How Tim Tebow should change Madden football

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about Tebow's "lack of skills" versus his "it factor." It's really the same old debate that has been going on since football analysts first heard his name. We hear so often where he lacks skill and why that means he can't do certain things... and then he proceeds to do them anyway. I soon figured out, the best way to look at this phenomenon is through a video game that many of us here at MHR and around the football universe love: Madden. Thinking about Tebow through a game designing point of view has led to me coming closer than ever to describing who Tebow is and why he continues to win. And I've condensed these ideas to three major updates to Madden football that would encompass Tebow’s greatness.

Update No. 1: The option

This is by far the most obvious update that Madden will need to add to it's next video game. Simply rolling out of the pocket and using his legs after a pass breaks down doesn't do justice to our running game. We need to be able to run the read option, the bootleg option, the triple option... Running the Broncos offense should be the most fun any one has had playing a football video game since college football on the Sega Genesis. The best part about it is also why Tebow is so great... you can really only run it with the Broncos. I'm sure some would play with the Panthers and let Cam Newton take advantage of our playbook, but really, who else could do it? Vick would get hurt and Rapelisberger is too slow. Everyone and their dog would want to play as the Broncos if this change happens, and it's an advantage that is a big part of our success this year.

Update No. 2: Team Morale

This one could drive a statistics major crazy. So many people have pointed out how our defense knows that if they keep it close, we're in the game. So, when a game is within a certain number of points, have the defense's skill points go up. Likewise, in a blowout, when a team is known for giving up, show that with the players' statistics. I'm not sure that I would actually like this change in Madden or not, but it would definitely make the game more realistic. Running up an early lead would be a major advantage, just like it is in real life. Likewise, on offense, when a team is known for great comebacks, boost their stats at the end of games when it's close. That would be my favorite part of this upgrade... Tebow Time.

Update No. 3: Player motivation vs. distraction

The third update is pretty much already in the game, I just want to expand it. If you've ever played franchise modes, you've seen how hiring certain coaches will boost certain attributes. A great defensive coach might help his team's secondary skills. The expansion I have in mind is to add this to the players. Having a player like Tebow makes the people around him better. His work ethic rubs off and everyone's trying harder. His accuracy might not be great, but knowing he'll scramble until you're open should boost a receiver's stats and get them wide open like our receivers are currently doing. Or having a player like Dawkins, who can gather a defense around him and put the fear of God into them should increase his teammate's statisics. Players like this might not always have the top speed or abilities anymore, but their impact on a team should never be ignored. Likewise, you should never underestimate a trouble maker's ability to be a cancer in the locker room. Players like Rolando McClain and Brandon Marshall should negatively affect the players around them. When they get arrested, show it in their and their teammates' attributes. When a couple of Redskins get suspended for drug use, show how that affects the team's other players. This would not only help the game be more realistic, it would be a great lesson to the children who play it.

Oh, and since Tebow would be inspiring this game changing updates... Screw the curse and put him on the cover!!! The Madden curse is scared of Tebow and would instead choose to backfire on all of his haters. Plus, how can you deny someone who knows the honor and responsibility that comes with such a recognition...

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