Denver Broncos Draft thoughts

Sorry I have been on vacation for 5 days.  I am sure some of you rejoiced that I wasn't here but I was in Las Vegas and ran into Tim Tebow at The Encore Hotel playing Black Jack.  He was with his brother and 2 guy friends.  But now to the draft. 

Alot has happened in 5 days - Here are some of my thoughts -

Great News for Denver = Cam Newton - Newton blew away his media day and Trent Dilfer quote"one of the most phenomenal personal workouts I've ever seen"


Rotoworld "If scouts saw this they'd have been slobbering," added Dilfer, who called Newton a "dynamic athlete" and "incredibly impressive." Dilfer praised Newton's refinement, accuracy, and arm strength while proclaiming the "sky is the limit." Newton's measurables have never been in question, so it's hardly surprising that he excelled in a controlled environment. It is a positive sign, though, that the tutoring on his footwork and acclimation to working under center have paid off. It now seems likely that a team with a top-five selection will fall in love Newton, but his character concerns and football acumen will still be scrutinized over the next two months"

Top 5 Selection - this could be great news for Denver.  The obvious is that Carolina might draft him but I think that Ron Rivera will sign former backup QB - Billy Volek and try to groom Jimmy Clausen and go Defense.  This would leave Denver in a Great Spot where Buffalo , Cincy , Arizona , Tennessee and Washington all need a QB.

Next on Scout inc's top 32 there is some huge jumps for players we could use.

1.      Jimmy Smith - CB - CU - is now ranked 10th overall prospect and McShay has him going #11 to Houston.   I have really liked Smith for a while and now unless we trade down there is little chance to draft him.


2.      Muhammad Wilkerson - DT - Temple - is now ranked 22nd and he would be a very solid addition to Denver if we traded back alot - McShay has him going to Green Bay at 32nd.


3.      Phil Taylor - DT- Baylor - is ranked 32nd but McShay has him going 30th to The Jets.



I think with 4-5 teams in dire need of a QB and Cam Newton blowing away Trent Dilfer that Denver is in a great spot now to trade down and pick up extra picks if they want.  Lets hope that Blaine Gabbert does the same thing on his Pro Day and that will really drive up our pick.

I think this was the greatest news of the week and hope that both Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert continue to have very strong Offseason.

I think that I would be fine with Denver trading down all the way to low 20's(if possible) and picking up extra picks this year and next year and then drafting Phil Taylor say at 24th.  Denver then would be LOADED with PIcks ala New England.

I also think that The Washington Redskins who tried very hard to trade up for Mark Sanchez will probably be very interested in Cam Newton.

Any thoughts???

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