Return to the days of Glory - Our Offensive Line

I recall a SMALL portion of the 77 SuperBowl, lost a lot of money in the losses to the Giants, Niners, and Redskins...and was tear gassed in Lodo after the Broncos won the world Championship. Both times. Very stoked about this years team.

What our offensive line was known for was blocking for Terrell Davis and the 2000 yard season and several 1000 yard rushers.... Truth is, what I remember most - is the code of silence.

I've noticed that our offensive line doesn't get a ton of credit, save for a weekly breakdown which is very helpful in understanding their true value. While I don't know that they are adhering to the same code, I notice that they are very quiet and just get the job done. While I expected Clady to have a better season or not, let's face it - he's a damned good left tackle, and we're extremely lucky to have him. He's a beast.

Getting to the other tackle - Orlando Franklin. He doesn't fit the silent mode, but his play is certainly silencing critics, including me (yes, I'll eat crow if I'm wrong). I remember us drafting him and saying "WTF - who is that and why didn't we draft a DT!!!" But he is huge, nasty, and is learning quickly.

I said the same about Zane Beadles. But he's a great pulling guard. Kid is smart, and while I'm still not sure he was worth the early pick, he's turning into a quite solid interior lineman. I'm not even going into the other guard position, as we already KNOW what we have and were smart to offer a contract last year to Chris Kuper. You may know him as the man that held his own against the league's number one pass rushing stomper, Suh..

I think there is maybe one or two young centers I'd want more than JD Walton. His combination of size, determination (read - nastiness), and athleticism is impressive. The talk years ago coming out of college were that he was a mauler - they were right.

But more than any one individual attribute - and this is what's consistent amongst this year's team - these guys just STFU and GET THE JOB DONE. They go out there and maul people game in and game out, and Tebow/McGahee are the beneficiaries. Tebow talks the talk, the line walks the walk of the glory days with Nalen, Schlereth, Zimmerman, etc...They would rather their teams benefit and sit quietly on the sidelines, knowing the role they had in that success. They refused to talk to the media, because they all wanted their play to talk for itself.

This team is quiet, hungry, and passionate. The offensive line is setting the tone just like BDawkins does on defense.

Maybe Tim's the leader, but these guys are going all out to make him everything he can be. I just wish MSM would give them some credit for their accomplishments as well. GO BRONCOS

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