The Curious Case of Timothy Richard Tebow

Oh, dear god.. Broncos defense holds the NFL's 9th-best offense to about half their 24-point average and all we're going to hear about is Choir Boy leading heroic, miraculous late field goal drives and 13 regulation points against the NFL's 5th-worst scoring defense. Shoot... me... now!!!

Tim Tebow intercepts Christian Ponder and the Broncos can win it.
When Google can't find the answer to something, they ask Tim Tebow for help.

That's a small sampling of statuses a few of my friends have posted on Facebook recently about the quarterback of my favorite team. Tim Tebow has rapidly replaced Brett Favre as the most talked about - and polarizing - player in the NFL. Why?

"If you're fortunate to spend five or 20 minutes around Tim Tebow, your life is better for it." - Thom Brennaman, Fox Sports

Let's start with the religion issue. The way people talk about him, you would swear Tebow is the only pro athlete in the country that publicly proclaims his faith. But the truth of the matter is that he's not even the most vocal Christian on his own team - Brian Dawkins is. Even if he is, so what? I don't recall this sort of outrage over "The Minister of Defense" Reggie White, who was an ordained pastor. In a league full of guys shooting themselves in the leg, torturing dogs and beating their wives, when did being a good guy become a sin? People like to complain about athletes being malcontents, yet they're in a hurry to tear down the guy who does and says all the right things. The bastard!

So he prays regularly. He credits God for every good thing that ever happens for him and his team. He Tebows. How horrible that he would rather give credit to a higher power instead of making everything about him.

One of my friends who works in sports radio posed the question recently: how would people respond to the guy if he were a Muslim? The implication, of course, is that he would be scorned. But let's turn that around. What if everyone was mocking the faith of a Muslim athlete? How would that play? If he weren't a Christian, political correctness would shield him from ridicule.

"At the end of the day, you are a quarterback. You signed up to throw the football." - Shannon Sharpe

Yes, he has the lowest completion percentage of any starting QB in the league. Yes, he has had some bad misses. He is also essentially a rookie who didn't have the benefit of a full training camp because of the lockout. Even when he did get practice time, it was splitting second team reps with Brady Quinn as Kyle Orton was the established starter. But now he's getting reps and showing significant improvement. Not that you'd know given the way his haters ignore what he actually does in game. He was throwing some absolute lasers last Sunday against the Vikings. At the end of regulation he make a perfect throw over the safety's head in the end zone that would have won the game right there had Demaryius Thomas been able to hold on.

Some say that anyone can hit receivers as open as Decker, Thomas and Royal were last weekend. But do you know why they were open? Many of you just said, "Because the Vikings stink." Which is another way I know you weren't actually paying attention to what happened. They were open because nearly everyone on that defense had their eyes on Tebow at all times. It wasn't a simple busted coverage. It was an entire team that was worried about the QB taking off and running so they forced him to beat them through the air. Which he did.

Likewise, he had all day to throw and find his receivers against the Chargers. Why? Because they were worried about his legs. The defensive line slowed the pass rush because they were immensely concerned about him running.

It also makes no sense to me why people take it as gospel (see what I did there?) that he can't improve as a passer. Remember that postgame presser at Florida where he said we would never see anyone work harder than him? Everyone who wasn't a Gator fan made fun of it, but his words are true. We haven't seen anyone work harder. And with his work ethic and a little coaching -- last time I checked, the greatest quarterback of all time was in the front office -- who's to say he can't become serviceable?

The defense is the reason they're winning

Yeah. We know. Broncos fans take pride in the fact that we have a badass defense. We're the ones clamoring for John Fox to win coach of the year in large part because this defense went from one of the worst in the league last year to one of the best this year. Von Miller was a fantastic draft pick. Broderick Bunkley was one of the best offseason pickups any team in the league made.

The people who aren't giving the defense enough credit aren't the ones wearing blue and orange on Sundays. That's you. The same people who say Tebow is getting too much credit and the defense isn't getting enough.

Willis McGahee is winning those games more than Tebow is

See above. Broncos fans have been thrilled with the way McGahee has quietly reestablished himself as one of the top backs in the league. Once again, that's on you for not giving someone credit then complaining that he doesn't get enough credit.

"Tebow is the first white black quarterback. Black quarterbacks have been dealing with this crap for decades. Black people love Tebow because he's one of us!" - Mike Wilbon

When it gets down to it, Tebow is like any other quarterback in the league. All quarterbacks get more credit than they deserve and more blame when things go bad as well. Tebow just gets focused on because of the irrational hatred people have toward him for no damn good reason.

But go ahead with it. I know I enjoy watching my team prove you wrong every week. Meanwhile the team and the fan base are rallying around him. Which, by the way, there wouldn't be so many people supporting him so fervently if there weren't so many hating on him so viciously. Fact. I'm thrilled to have Tim Tebow as my quarterback.

"I think you signed up to win games." - Tim Tebow

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