To broncosfansd and others

I've posted here a few times, never anything major but mostly just browsing. I've been a broncos fan since I can remember, 23 orange and blue years. My bedroom has dawned orange and blue blankets, posters, figurines, jerseys, madden franchises, the works for virtually my entire life. I cried in 96(those damn jags), cried in 98, cried in 99, threw a fit in 2005, cried in 06(rip d-will), was elated in 09, was heart broken in 09, contemplated suicide in 10 (just kidding, sort of :P) and I have stuck by my team through every transaction, every injury, every player arrival/departure, every draft bust/success, every 1000 yard nobody, everything. With that being said I have never been more excited about the state of our franchise than I am this upcoming season.

I browse here every day, it's the first page I visit when I sit down at home after a days work, after a night with the girlfriend, after opening up a coors light, it's the starting point to my internet browsing. I check the front page first, catch up on things, read the horse tracks, then head over to the fan posts to see what everyone's thinking about, posting about, ranting about, ect, ect.

But with all that, there are a few things that a lot of you say, that really grind my gears so-to-speak. Most of it is in relation to Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow.

It honestly pains me to see a lot of so-called die-hard fans support Kyle so strongly. I can't believe how many times this season, as well as last, that I cringed watching Kyle in the pocket, watching his demeanor, watching his attitude in certain situations. I was pleasently surprised with his improvements under Josh McDaniels, and I attribute some of, SOME, of our success on offense to him and his decision making, but I cannot, and will never, want to see a player like him lead my team. He's a journey man qb.

To me, Kyle Orton is a filler player. A vet that can get the job done, but does nothing to improve the offense. A player that is brought in to back up a star, or to play and fill in until a player with more drive, more command, more presence is brought to the team. Stats don't lie. In pressure situations, Kyle floundered. Third down he was abismal this year, with a rush, he was equally as awful. The way he slides in the pocket when a rush is present, or has been the norm thoughout the game, and progressed through his options, made me cringe. If his first option wasn't there, he panicked. He looked as though he was unsure of where to go. His confidence at times seemed very lacking.

My point, and question I present to broncosfansd, and others is; given this past season, minus our defensive struggles, minus our injuries, why would you want a player like Kyle to lead our team next season, and seasons after. If his talents, "it factor", comeback factor, pocket presence, ability to maintain continuity, and overall confidence are lacking, why would you want a player like that heading our team?

Here's where Tim Tebow comes in. Regardless of everything anyone else has ever said about the guy. Regardless of his "unproven" abilities, regardless of everything, think about what you know about him as a player, him as a leader, him as a person. He commands the team, both offensively and defensively. He has a confidence and will like none I have ever seen. He has a proven work ethic. He has a presence. He has the desire to mount a comeback and do everything humanly possible to ensure his team has the best chance to win, EVERY DOWN. I don't care about his college stats. His past. His questionable mechanics. His beliefs, his haircuts, his jersey sales. I don't care about anything but what he has done with Denver, and what he offers. He gives us hope, beyond anything. He gives us excitement. He gives us a player that will do everything, when all adversity is upon him, when no other options are there, that will grind, fight, and make damn sure he gets that extra yard. He gives defenses an extra weapon to account for, which in turn, instantly improves our running game. He is beautiful in the redzone. He has a confidence that is unmatched.

Take it back to the Texans game. Before anyone says "Yeah, the texans LOL" think about it for a minute. It's an NFL team. An NFL defense. Not collegate. Not pop warner. NFL. He commanded our abismal team to a comeback agaisnt a young, explosive team that has a lot of promise. He called for his number on the go ahead score. Asked for the burden of putting the team on his shoulders. He put the game in his hands, demanded the rock, and scored. There was never a doubt in his mind, and if you watch the video from that game where he's mic'd, you can tell that the huddle believed in him too.

How can you not want that to head your team? I wasn't a Tebow fan when he was on MTV, or on the gators, or even when he first got to Dover. I was skeptical. But I was excited all the same.

How can us, as fans of this team, not want someone like Tim Tebow, to lead our team? After the Texans game I was sold. Shoot, after the 40 yard scamper into the black hole was seller enough. Someone with that much desire to score, that much desire to win, when the season is long lost, deserves to be the leader of a team. With respect, comes respect. I think Tim has earned that respect.


With all this being said, if Kyle Orton is our starting quarterback week one of next season, I will be one angry Broncos fan. I'm not anti-Orton, but I am anti-Journeyman, I'm anti-piss poor attitude. I'm anti-me first mentality, I'm anti-terrible pocket presence, I'm anti-lack of confidence. We need a boost. We need a hero. We need to regain our presence in the National Football League as an elite franchise. I want to be proud of my team. Proud of something that encompasses so much of my life.

Maybe Tim doesn't offer us the latter. Maybe he is everything the MSM and others make him out to be. Maybe. But he gives me, and our franchise hope. I'm a glass is half full kinda guy. He fills my cup.

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