i don't trust john elway very much. and i don't have a good reason why.

i've been skeptical of efx, and especially of elway, since before the draft. i was skeptical of miller -- i wanted peterson. doh! i was skeptical of starting orton in what was sure to be a lost season. i was skeptical when they started tebow that they were committed to his success -- i basically thought they wouldn't adapt to his strengths, they would let him try and fail, expose him somewhat unfairly as a poor pocket guy and simultaneously jockey for a shot at luck.

in retrospect none of that was accurate, none of it was fair. and i think it stems from lingering frustration with doogy mcgenius, and more than that, from shaken faith in bowlen. jump.

i've been a big elway fan forever. i cheered for him from the day ron zapolo announced the trade until the day he retired. i like him as a person and i revere him as a bronco. it ain't that i've got anything against him. far from it.

and those were great years. especially when bowlen bought the franchise, and then made shanny coach. we're a small market, but we were consistently good; competitive, professional, organized. and always in the hunt, always a player or two from the next lombardi. sure we collapsed in the fourth quarter, yes we faded down the stretch. but we had direction. we were fixing our problems. i saw where we were going. i believed.

bowlen was probably a little overdue in firing shanny, but it shocked me none the less. and then he hired the next great one. buzz mcbrainiac. and like a good fan i climbed on board, eager to learn a smarter brand of football, as kid mc-cheater alienated and lost us cutler, traded hillis, flubbed with brandon marshall (himself a piece of work), gave up a one for fonz, squandered picks ... yada yada yada.

josh lost me with the video taping. very uncool. very un-broncos. we're the good guys. we are professional, purposeful, we win because we're smarter, work harder, plan for the long term. not because we cheat.

when bowlen pulled a quick one-eighty and let josh go, a lot of fears were confirmed. there was no plan. we'd made bad decisions, lost good players, squandered a harvest of picks. we'd taken a bright young man, a brilliant offensive mind, and overtasked him with responsibilities far beyond his reach. and josh either didn't recognize that or couldn't admit that. and xanders, as always, blended in to the decor. ultimately, the failure was pat's.

we are a small market. we may have world class skiing, the nhl,nba and mlb. but we're a football town. as fans, we're pretty knowledgeable, pretty patient. we're not face-painting lunatics or disinterested wine sippers. and in addition to being such great fans and living in such an awesome place, what we have going for us is a savvy owner. smart, patient, steady.

man did he blow it.

up to this point mr. b's been pretty much the best owner in football. smart enough to hire good football men and humble enough to let them do their jobs. i know he's got memory problems. i feel for him. dementia sucks. i don't know if his dementia had anything to do with the josh mc-feverblister implosion or not. but it's pretty clear that pat's no longer watching the store the way he used to. add a weak front office, and mr. josh itchy mc-burny had access to more than enough rope to hang himself.

which brings me to elway. i have no reason to be skeptical of john. he seems intelligent, he knows football, he has some limited football management experience. i have no more reason to be skeptical of john than i did to so blindly trust josh. but i trusted josh because i trusted the broncos. and josh was such a royal coitus-fest that all that good bronco-confidence i had came back and bit me in the ass. no, we're not, in fact, smarter than everyone else. there is no greater plan. and yes, we did just burn down one of the best franchises in the land in a little over a season and a half. oops.

so along comes elway to a rabid but very skeptical fan base. and here's my point; he deserves a little trust. he's not the one that screwed us up. and he's made some gutsy calls. he's getting more right than wrong. he was spot on on miller. fox is turning out to be a lot more than the 'three yards and a cloud of dust' muscle-minded tank-brain of a coach that i expected.

so i think i'm going to buy in. i think tebow's getting a fair shot. i think it's ridiculous to say his development is somehow slowed by running a lot of the option. i think it's reasonable to start tim and still scout qbs. i think it's reasonable to be aware of completion percentages, of third down conversion rates.

as to future stability, an ongoing sense of direction? i feel for pat. the past couple of years have been skull knockingly painful as a fan. imagine being the owner who hired the shmoe and set the whole thing in motion. even worse, imagine the implications this would have on your own assessment of your decision making capacity. it must suck to have to fire yourself.

enter john. tasked with saving the franchise and managing the messiah. honestly, he's done a pretty awesome job so far. i'm going to try to shut my mouth, open my eyes and give him the benefit of the doubt, just as i did his predecessors.

in john i trust.

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