots because if you actually read the Bible many of its passages speak of astrology in terms that embarrass most Christians who have been taught that astrology is evil for no good reason. God in Job himself says, "Do you not know that I have created the principles of the heavens and given them dominion over the earth. He is echoed by Jesus later in Luke saying "At the end of this Age, there will be Signs in the heavens." In fact, as a practicing professional astrologer, I learned a lot about astrology from studying the Bible and summed it all up in an article called Biblical Insights into Astrology.

So what about these emergent Denver Broncos and the return of the Orange Crush defense? Officially, they aren’t changing their uniforms back to orange until next year by league rules, so they might have to wait a year for a pure Orange Superbowl. The Signs in the heavens indicate some amazing things developing on the spiritual plane of consciousness behind this team destined to bring inspiration to the world through the journey of their improbable season. Tim Tebow, by the devout spiritual life he leads, has indeed lifted the curse the Broncos have endured. Let’s look at some astrology charts and see what we can find out!

To start with, the Broncos organization itself has a "birth chart" based on the first day of its existence. While human beings are considered born based on the exact date, time and location of birth (an astrologer needs the longitude and latitude to erect a natal horoscope), organizations, cities and nations begin on the day they were incorporated. If the exact time is unknown, the astrologer uses sunrise for the birth time. In the ancient world the day began at sunrise, not midnight. A natal horoscope sounds mysterious but it merely means a view (scope) of the hour (horo) of birth (natal)). So it’s just a view of the heavens during the hour of your birth. Here is the chart of the Denver Broncos organization which officially began on Aug 14 1959 in Denver, Colorado at Sunrise. You can click on the charts to make them bigger and more visible.



The first thing to focus on in a chart is the position of the Sun and Moon, called the luminaries. The Sun’s symbol is that circle with a dot inside on the left sunrise side of the chart. If you imagine Earth at the center of the chart, you would be looking out over the eastern horizon and seeing the Sun in Leo Rising. So the Broncos have Leo Rising as well, doubling the influence of this kingly archetype. The Sun symbolizes the heart, charisma and leadership of an organization while the Moon symbolizes its soul essence and its relationship to the people whom it serves, in this case the fans. The Sun is in Leo with a conjunction with Uranus the planet of excitement, revolution, authenticity and invention. So right from the start the Broncos were destined to shine in a noble way (Leo is the sign of nobility and knightly generosity) while shocking the league with innovation, excitement and taking the road less traveled. Bronco players are famous for performing the Mile High Salute after scoring a touchdown, a very noble gesture.

The Moon is in Sagittarius the sign of the Centaur Archer, half-horse and half-man. It occupies the 5th House of Creativity and Recreation. If any sign of the Zodiac is attuned to the equine spirit of the horse it’s Sagittarius. People with Sagittarius Rising actually look and act horsey, even down to their body types (strong thighs, pointed philosopher’s chin, face of inspiration) and horse-like sense of blunt humor. While I don’t have the birth times for John Elway and Tim Tebow, they both exhibit the classical indicators of Sagittarius Rising, horse-men who will run you down with a stallion charge if need be. In any case the Moon in an organization’s chart symbolizes the people or fans of the organization, the public. We Colorado folk are creative, recreational and we love our horses, especially the Denver Bronocs! Just the fact that the Moon was in the Sign that governs horses on the day of the birth of the Broncos is a potent symbol.

I could spend the rest of this article on interpreting the Broncos chart, but I’d rather focus on where Tim Tebow, Elway and Head Coach John Fox are taking this team. In order to do that, it’s helpful to look at how the Broncos organization chart has responded to planetary transitions in the past. We want to see when the Broncos could possibly win a championship and bring home another Superbowl trophy. By looking at the movements of the planets around the Broncos chart above during the six Superbowls they have been to, we can ascertain some fascinating patterns about what planetary alignments indicate success for the Denver Broncos organization. Of course, the planets do not control life on earth, they just reflect its innate organic patterning and potential. It’s up to us to utilize that potential to make things happen. In those Superbowl years, great teamwork led to Superbowls. But each championship had a unique astrological signature, as we shall discover.

Let’s learn about the astrological influences of the planets before applying them to the Bronco Superbowl charts to ascertain patterns unique to the Broncos. Bear with me while I explain some basic astrology that will help us decode the vivid patterns of the Superbowl charts so we can make some bold "predictions" about future trends for this new team under Tebow. Astrology is not about predicting the future, but rather, it shows the archetypal qualities of time establishing energetic trends.

Astrological Symbolism

Mars is the planet that governs competition, striving, athletics, warfare and basic masculine aggression. Mars is a Warrior whose symbol is a circle with a little arrow coming out of it in the upper right. His Greek name was Ares and he orbits a chart in two years, about 7 weeks per House sector. People attuned to this planet are fierce competitors who excel in direct conflict. In the Bronco chart above, we see Venus aligned with mars in Virgo which is why there is so much love and hate out there for this team. It contributes to aesthetic expressions of martial prowess on the gridiron combined with warrior grace. The Sun moves through the middle of Virgo every year in early September, which energizes the Broncos early every season as it aligns with this Venus/Mars conjunction. They usually get off to a great start!

Jupiter is the planet of exploration, prosperity, cultural expression, philosophy, ethics, religion, and sports in general. Jupiter is an Explorer interested in growth with a symbol that features the arc of consciousness over the cross of matter (mind-over-matter). His Greek name was Zeus, Lord of the Skies, and he spends about 12 years orbiting a chart, about 1 year per sector. People attuned to this planet are naturally inspirational and considered lucky. It’s a good planet for coaches. John Elway has his Jupiter in its own Sign (Planets govern signs in astrology and Jupiter governs Sagittarius and Pisces) of Sagittarius which happens to perfectly align with the Broncos organization chart’s Moon Sign. This means that he inspires the soul of the organization and the love of the fans while the organization nurtures his inspiration and sports activities and prosperity. It’s what made John Elway just synch with the Broncos on all levels. When someone has their Jupiter conjunct your Moon they inspire you in amazing ways and this is exactly what Elway has done over the years.

Saturn is the planet of maturity, responsibility, organization, accomplishment and ambition. It also has to do with overcoming difficulties, obstacles and limitations and was called the Lord of Karma. Saturn is the Wise Elder whose symbol is the reverse of Jupiter, a cross over an arc symbolizing the need to face reality and gain maturity and experience. Saturn takes 30 years to orbit the chart, 2 1/2 years per House sector. When Saturn is strong in a chart it creates someone who is organized but hard and rigid

Chiron is a planetoid between Saturn and Uranus discovered in 1977 when Star Wars came out and it has to do with alternative healing (Chiropractors), mentoring (Obi-wan) and the basic use of the Force as an invisible energy field that governs life. Tebow taps right into it when he takes his famous knee. Astrologers have been studying Chiron’s influence in charts since its discovery and have learned that it acts to bridge the old order (Saturn was the edge of the solar system to the ancients) with the new modern planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and the modern world. People who have it strong in their charts are wise mentors/guides like Yoda or Gandalf who have a gift of training, superior insight and compassion. You want a coach with some strong connections to this planet in his chart. It also has to do with overcoming adversity to realize your greater destiny. Chiron is the Mentor that always brings healing. John Fox has Chiron in his Aquarian friendly, revolutionary Sun Sign.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, invention, surprises, and living an authentic life. People attuned to this planet are seen as mavericks willing to upset the established traditions to open the way to new discoveries. The Denver Bronocs have this planet strong in their birth chart as the Sun was aligned with (conjunct) Uranus, hence all the trick plays and exciting offenses and defenses over the years. This planet is responsible for the Mile High mystique. Uranus was the Greek sky father of the heavens whose symbol looks like an "H" or goal-post with a little ball under it as if someone missed a field goal badly. As the Liberator, it takes 84 years to go around the chart, seven years per sector creating these seven year phases. After 42 years it reaches a point half way around the chart when people or organizations have their infamous mid-life crisis, going through an exciting, liberating and sometimes painful growth experience. If you’re living an authentic life, it’s great. If you’re not, then it’s rather painful. It was when this planet got half way around the chart of the Denver Broncos that we finally started winning Superbowls (more on that below).

Neptune is the planet of spirituality, the ocean, dissolution, dissolve, mysticism, dreams, visions, escapism and redemption. I call it the Jesus planet, because it rhymes with the Christian themes of compassion, universal love, mystical union with the Source and the basic deification of the martyr syndrome that we’ve seen played out in religions during the last 2000 years (the Age of Pisces). When Neptune was conjunct (aligned with) the Broncos organization Chart’s inspirational Sagittarian Moon back in 1983, we were awarded the Colts #1 draft pick in the one and only John Elway, a dream come true who became the Savior of the Franchise, but not without a long path of painful loss and final redemption. That same year the organization chart had Chiron on the Midheaven (the top of the chart commonly known as the cusp of the 10th House) which was a symbol of healing its public reputation along with Saturn aligned with Neptune, a crystallization of a dream. Usually with Saturn-Neptune interchanges there is a feeling of divine discontent that manifests as miracles once great loss is overcome such as when Elway had to face three Superbowl disasters before finally leading his team to the promise land and redemption. As Lord of the Sea, the Greek Poseidon’s symbol was the Trident, a three-pronged spear. Neptune is the Visionary and spends 165 years circling the chart, about 12 years per House sector.

Pluto is the planet of the underworld that symbolizes deep-rooted transformation, death and rebirth and traversing the darkest nights of the soul. It has to do with the part of the soul that is immortal. When Pluto the Alchemist is at work in the chart, powerful but slow change is being instigated that is very painful for a few years. We’ve all undergone Pluto transits at some point and they are not pleasant. It’s those times when the universe feels like its against you, like a hot blade is piercing your heart very slowly and you experience a major phase of letting go and surrender. Sometimes this is literal like when powerful forces out of your control take over you life like being arrested by the police or being diagnosed with an unseen disease. The Greek name for Pluto was Hades, which meant Unseen, as he ruled the realm of the dead and possessed a magical helmet that rendered him invisible so he could spy on life. Pluto means "wealth" in Greek and is often associated with massive concentrations of wealth and power and can symbolize empowerment. Pluto’s Symbol is a cross with an arc and a circle in the dish of the arc like a little man holding his hands up saying "I surrender!"

The Bronco Dark Ages

To see how these planets can symbolize change and new archetypal themes each season, let’s look at one of the darker periods of Bronco history that led to the firing of Superbowl-winning coach Mike Shanahan. Mike Shanahan’s birth chart Pluto was exactly aligned with the Bronco organization’s Sun Sign in Leo while simultaneously his Sun Sign was also aligned exactly with the Bronco’s Pluto in Virgo, a double-whammy symbolism of total empowerment wired equally for greatness and darkness. He was a Virgo perfectionist who brought empowerment to the organization.

But sometimes power corrupts and things rot, decay and death sets in. When rising star cornerback Darrent Williams was shot 12 hours after the Broncos lost a game against the 49ers in overtime that ended their playoff hopes on Jan 31st 2006, Pluto in the sky was exactly aligned with the Bronco organization chart’s horsey Sagittarius Moon while Saturn the Lord of Karma was aligned with the Broncos Sun Sign. These two symbols were ill omens in the heavens for Denver challenging the team to face great difficulty and transformation and signaling a three year period of emotional catharsis and the rebirth of the heart and soul.

Shanahan was fired a year later after narrowly missing the playoffs again just as Pluto was leaving Sagittarius and entering the next Sign of Capricorn where the Bronco organization chart has the natal Saturn positioned at 0-degrees (each Sign spans 30-degrees of the sky). Saturn governs organization and discipline and the team experienced the death of both as the once proud Orange Crush defense turned to mush. Actual planet Saturn in the sky had reached Mike Shanahan’s Virgo Sun Sign (a karmic low point of difficulty and saturnine despair) and the Bronco organization’s Pluto. It was time for a forced transformation.

To sum this up, in January 2008, the Broncos had the two most challenging planetary influences that can happen at the same time signaling extreme difficulty, tests of endurance as well as a forced tide of transformation. Saturn was on natal Pluto while Pluto was on natal Saturn, indicating the death and rebirth of the entire organization. Out of those bleak depths the phoenix rose form the ashes with the hiring of Josh McDaniels, who started off 6-0 his first season but whose immaturity and forcefulness were no match for the long tide of regeneration this team needed. But he did draft some key components who would contribute to the rebirth process by selecting players like Tim Tebow, Robert Ayers, J.D Walton, Demaryus Thomas and recruiting a veteran in Brian Dawkins to resurrect the Orange Crush defense.

Bronco Superbowls

Now that we have covered the basic meanings of planetary influences let’s study the chart patterns of the Denver Broncos Superbowl years. The Broncos went to the Superbowl after the 1977, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1997 and 1998 seasons, losing the first four and finally claiming the championship back-to-back under the leadership of a veteran John Elway in the last two appearances. Of course the actual Superbowl was played in January of the following year each season as the charts below indicate. What was going on astrologically during each of these appearances, especially the times the Broncos won it all?

In the early Seventies the Denver Broncos defense earned their famous Orange Crush name by playing tough stingy bone-crushing defense that reached the height of its expression under rookie Head Coach Red Miller who took them to the 1977 Superbowl with Craig Morton at the helm. In 2011, they have a new defensive-minded rookie coach, a draft pick named "Miller" who has sparked the defense to reinstate the Orange Crush theme, and they started the season with a quarterback named Orton (rhymes with Morton). Could we be Superbowl bound again? Is history rhyming with itself?

Denver shocked the league by becoming the first team in history to win a Conference Championship in their first playoff appearance. The chart below for the 77 Season Superbowl, played on Jan 15 1978 at the Louisiana Superdome, features the Broncos organization chart again with the planetary positions of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto shown encircling it during that fateful day. This is how astrologers make "predictions" by comparing the movements and cycles of the planets with a birth chart, in this case, the birth of an organization. The slow-cycle planets from Mars on out to Pluto have longer and deeper astrological influences, so the quicker more ephemeral inner planets like Venus and Mercury have been omitted for clarity. The Sun, Venus and Mercury usually crowd together in the Sign of Aquarius in late January anyway, which makes the Superbowl the most humanitarian event in the world where millions scattered across the globe tune in for the game of the year! Aquarius is the Sign of the Humanitarian, the Inventor, the Rebel and the Philanthropist.



By analyzing the cycles of the slow-moving planets shown in their cycles around the Broncos organization astrology chart from Aug 14th, 1959 we find some fascinating correlations, but the ones that are most intriguing are Saturn crossing the Rising Sign and Leo Sun Sign that season while Uranus crossed the Nadir (bottom of the chart). When a planet crosses into a new pie-like sector (called a House) a new chapter opens up in the life of the individual or organization. When a transiting planet makes an aspect (geometric angular relationship) to a birth chart planet, a new archetypal theme is introduced for a period of up to a week (Mars) to 3 years (outer planets).

The main thing to notice about the transiting (moving) planets around the Broncos organization chart was that Saturn the planet of gaining maturity and experience was crossing the Leo Ascendant (another term for Rising Sign) bringing maturity and wisdom to the Broncos as they shocked the league and went to their first Superbowl. Planets move counterclockwise around the wheel shown above. Saturn is not known for shocking excitement though. He is more like a dull tax collector who tells you what you have to do and usually is experienced as limitation and difficulty such as when Shanahan was fired 30 years later, exactly one Saturn cycle, when Saturn crossed the Ascendant again. But where’s the excitement indicated back in 1977?

Remember that Uranus is the planet of surprises, shocking events and revolutions and it had just crossed the deepest foundational point in the chart which is called the Nadir at 15-degrees Scorpio and was forming a right angle (called a Square in astrology and considered conflictual) to both itself and the Leo Sun Sign of the chart. It was actually Square to Mercury during the previous season when they went 9-5 and failed to earn a playoff spot as the rival Raiders won the Superbowl. Uranus aspects to Mercury turn out to be crucial whenever this team rises to greatness. This is the same influence that happens to people between the years of 19-22 when they are breaking free of parental conditioning and striking out on their own to become unique individuals. On the Nadir (bottom of the chart) it signifies a shocking jolt to the very foundations of this organization that brought extreme excitement to Colorado and put the Denver Broncos on the map as a revolutionary new team ready to mature. With Saturn on the Rising Sign and having crossed Denver’s Leo Sun sign that year, it was time to emerge and get our act together. In fact, astrology books say that Saturn crossing your Rising Sign is a time to get your act together, and they did. It only happens once every 30 years! They went 12-2 in the regular season, hammered the Steelers and the defending champion Raiders in the playoffs and then lost to the Dallas Cowboys in the Superbowl. The 1977-1979 seasons were their first flush with playoff experience as the Bronco organization struggled to find its individuality like a teenager transitioning into the twenties but showing great potential as a team.

Jupiter the Explorer was in the 11th House of Goals and Aspirations inspiring a new dream for the Broncos, a dream of one day winning the Superbowl. Neptune the Visionary was crossing into the 5th House of Creativity and Recreation opening up a new 12-year chapter that would peak with the arrival of Elway. Pluto was crossing into the 3rd House of Communication and Learning promising a new era of mastering strategy. And even the North Node, which is the little horseshoe-looking symbol that indicates where the eclipses happens was conjunct itself! The North Node is called the point of Spiritual Destiny and takes 18-19 years to orbit the chart. So the fact that it was back to where it was in 1959 meant that it was a season of Destiny for the Denver Broncos. But alas, the influence of Saturn on the Ascendant proved too much of a mountain to climb but they earned their stripes with playoff experience at last and returned to the playoffs only to be defeated the next couple of years as the wave of success diminished. The main thing learned here was that Uranus the planet of excitement catapults the Broncos into success when it makes a powerful statement in the heavens. Also note that quick-moving Mars was aligned with the Bronco’s Leo Mercury, the planet of strategy, versatility and communication in the Sign of creativity and dramatic performance, but it was going retrograde and also symbolized a challenge that would set them back due to its apparent backward motion (retrograde).

The 1980 Superbowls: The Drive and the Fumble

During the 80’s, Elway had matured as one of the game’s great young quarterbacks who lead the Broncos back to the playoffs and the Superbowl in the 1986, 1987 and 1989 seasons. It was an exciting time to grow up in Colorado where the fans have so much love for this team. I was in high school at Centaurus at the time playing D-line and I met John Elway at the Elway football camp he hosted with his father at Stanford University. The city of Denver was electrified by the famous plays that occurred against the Cleveland Browns in the playoffs called The Drive and then The Fumble.

Elway was gifted to us by the Colts after he refused to play for them. In the heavens, Neptune the planet of dreams was right on the Broncos Sagittarius Moon Sign and he became our spiritual leader sparked by the many emotional highs of his 4th quarter signature come-from-behind victories. During the 1983 draft that brought us Elway we also had Saturn conjunct the Broncos Neptune symbolizing a crystallization of a dream. Sometimes dreams do come true, and we got our stallion of a quarteback who had a Leo Moon, a true nobleman who would become the Duke of Denver. Also, Uranus was conjunct Jupiter in the heavens sparking a plethora of new exciting and inventive energy in the world and quarterbacks who came out of that draft like Elway and Marino were destined to bring new energy and excitement to the game of football.

Elway’s Sun Sign is Cancer signaling a tenacious, imaginative, caring and nurturing fellow who enjoys protecting and feeding people. Today Elway runs restaurants and has rejoined the Broncos as Vice President. Elway has Mars, his masculine essence in Taurus the Sign of money and resources, and he earned a degree in economics from Stanford. He also has his Sun Sign conjunct Venus the planet of grace and artistry with an opposition to Saturn in Capricorn, the mark of an executive who enjoys managing ambitious operations and being in charge.

During the AC Championship game vs. the Browns on Jan 11, 1987, Elway engineered The Drive and won it 23-20 in overtime. The next season, as the Browns were inside the ten yard line during the same AFC championship, the Denver defense stiffened and caused a crucial fumble that gave them the 38-33 victory! Unfortunately, despite the excitement, the Broncos went on to get torched in the Superbowl, 39-20 by the Giants on Jan 25, 1987 and then again on Jan 31, 1988 by the Redskins 42-10. After a brief slump the next year, the Broncos returned to their 4th Superbowl in 1989 and lost to Joe Montana’s 49ers 55-10, the most lopsided Superbowl in the history of the game. Despite the enthusiasm and excitement, Denver could not bring home the Lombardi Trophy. Let’s look at those charts and see what the astrological influences were indicating. There must be something awful in there as well as exciting with the Drive and The Fumble.



The first thing that stands out about these next three charts is that Pluto the planet of slow, painful death and rebirth was crossing the guts of the chart down at the Nadir where Uranus had been during the Seventies success. When Pluto crosses the Nadir of a person’s chart they are beginning a deep psychological twelve-year pattern of therapy. It took two Superbowl victories at the end of John Elway’s career to finally heal the wounds of those intense, heart-shattering Superbowl losses. We still feel the pain of backup Redskin QB Doug Williams putting up 35 points in the second quarter to dash our hopes to pieces! And who could forget the embarrassment of the San Francisco blowout, the worst in Superbowl history?

During these years, notice that Uranus the planet of excitement, innovation and surprise was sitting exactly on the Broncos Sagittarius Moon symbolizing the electrified and fired up soul of the team and its fans! We were ecstatic, despite Pluto’s dark influence at the bottom of the chart symbolizing deep wounds, disempowerment, and even abduction as it made its way to a conjunction to Ceres/Demeter during the last tragic loss. In the myth of Persephone, Ceres/Demeter (symbolized by the scythe in the chart) loses her daughter to the Underworld God Pluto/Hades, who abducts her and forces her into his domain where he rapes her and makes her his Queen of the Underworld.



In that last Superbowl the fans would agree that our team was "raped" by the gold-digging 49ers (gold is mined in the depths of the Underworld), after being scalped by the Redskins (a symbol of a disempowered people) and crushed by the Giants (who dwell under the mountains in myth). In the first 1986 season Superbowl chart above, Saturn the planet of difficulty was in trine to our Sun/Uranus while Uranus the planet of excitement and shock was right on our Moon Sign (The Drive). In the next year, they were both aligned on our Moon Sign in Sagittarius for the perfect combination of excitement mixed with melancholy at 28 and 29-degrees Sagittarius in the chart above (The Fumble).

In the last chart below, we see the those same planets separating as Saturn has a faster 30-year cycle compared to Uranus’ 84-year cycle. They formed a rare conjunction during those years. Also of note was Jupiter’s position in the 11th House just like the 1977 Superbowl chart indicating that we were still growing toward the future in the House of Goals and Aspirations. How much longer could Bronco fans endure not having a Superbowl trophy with the greatest QB to ever play at the helm? The pain continued for at least another season as we made the playoffs again and lost the AFC Championship 10-7 to the Buffalo Bills who went on to lose four Superbowls in a row during the early 90’s. I wonder what was going on in their organization’s chart?



Shanahan and the Promised Land

Mike Shanahan, who was instrumental in the development of John Elway as an innovative offensive coordinator under Head Coach Dan Reeves was hired as Head Coach in 1995 where he rebuilt the team, famous for his run-heavy version of the West Coast Offense that shot the Broncos into their next wave of victory where they were at last able to win two back-to-back Superbowls. They might have won three in a row if the upstart expansion team Jaguars had not stunned them in the first round of the playoffs in 1996. But either way, Mike Shanahan went on to become the coach with the most wins in Bronco history and finally put two elusive Superbowl trophies in the case after the Broncos changed their uniforms to mostly blue with a fierce horse symbol on their helmets without the "D" for Denver. What was different about the Superbowl victory charts? There might be clues to the timing of the team’s resurgence in them.

Building up to the two Superbowl championships, the Broncos were ambushed at Mile High by the Jaguars on Jan 4th 1997. That day the North Node Destiny Point had returned once again to the point where it was when the team was chartered just like the 1977 Superbowl. The Broncos had reached another milestone and it was time for victory, but after one more glorious season that ended in pain and sudden defeat as the top-seed of the AFC playoffs was dismantled by an upstart team. I don’t need to show the chart of that day, but the Moon was aligned with the Nadir reflecting all those tragic Pluto years. Saturn the planet of difficulty was traversing the 8th House of Death and Rebirth. Jupiter and Neptune were aligned in late Capricorn setting the stage for overconfidence. Jupiter was in the House of Humility and Service and they got humiliated. Mercury in the heavens was in hard-aspect to Mercury indicating that their strategy was compromised. And the worst indicator was Pluto making a trine (a normally easy angle bringing alliance and cooperation) with Mercury the planet of trickery. We ended up succumbing to Jaguar trickery and lost the game easily to a lowly expansion team that barely even made the playoffs. Without further ado, let’s go to the charts of the two Superbowl victories.



Immediately after the 1997 Superbowl victory, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen held the trophy aloft and said, "This one’s for John!" after all those years of struggle, humiliation and defeat. They finally won a World Championship as the planet Uranus entered Aquarius and aligned with the Sun in the sky that day while opposing Mercury in the Broncos chart to symbolize liberation at last. In the chart above, notice that Uranus is at 8-degrees Aquarius directly opposite from natal Mercury at 7-degrees Leo. In the next chart, it has moved up to 12-degrees in opposition to both Mercury and Uranus, the famous Mid-life Crisis transition. Uranus aspects to Mercury, Uranus, and Moon in the Broncos chart indicate Superbowl years!

Back in 1977, Uranus was square the Bronco organization chart’s Leo Sun/Uranus and now it had reached the opposition point to help the organization at last break free of the past and get over the hump. During the first Superbowl victory, they had to face the defending champion Green Bay Packers led by Brett Farve. Running back Terrell Davis won the Superbowl MVP award after struggling with a migraine headache in the first half (another indication of Uranus shock to the Mercury the mind). Saturn the planet of maturity had reached the 9th House of Sports, Inspiration and Meaning while Jupiter and Mars were aligned with Chiron in the 7th House symbolizing an inspirational healing process where the Broncos were finally able to overcome adversity to realize their greater destiny. And transiting Chiron the Mentor/healer was crossing the nadir of the chart to heal the wounds that Pluto had previously bestowed in the 80’s Superbowls.



The chart above shows the heavenly alignments for the 1998 Superbowl with the full on Uranian-Opposition that saw John Elway becoming the game’s MVP before his retirement. The North Node eclipse point symbolizing Destiny was aligned with the Bronco’s Sun and Rising Sign. Mars was on Neptune supplying motivation toward divine inspiration. Pluto was still in trine to Mercury for both Superbowls, but it was the Broncos who utilized better strategy and trickery available, after learning from the tragic Jaguars loss in 1996. They responded with some trickery and fortitude of their own. Who can forget John Elway sacrificing his body in the Helicopter play?


From studying all these Superbowl charts we can ascertain some common themes. The main theme that emerges was that Mercury and the Moon are key planets in the chart come Superbowl time. When Uranus opposed Mercury with Pluto trine to Mercury the Broncos won the Superbowl at last. John Elway had his Jupiter aligned with the Broncos Moon and thus was loved and revered by the fans and always will be. In 2011, Tim Tebow has taken the reigns of this team and has lifted their spirits once again as an unconventional quarterback who excels at come-from-behind 4th quarter victories. After starting the season 1-4 under Kyle Orton, Aquarius Sun Sign head Coach John Fox, who is described as a friendly "player’s coach" made the decision to start Tebow and revolutionize football again by running the read-option offense common to college football. The resurgent Orange Crush is back with rookie Von Miller leading the way on course to become the Defensive Rookie of the Year. What are the heavenly signs for the next two Superbowls and do they bode well for the Broncos? Could the Denver Broncos repeat history and defeat the defending champion Green Bay Packers again? Let’s look at the charts and see!



I’ve set the date for the planets around the Broncos chart for Feb 5, 2012, the date of the next Superbowl. The main aspect that is building is that Uranus the planet of excitement and revolution is at it again this time forming a Trine harmonic aspect to Mercury, the first major aspect between Uranus and Mercury since the Broncos won the Superbowls in 1997-98! Trines are angles of alliance, cooperation and harmonic flow, so we could be on course for an easy Superbowl if that’s even possible. Maybe this time we do the blowing out? And it’s only going to get closer and stronger as 2012 and 2013 progress, which may indicate even better Superbowl potential after the 2012 and 2013 Seasons, since that is the same kind of alignment that occurred during the Superbowl victories.

In particular this year, both Chiron and Neptune have entered Pisces to oppose the Bronco’s Pluto in the organization’s chart. That alone indicates that the dark years of Pluto are behind us and are healed in some mythical way, both the tragic Superbowl losses in the 80’s and the recent gutting and rebirth of the organization and firing of Shanahan. Neptune dissolves and Chiron heals, so no matter what happens in the postseason this year, whether we go deep into the playoffs or not, its likely to dispel the dark times and see the team overcoming wounds, despair and disempowerment to once again rise into the ranks of greatness. Also, in the chart below you can see Uranus at 5-degrees Aries which makes that Trine to Mercury that is the same interchange that propels the Broncos to Superbowls. We’ve already seen the team become as healthy as it’s been in years in terms of the sheer numbers of injuries they’ve faced over the last five or six seasons. With all the magic and inspiration that Tebow provides this team, it may be that his inner spiritual focus has transformed the Broncos and changed the seeming curse we were under into a divine blessing. Next, we'll see if Tebow's chart plugs into the Broncos chart like Elway’s clearly does.



Tim Tebow - Grand Fire Trine

Everyone raves about Tebow’s intangibles and leadership qualities and his astrology chart shows this vividly with a Grand Fire Trine configuration indicated by the large triangle in the chart below. This kid is made of mostly fiery planets! In fact, Tebow was born on the same exact birth day as the Broncos organization on Aug 14, 1987 just six months after the 2nd Broncos Superbowl loss to the Giants. How cool is that? His Sun Sign is conjunct the Broncos Sun/Uranus like Duke Elway’s Leo Moon. Not only that, Tebow has his Moon in Aries, the sign of the Warrior, the Leader, the Trailblazer making him extremely competitive. Google Aries Moon and see what you find. It is also conjunct Jupiter which adds enthusiasm, inspiration and spiritual leadership and both of them are in Trine harmonic aspect (120-degree angle) to the Broncos horsey Sagittarius Moon.

This is the main astrological reason the fans love him like they did Elway. His master Triangle in the fire Signs, always a sign of a great charismatic leader, taps right into the Bronco’s Sagittarius Moon with his Uranus (the planet that sparks the Broncos into championships) aligned with it. That is utterly amazing! Tebow has Mercury, Venus, Sun and Mars in Leo just lighting up the Bronco’s Sun Sign and Rising Sign. This kid was made for this team, even a better fit than Elway. They couldn’t have better astrological synastry. Elway better just settle in for the long haul with Tebow, because he synchs with the Broncos chart just as well or even better than he ever did.



If the coaches knew astrology and saw this chart combination they would not have hesitated to start Tebow at the beginning of the season. With Tebow at the helm inspiring this team, and with the Uranus aspects to Mercury like the Superbowl victory charts over the next three years, it is highly possible that the Broncos could win another trophy quite soon, the strongest year being after the 2012 season! Admittedly, I’ve been drinking the Tebow Orange Kool-Aid, but it’s because of what I’ve seen in his birth chart when compared to the Bronco’s organization chart. I mean, they were born the same exact day! The heavenly influences look most favorable for a championship run in the 2012 season, but a return to the playoffs for the first time in years combined with the healing influences to help the Broncos move beyond the dark days of those Pluto transits is definitely on the astrological menu. And who knows how far they will go this year with Tebow at the helm, as his chart just lights up and inspires the Broncos chart.

During the 2012 Season, it all starts with the draft as Jupiter the planet of inspiration will be on the Broncos Midheaven in April, so we can expect a prosperous draft! Then in November of 2012, we have Saturn crossing Neptune again, just like when John Elway joined the team, a crystalization of a dream, so that should bring some magic indeed. Saturn will cross the bottom of the chart at the end of the season, which is an astrological indication that it's time to slay the dragon and build a powerful foundation for years to come. SOmetimes people's family life and home life go through a tough testing period, but it's always edifying for the future. The main thing that stands out is that when we start the season in 2012 Uranus will be moving retrograde but in exact Trine aspect to Mercury. IN other words we might make the Superbowl, but have to endure a close loss to strengthen the fortitude of this team unless of course we are extremely disciplined in the off-season, as Saturn requires it! It's good that we have the elder John Fox (Saturn is the Wise Elder) to guide us through this Saturn on the Nadir so it doesn't have be as painful as the dark ages when Pluto was there blowing us out in Superbowls!

I traded Orton right when I fired up Madden this summer and started Tebow. His accuracy was indeed horrid, but we won the Superbowl nevertheless and the next season he jumped up to an 85 overall rating. Players improve by playing the game and he has had little time to train as the starter until now. With the Uranus Trine to Mercury over the next three seasons, I won’t be surprised if they win at least one championship, particularly after the 2012 season. This postseason coming up promises to be exciting if we can get into the playoffs by going at least 3-1 in our last four games. The New England game will show us if we are capable of going all the way against the great teams like the Steelers and Ravens. The Broncos won the first-ever American Football League game over the Boston Patriots, 13–10, on September 9, 1960, so we’ve had their number since way back to our roots. We’ve beaten the Steelers before in many postseason appearances including our first playoff game ever back in 1977.

With Tebow’s Grand Fire Trine and the re-emergence of the legendary Orange Crush, I think this team is headed in the right direction. But only time will tell as the stars do not compel, but impel. They give us the opportunity, but we must seize it. "A wise man governs his stars," the ancients admonished. Hopefully the Broncos can utilize the symbolism and power of the Uranus Trine Mercury to get back to the playoffs and shock the world after a miserable 4-12 season last year. In any case, the heavenly symbols are finally on our side again, especially if Tebow is leading the way!

Looking ahead long term, the 2014 season Superbowl looks amazing too. We will have Jupiter the planet of success and prosperity conjunct the Broncos Leo Sun and Uranus. Also, Uranus in the sky (the planet that tends to shock us into Superbowls) will be at 15-degrees Aries and exactly trine to the Broncos Sun/Uranus. In addition, Uranus (which has an 84-year orbit) will be crossing into the Broncos 9th House of Sports and Enthusiasm that year and stay there for a good seven years, opening up an exciting new era in Broncos history! It should be exciting, especially toward the end of that era when Uranus actually reaches Tim Tebow's Aries Moon and Jupiter at the end of the 2018 season which probably reflects him reaching the pinnacle of his career. That same year the Broncos organization has it's second Saturn Return, the natural rite of passage when people become wise elders in life. SO by then, we should have established a prosperous dynasty under the unconventional play and inspired Leadership of Tim Tebow and the amazing draft picks coming in April 2012.

Kelly Lee Phipps (Brazenwood) has been an avid and enthusiastic follower of MHR for several years, while exiled in Carolina territory cheering for the Broncos from afar. This year he has finally moved back to Boulder after twenty-years in exile. He is a professional astrologer, poet, fantasy novelist and independent filmmaker and recently appeared on the ABC show Wife Swap (2009). He played defensive line and fullback at Centaurus High School, graduating in 1989 and attended Air Force Academy before transferring to Colorado University to help the Buffs win a national championship from their practice squad. He is available for astrological consultations through his website at

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