Denver is set to draft 3 Highest Rated Prospects at their position!!!

Good news Broncos Fans -  Josh McDaniels isn't in charge of Denver's draft.  Thank god he is gone.  The other great news is that Denver is in a position to possibly draft the top rated player in 3 Positions!!!

Denver's needs going into the 2011 Draft ------   Dline , S , RT , LB , TE 

Dline = Denver needs to address this position badly - McDaniels only drafted Robert Ayers for the Front 7 the last 2 years.

Safety = Brian Dawkins should retire(he has lost a step) , Renaldo Hill (a below average player) , Darcel McBath(injured more than he plays) and David Bruton(onlly a special teamer)

Right Tackle =   It has been reported that Denver is going to let Ryan Harris walk.

LB = Denver needs a upgrade in the LB dept. 

TE =  McDaniels should have never traded Scheffler.

More after the jump!!!!!

1st Round Pick ------------------------   Denver is set to draft one of the Elite Players with the #2 Pick.

Nick Fairley =   #1 Rated DT in the draft and had 11 Sacks and was the most disruptive DT in College.  I watched him destroy Oregon's , Alabama's , and LSU's Oline by himself.

DaQuan Bowers = #1 Rated DE in the draft and had 15 Sacks and over 25 Tackles for loss.  Has been compared to Julius Peppers.  Would be a great fit opposite Elvis Dumervil.

Von Miller =  #1 Rated LB in the draft and had over 33 Sacks at Texas A&M.  Might be the best player in the draft.

Patrick Peterson = #1 Rated CB in the draft and has Elite Size and Speed.

2nd Round PIck #36 ------------------    Denver is in a great position at pick #36 to draft another top player.

Martez Wilson = #1 Rated ILB in the draft.  6'4" 250lbs - had 111 Tackles and 4 Sacks for Illinios this year. 


Klye Rudolph = #1 Rated TE in the draft. 6'6" 265lbs - There is no questioning Rudolph's Talent but I am very leery of drafting a player who has injury concerns.  He has had 2 serious injuries in college.  Denver can't afford to miss on the pick.


Quinton Carter = #1 Rated Free Safety in the draft.  96 Tackles and 4 Int's - Carter is rated the #1 Safety in the draft and should be available when Denver drafts at 36.


2nd Round PIck #46 --------------------------   Denver can still get a top rated player at their position.

DeAndre McDaniels = #1 Rated SS in the draft.  McDaniels 275 career tackles and 15 Ints.  McDaniel is a excellent Strong Safety and would be a improvement over Renaldo Hill.



So Denver is in a great position to add some quality Talent to the Defense.

Denver could end up with the best DT , ILB and SS in the draft.  Adding Nick Fairley , Martez Wilson and Quinton Carter or DeAndre McDaniels to the team would give Denver 3 good young player on all three levels of the Defense.

*****Note******  It is looking more and more that Corey Luiget , Muhammad Wilkerson and Phil Taylor are moving closer and closer to being 1st Round Picks.  The quality of DT's in the 2nd Round is looking weaker and weaker with Marvin Austin(maturity problems) , Drake Nevis (small DT) , Stephen Paea(injured and smaller) Jarvis Jenkins(not a great producer) being the highest rated players most likely left in the 2nd Round.  I can see The NY Jets looking long and hard at Phil Taylor.

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