Rooting interests

So if our Broncos can win 3 of 4 of their remaining games, assuming GB hands it to the faders, we will see a home playoff game. That is way beyond any expectations we had a few weeks ago, but I am going to step up the kool aid factor with this post.

What would it take to get a bye week? Well, after playing with the espn playoff machine, this is what it would take. Drum roll .............................................

Week 14

Ok, The first team to root against is tonight. Go Browns! This is the least likely of the scenarios so we shall see, but it is a division rivalry and anything can happen in division rivalries. The Steelers play the Browns twice this month and if they drop either of those games on a fluke it is good for the Broncos.

Sunday, Go Bengals! The Texans have a great running game and a great defense, but Cinci is pretty good in those areas as well. That leaves it to competing rookie quarterbacks. I pick Dalton.

Week 15

The biggest upset of the week could be our Broncos over the Patriots. This is definitely possible as the Patriots have historically had problems playing in Denver. Add in a punishing running game and an attacking defense, I think we can do it.

Once again, we are rooting against the Steelers. Only this time, it isnt such a long shot that SF will come away with the win. Go Niners!

I hate to do this to ya, but it is time to hope for a Rivers career day passing against the Ravens in SD. He seemed to have woken up last week so maybe. (Gag), GO (chough), Ugh (choke) Chargers!

Week 16

Miami kicked the crap out of the faders last week. Have they finally put things together? Could they go into Foxboro and beat the Patriots? Who knows. Again its a division game against a team trying to turn the corner. Go Dolphins!

Week 17

If the Steelers win tonight, the Browns still have a shot at them in week 17 but I dont find it likely if Pittsburgh is playing for a bye. But that is why they play the games, right? Go Browns, Again.

Ok, so dont get me wrong, I am not betting one single dime this will happen, but at least I know who to go for when watching random games over the next month.

However, if all of this transpires then the biggest game of the final week other than the Broncos finishing their December sweep is Baltimore @ Cinci. Again its a division game against two playoff teams. The Ravens defense is still tough but Flaco has shown that he can choke on an egg from time to time. Maybe this team stumbles into the playoffs a bit. Go Bengals, Again!

So to recap:

Week 14 -- Go Browns and go Bengals. Yay Ohio!

Week 15 - Go Chargers and go 49rs. Yay Cali!

Week 16 - Go Maimi!

Week 17 - Go Browns and go Bengals. Yay Ohio .. Again!

I love it when December matters. Who woulda thunk it?

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