Florida fan here...

Though absolutely not a sycophant...

1)Tebow completed 67% of his passes in college, against the best league, by far, the SEC. Clearly this 48% isn't gonna last. He also had a better passer ranking than Peyton Manning.

2)Tebow has 10 NFL starts. I've never seen such harsh condemnation from a "cognoscenti" before a 1st round QB's "rookie" season is even over. BTW, Elway *&* Manning were atrocious their 1st years.

3)EVERYONE says rhythm is needed to be a good passer...if you're attempting under 10-15 passes a game, how does one EVER get rhythm? Esp. such a young passer.

4)I've seen a ton of throws, be it @ Florida, LAST YEAR (which *everyone* seems to forget he played, included a 300 yard passing game), or even this year, where the throw was PINPOINT. True, he has some wounded ducks, but guess what...EVERY quarterback does. But not every quarterback has their OC & HC put so much pressure on every pass, because they're so rare.

5)Clearly Tebow isn't a good practice player...that's why I cringe at this "bring in competition next year" stuff, because that competition is going to beat him out. But it takes a rare bird to rise up (& settle down) when the pressure is the greatest in the GAME. Clearly Tebow does this.

6)Someone else said this, & it bears repeating---this same defensive & offensive talent was playing with Orton as the starting QB...& were 1-4. *Obviously* Tebow isn't doing this alone, but OBVIOUSLY he's been the catalyst. There's a reason why every post-game press conference starts with the head coach, & ends with the quarterback.

7)I've never lost more respect for the "talking head experts" than this year. This was never like the Wildcat trend, because Tebow has an esteemed past as a *quarterback*, is still only a rookie essentially, & has an off the charts work ethic. ODDS WERE HE WAS GOING TO GET BETTER AS A PASSER, unlike Ronnie f'ing Brown playing QB.

Finally, these are the same experts that though Blaine Gabbert was a better QB prospect, as well as Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, JaMarcus Russell, Rick Mirer, ad nauseum---& missed on Kurt Warner, Dan Marino, Aaron Rodgers (both picked WAY low in the 1st), Ryan Fitzpatrick, TOM BRADY, Andy Dalton, Matt Schaub, Matt Hasselbeck, Tony Romo (though I'll never be sold on his "winnitude"), Brett Favre & Drew Brees (both 2nd round picks), Joe Montana (3rd round)...& oh yeah, Johnny Unitas (undrafted, & released by the Steelers). & even though Cam Newton went 1st, every single "expert" though he had a good chance to be a bust, & wouldn't achieve this year...when all you had to do was see his ability & will, yes, *in the SEC*. "Experts" are often ex-coaches, & often unemployed in their chosen profession...& all they do is overthink, be it throwing motion, convoluted plays, rah-rah cliche speeches, or what has worked before. Remember, when the forward pass started gaining traction, it was shouted down as risky, & untested, & doomed to fail. But all that matters is---will 53 men *truly* rally around a common belief, willing to risk their health in a brutal test of strength & will. Anything else is just TV static filling the dead air...

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