Bet you didn't see this coming Mock Draft

Ok, so I've been doing more reading and thinking since my first mock draft a few days ago. I didn't really think I was going to do another so soon but an idea came to me and I've been mulling it around in my head. After thinking it over for a little while I'm pretty sure that this would be a better draft than my first one and could help out the team quite a bit. Anyways let's take a look.

In the free agency the Broncos retain Champ Bailey CB, Matt Prater P, Ryan Harris RT and pick up DeAngelo Williams RB, Owen Daniels TE


Trade Orton for 2nd round pick with Vikings. Now I know a lot of people here don't think the Broncos can get a 2nd round for Orton but hear me out. Orton has shown in his time in Chicago that if given a defense and a running game that he can be successful at quarterback. Minnesota needs a quarterback and I believe Orton is actually better as a quarterback now than he was when he was with Chicago. Minnesota does not need a ton of upgrade with the draft and even if they draft a quarterback for the future they are going to need someone to come in now and get the job done. On top of this Matt Casel went for a 2nd round pick and I think that Orton can do the same.

The Broncos then trade down with Arizona for their first and 3rd. Carolina takes Fairley as it seems that they are going to pick up Volek and try to groom Clausen. Arizona gives into hype and desperation at the quarterback position and take Cam Newton. Buffalo then takes Bowers and Cincy takes Green.

1st Pick #5 (Round 1) Marcell Dareus DT




This give the Broncos a stud on the D-line that can help shore up a horrendous run defense and take up blockers for the pass rush. Starts day 1 and has an impact all year.

2nd Pick #36 (Round 2) Martez Wilson ILB



Considered one of the best linebackers in the draft. Could play middle linebacker and many people also playing SAM. Either way we pick up a great linebacker to help DJ Williams out.

3rd Pick #43 (Round 2) Muhammed Wilkerson DT



This gives the Broncos another big defensive tackle. Might not start from day one, but will break the starting rotation before the end of season.

4th Pick #46 (Round 2) Quiton Carter FS



One of the best safeties in the draft and should be able to start day 1.

5th Pick #66 (Round 3) Mason Foster - OLB



Intense, fiery linebacker from Washington. Some of us were impressed with his teammate but San Diego grabbed him before we could last year and I'm not sure if he is that much better if he is at all. I think Foster is going to be good in the NFL, but hey that's just my opinion

6th Pick #68 (Round 3) Robert Sands S



Two safeties in one draft? I think Robert Sands will make a transition to strong safety and will be very good there. He's big, hit's hard, and will be able to help in run support. He'll make receivers question going over the middle as well.

7th Pick  (Late 6th round from NE) Henry Hynoski FB



Finally Denver gets a true fullback to help out with a dismal running game.

8th Pick (7th Round) Best O-Line available for depth



And there it is. I think this could help shore up our defense and put us in a position to win quite a bit more games next year. So once again let me know what you guys think and we'll go from there

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