Merril Hoge and Chris Carter pick..... Broncos?

"This really chaps my ass" ~Peter Griffin

I thought one Merrill Hoge said "It's embarrassing to think that the Broncos can win with Tebow as their quarterback!"

And now he's picking the Broncos to win with Tebow as our quarterback?

I'm sorry, but as soon as you say that statement, you lose all rights to pick the Broncos to win in games that Tebow is playing in. ESPN should take his "pick" away for all Broncos games and just autofill in the opponent to win.

The thing is that he isn't even apologizing for what he said. He still insists that Tebow sucks, can't play QB, and can't win games. If he ate major crow, then he would be justified for picking us to win, but until then, he should have his pick stripped from him for every Broncos game.

I also noticed that Chris Carter picked us to win too. Chris Carter is only 2nd to Hoge in bashing Tebow. Hell, even after he bailed us out against the Vikings (our defense did everything they could to lose that game, and it was Tebow and Thomas that wouldn't allow it to happen ~ as well as Prater), Chris Carter won't give Tebow an ounce of credit. All he says is that WRs hate playing with him, our offense will suck, and we're terrible.

You know what I saw against the Vikings when we scored 35 points (again, something nobody said we could do)? I saw us in an offense that had exactly 6 read zone/option plays ALL GAME!!!

That means that for the vast majority of the game, we were in a "typical" NFL offense. This is what I predicted would happen all along. I said that we should keep Tebow running the option, and as he undoubtedly develops into a better passer due to timing with his receivers, we should slowly take away the option plays. I said it will be a seamless process. Well, apparently Mike McCoy is listening to me (and probably many more who thought the same thing).

I know that ESPN loves creating controversy, because controversy = ratings. Howard Stern figured that out 20 years ago. But they really need to do something about guys like Carter and Hoge bashing Tebow and the Broncos, and then turning around and picking them, regardless of who they are playing. The Bear's defense is still great, so even without Cutler and Forte, unless Hannie throws 10 pick 6's, the Bears should win because their D will surely stop our "embarrassing" quarterback, right?

They make me want to puke!


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